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GoGoGrandparent: Features, Pricing and What Sets It Apart

If you’re looking for a digital caregiving assistant to age in place, consider GoGoGrandparent. Discover their services and pricing to get started.

Key Takeaways

  • GoGoGrandparent offers rides, groceries, prescriptions, and home chore assistance without needing a smartphone.
  • Designed for seniors and those with disabilities, not limited to grandparents; under 18s cannot receive rides.
  • Features four membership levels with varying services and costs, from basic support to comprehensive care management.
  • Utilizes GoGoGuardian technology for reliable access to Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, and more, ensuring safety and convenience.

What Is GoGoGrandparent?

GoGoGrandparent is a service designed to assist seniors and individuals with disabilities in maintaining their independence by offering a range of services such as ridesharing, meal and grocery delivery, and help with chores.

screenshot of what is gogograndparent

It operates through a membership system with different plans to choose from, allowing users to request services via phone or a web portal.

GoGoGrandparent distinguishes itself by providing vehicles suitable for seniors, monitoring services for safety, and handling chores, which goes beyond what typical rideshare companies offer.

The service ensures convenience, safety, and accessibility for its users, helping them stay connected and independent.

Do You Have To Be a Grandparent To Use GoGoGrandparent?

You do not need to be a grandparent to use GoGoGrandparent services. GoGoGrandparent is designed to provide essential services for anyone in need.

So, whether you are a senior citizen or someone with a disability, you can register to gain access to their services. However, those under 18 are not eligible to receive rides.

Who Is GoGoGrandparent For?

GoGoGrandparent was created with senior citizens in mind, as the name suggests.

The service enables an older person to maintain their independence rather than rely on alternative living arrangements.

If you or a family member are seeking on-demand care services, then this company could benefit you.

People with disabilities can also have access to public transportation services, a meal, and the many household chores that GoGoGrandparent provides.

How Does GoGoGrandparent Work?

GoGoGrandparent operates by providing a membership-based service that allows users to access various services, including rides, meal deliveries, and grocery shopping, through a simple phone call or via their web portal.

GoGoGuardian technology supports the service, ensuring reliability and handling any issues promptly.

Additionally, GoGoGrandparent provides screened vendors for home chores and maintenance.

Users can also utilize the GoGoGrandparent web portal to manage their information, add family members for ride notifications, select pick-up locations, and schedule or request rides immediately, enhancing convenience and safety.

How Is GoGoGrandparent Different Than a Typical Rideshare Company?

GoGoGrandparent distinguishes itself from typical rideshare companies by specifically catering to older adults and individuals with disabilities, offering vehicles optimized for their needs, such as easier access and storage for walkers and wheelchairs.

Unlike standard rideshare services, GoGoGrandparent allows users to select their vehicle type and provides a broader range of services beyond just rides.

This includes 24/7 monitoring of requests, driver and vehicle screening, and assistance with chores. GoGoGrandparent ensures the use of highly rated drivers for safe and reliable transportation.

The company also offers meal and prescription deliveries, grocery shopping without the need for a smartphone app, and home services like lawn care and dog walking.

How Much Does GoGoGrandParent Cost?

GoGoGrandparent offers four membership plans with varying costs and services:

  • Basic Plan: Costs $8.19 per month, suitable for limited use of services.
  • Value Plan: Costs $20.49 per month, includes home services and priority support.
  • Premium Plan: Costs $81.99 per month, offers proactive care management, wellness checks, and more.
  • Total Care Plan: Costs $409.99 per month, provides a full range of services including priority service and rides without additional fees.

Meal and grocery delivery incur order fees for all plans.

screenshot of the gogograndparent membership plans

Concierge Fee: This fee, applicable to each membership plan, covers the costs of processing requests and monitoring services. Members benefit from reduced concierge fees, which include 24-hour call center support, server, and engineering costs.

Payment Methods: GoGoGrandparent accepts Direct Express and prepaid debit cards for payment of rides, meals, groceries, and chores.

Rideshare Fees: Except for the Total Care package, rides with GoGoGrandparent cost $0.27 per minute. Basic plan members pay $1 per ride and $5–$8.25 per order for delivery, while Value, Premium, and Total Care members pay $2–$4 per order. Delivery fees for groceries range from $7–$35 for Basic members and $7–$13 for other members.

Tipping: Similar to other rideshare services, tipping is optional and can be added at the time of purchase.

Comparison with Uber: While Uber One offers a subscription for $9.99 per month or $99 per year, GoGoGrandparent’s services, though potentially more expensive, cater to a broader range of needs beyond rideshare, including wellness checks and home services.

Payments for GoGoGrandparent services are made using Direct Express or prepaid debit cards.

How To Use GoGoGrandparent?

screenshot of the gogograndparent sign up page

Sign Up Process

  1. Visit GoGoGrandparent’s website.
  2. Enter your account and billing information.
  3. Choose the membership plan that best suits your needs.

Booking a Ride

  1. After signing up, call GoGoGrandparent at 1 (855) 464-6872 or use the web portal.
  2. For rides via phone, press 1 to request a Lyft or Uber. For pickups from your last location, press 2. To use customized pick-up locations, press 3, 4, or 5. Press 6 for an operator, 7 for meal orders, and 8 for grocery delivery. Press 0 for scheduling and medication management.
  3. To book a ride through the web portal, navigate to the dashboard and select “ordering.”

Using Custom Locations

  1. In the web portal’s dashboard, enter address shortcuts for options 3, 4, and 5.
  2. Call GoGoGrandparent and press 3, 4, or 5 to request a pickup from one of your custom locations.

How to Contact GoGoGrandparent

Even after your client or loved one is set up with GoGoGrandparent, you can always reach out to the company by dialing its primary phone number — again, it’s 1(855) 464-6872 — and pressing “0.”

This phone number is open to all callers around the clock every day and night.

If you have questions while receiving updates on a trip, you can easily text them to the operator. You should receive a response shortly from a real person (not a bot).

Help Your Loved Ones Gain Independence

Helping your parents, grandparents, and other elderly family members sign up for GoGoGrandparent is a way to show you care — even if you live hundreds of miles away.

This service is a great way to help them safely and conveniently access transportation and delivery services without navigating gig economy apps.

You may also have kids in your life who have transportation needs.

In that case, consider these four Uber for kids services to connect your children to trustworthy drivers with childcare experience.

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