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Gojek: Service Types, Pricing, Availability and How It Works In 2023

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If you have just arrived in Indonesia or Southeast Asia, you have likely seen the green circle with a dot in the middle.

This design is the ubiquitous Gojek logo.

An ojek is Indonesian for a motorbike, and motorbikes are one of the most popular forms of transportation in Southeast Asia.

Gojek started as a motorbike hailing serve but has grown far beyond its humble beginnings.

It is now a super app that provides every service imaginable.

Gojek is your one-stop shop and combines the benefits of Uber, Instacart, Homejoy, Ticketmaster, Grubhub, and Amazon all into one app.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of this powerful app and how it can make your life easier in Southeast Asia.  

What Is Gojek?

Gojek was founded in 2010 with the mission of alleviating Jakarta’s terrible traffic through the use of technology and Gojeks (motorcycle-taxis).

Gojek started with just 20 drivers.

It has rapidly expanded in the last decade and now dominates the market share in Indonesia.

Gojek’s app launched in 2015 with GoRide (motorbike ride-sharing), GoSend (shipping/delivery), and GoMart (grocery/shopping) services.

Since then, Gojek has become much more than a ride-hailing company.

The company provides over 20 services, including online shopping.

It now has an incredible two million drivers.

Additionally, over half a million merchants are on its food delivery service (GoFood).

Gojek’s app has been downloaded over 170 million times and shows no sign of slowing down.

The company is rapidly expanding with Indonesia and is beginning to provide service in the rest of Southeast Asia.

It is considered a tech giant in Southeast Asia.

Gojek’s mission is to level the socio-economic playing field by providing equal economic opportunity across populations, communities, and businesses.

The company positively benefits companies and consumers alike and seeks to improve the financial inclusion and commerce of the nations it operates in.

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How Does Gojek Work?

Gojek originally functioned as a call center, connecting customers with on-demand motorcycle taxi drivers.

However, since the Gojek app began in 2015, all interactions have moved to the app.

The app works differently for both consumers and merchants.

The app provides consumers with access to all of Gojek’s products and services.

An individual can browse through the various services offered by Gojek, and the app provides detailed instructions and descriptions for each of the services available.

After the consumer has identified their desired service, they can make specific choices.

For example, if using GoRide, a consumer will select pick-up and drop-off points.

After confirming their selection, the consumer completes payment on the app.

Gojek accepts debit and credit cards, but cash payment is also an option.

Cash payments can sometimes be higher than digital payments to prevent false orders.

Finally, the consumer gets their desired service or product.

The time to delivery is available on the app.

The time to completion depends on the service selected.

GoFood might deliver within 40 minutes, while GoMart might take several days.  

Where Is Gojek Located?

Gojek is not available in the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom.

Gojek manages its headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The company initially provided service to greater Jakarta.

However, the company has expanded to provide service all over Indonesia and is expanding internationally to the emerging markets of Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand.

Gojek Singapore is already wildly popular.  

In 2018, Gojek made the news when committing $500 million to expand to the greater Southeast Asia region.

Specifically, the company intended to start operations in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Gojek hopes to have a similar positive impact on the rest of Southeast Asia that it had on Indonesia.


Despite its efforts to grow outside of Indonesia, Gojek primarily serves Indonesia.

Upwards of 80% of all Gojek users are in Indonesia.

Gojek is attempting to shift this ratio to 50/50 in the near future.

Gojek currently operates in the majority of Indonesia’s large cities.

In 2023, Gojek will provide its services in over 165 cities and districts all over Indonesia.

Over one million drivers and more than 300,000 merchants on their GoFood delivery platform.  

What Services Does Gojek Provide?

Since the launch of the Gojek app, Gojek has expanded to over twenty different services.

However, the most popular are GoRide, GoSend, GoMart, and GoCar.


GoRide is Gojek’s original service.

It provides motorcycle-taxi ride hailing.

This service allows users to hail one of the millions of Gojek drivers to their current location and then get dropped off at the site of their choice.

This service exclusively utilizes motorcycles.

The drivers are easily recognizable in their green jackets and helmets.

The app will calculate the cost of the ride ahead of time, so you know exactly what you will have to pay.

The motorcycles are limited to two passengers, and they will provide a helmet for the rider(s).

GoRide is an excellent service to use in a lot of Indonesian cities.

Traffic can be terrible, and motorcycle taxis can get you to your destination much faster than taking a car.


GoSend is Gojek’s delivery service.

