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Goldsainte: A Luxury Ride Service Aiming to Please

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Are you looking for a luxury car without having to actually purchase one?

In the world of on-demand transportation, your dream can become a reality with Goldsainte.

What is Goldsainte?

Goldsainte is the world’s first luxury ride share company that is providing both access and opportunity to vehicles that were once only enjoyed by the world’s elite in the form of a luxury
ride share.

The revolutionary membership gives you access to an exclusive collection of luxury travel benefits by accessing the website

However, the much anticipated Goldsainte app is scheduled to deploy into both the Apple App Store and Google Play store by the end of March.

The app provides both members and non-members access to an exclusive collection of luxury vehicles, plus first-class personalized service on every trip.

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What Vehicles Are Available for Goldsainte’s Ride Services?

Goldsainte riders will always be picked up in their choice of a

Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan or Mercedes-Maybach.

How Does Goldsainte Work?

Part of the app works similarly to other ride-share companies such as Alto, Uber and Lyft where you can book a ride from one location to the next.

Rides can be requested through the app or website to go as far as 75 miles in any direction of Charlotte’s city center.

Extended-distance rides can start in Charlotte, North Carolina and go as far as Raleigh, North Carolina or start from Charlotte, North Carolina and go as far as Columbia, South Carolina.

Goldsainte members can also rent luxury cars or list their own high-end vehicles for other members to drive, for a rate set by the car owner.

Every driver is thoroughly vetted and must complete extensive training.

Where is Goldsainte Available?

Goldsainte is currently offered in Charlotte, NC and the greater metropolitan area.

Guests at the Ritz Carlton in Uptown Charlotte can book a ride directly through the concierge.

Soon Goldsainte will be available in Miami, Houston, Dallas, L.A., and Washington DC.

What are Goldsainte’s Hours?

You can schedule a ride from 5am to midnight daily.

Prescheduled rides are now available on the Goldsainte website and soon on the Goldsainte app.

To ensure the highest level of quality and service, all rides are booked one hour in advance of your desired pick-up time.

What Does Goldsainte Offer Customers?

Goldsainte allows the guest to customize each experience to their desires.

In-app customizations include music preference presets, conversation level, and in-car temperature settings.

Goldsainte passengers will also receive a customized goodie bag that can be customized through the website and soon to be app.

The goodie bag can include perks such as a phone charger, gum and snacks.

When exiting the vehicle Goldsainte passengers, 21 years of age, can receive two 50ml bottles of Bacardi.

How Much Does a Ride With Goldsainte Cost?

Goldsainte members can expect to pay an hourly average fare of $99 plus tax with a one-time initiation membership fee of $249.

After holding a Goldsainte membership for a year, a monthly membership fee of $25/month will be charged on the anniversary of you joining Goldsainte.

The Initiation Fee and the Membership Fees are non-refundable.

Non-members have an average hourly fare of $149 plus tax.

To ensure Goldsainte’s service team can maintain their highest quality standard on all vehicles, the ride-share charges a 20% service fee upon checkout.

Please Note: Rolls-Royce will cost members $499 per hour and non-members $549 per hour to ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ride cancellation policy?

If a rider cancels a ride within the first five (5) minutes following the request, then Goldsainte will not charge the rider.

After five (5) minutes, to better compensate our Drivers for their time and the inability to pick up another ride, you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee.

If the Driver arrives at your location and cannot locate or get in touch with you, the fee will apply, and you will be charged.

What does the future look like for Goldsainte?

Goldsainte wants to hear from members on where its next hub should be located.

To give input, drop your name, email, and a message on the home page of the Goldsainte website and you’ll

be the first to know if the luxury transportation experience has arrived in your city.

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