It provides a similar service as GoRide, but the drivers take packages instead of passengers.

On the Gojek App, the user selects the GoSend option in the Gojek app and identifies a pick-up and drop-off location.

The customer can also make specific notes about delivery and drop-off instructions.

GoSend gives the customer an option for pick-up or delivery.

For example, I can order a GoSend from my current location to a friend’s house.

The Gojek driver would come to my location and pick up the package.

They would deliver it to my friend and accept payment at my friend’s house.

Alternatively, I can send the Gojek drive to a location to pick up an item.

The driver will then come to my location to drop off the object and complete the payment.

In short, GoSend gives the customer the option of either delivering or receiving a package.

GoSend is useful both for customers and businesses.

A business can use GoSend to deliver their goods/products to a client without hiring a permanent delivery man.

This service facilitates improved logistics.  


GoMart is Gojek’s grocery delivery service.

Thousands of convenience stores, warungs, and grocery stores partner with Gojek, and a customer can select goods from a partner’s available inventory.

GoMart partners include Alfamart, Watsons, Lotte Mart, The Food Hall, and others.

If shopping at a grocery store or local market, GoMart uses shoppers to select produce and other goods for you.

The use of qualified shoppers significantly increases the quality of GoMart’s private shopping.  

Once the order is ready, a Gojek driver will pick it up and deliver it to the customer.

Payment is completed online or upon receipt of the goods.


GoCar is GoRide but for cars.

This service is Gojek’s version of Uber or Lyft, and it functions in the same way as a GoRide.

The user selects a pick-up and drop-off location, and the Gojek driver will show up.

However, instead of a motorcycle, they have a car or van.

The app will calculate the price of the ride ahead of time so that you won’t be surprised by any last-minute changes.

This service is excellent if you want to travel somewhere with friends or if you need to move some items from one place to another.

In some locations, a rider can hail a GoCar XL, which is a larger vehicle with more seats.

Be a Driver Partner for Gojek

If you are interested in becoming a driving partner for GoJek, you must meet specific qualifications.

For the sake of this article, I am referring to eligibility in Indonesia.

vector graphic showing GoJek riders on mopeds riding around a city in a group

How It Works

Suppose you become a driving partner for Gojek.

In that case, you will download the GoPartner app and use it to receive orders from various customers, depending on what service you are interested in providing.

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible to be a driving partner for Gojek, you must be an Indonesian citizen and be between the ages of 18 and 65 years old at the time of registration.

Additionally, you must have a valid Indonesian electronic identity card (e-KTP), a valid driving license, vehicle registration, a police clearance letter, and a bank account.

In addition to personal eligibility requirements, your vehicle must meet specific requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a GoRide driver, your motorcycle must be less than eight years old.

It needs to have a four-stroke engine and have a 250cc engine or less.  

If you are interested in being a GoCar driver, your vehicle must be less than eight years old.

The engine must be at least 1000 CC and cannot be a sports car, pick-up, convertible, or coupe.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The pay for a Gojek driver depends on the location.

In Indonesia, Gojek drivers can earn between 150,000 and 250,000 RP per day.

The compensation plan for Gojek drivers is substantial.

You keep 80% of your earnings each day, and Gojek keeps the other 20%.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to become to Gojek driver, you need to apply through their GoPartner app.

It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

How to Sign Up for Gojek?

If you are ready to use the Gojek super app to make your life easier and more convenient, you can sign up in several quick and easy steps.

screenshot of the gopartner app from gojek

1. Download the Gojek App

The first step is to go to the App or Google Play store and download the Gojek App.

You’ll complete registration entirely through the digital interface.

Additionally, the app is how you will make all of your orders and requests.

2. Register your Account

Once you have downloaded the Gojek App, please open it and click register.

You will need to fill in your email and phone number to complete this process.

3. Verify your Account

Gojek will send an OTP code via SMS message to verify your account.

You will input the OTP code into the app to complete the registration.

Additionally, you will need to complete verification for your email.

You can do this by clicking the verification email sent to the email of your choice.

That’s it!

You are now ready to use the Gojek app and all of Gojek’s services.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, Gojek is a powerful all-in-one super app that provides a lot of convenience and value for its users.

It is so much more than a ride hailing service.

It is your one-stop shop when you are in Indonesia, and the company is rapidly expanding its services to the rest of Southeast Asia.

Gojek provides unparallel convenience and access to a wide variety of services that streamline your day and make it more convenient.

Remember, when in doubt, Gojek!

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