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GoToTrafficSchool Review [year]: How Does It Compare?

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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GoToTrafficSchool Review

These days, more and more businesses and services are moving to online-only models. Even things that were traditionally thought of as in-person activities can now be completed online. Nowadays even traffic school can be completed from your home! GoToTrafficSchool is one of the larger online traffic schools that you can use. Keep reading our full GoToTrafficSchool review to learn more.

At a Glance: offers 100% online driver’s training, adult traffic school and more. By offering online only classes, this service can help you save a ton of time and money. Courses are state DMV approved and accepted by courts, so you can use this program to help get out of traffic tickets, satisfy court requirements, and even earn a discount on your auto insurance. The courses offer fun and interactive content to teach quick lessons about safe driving, and more than 4 million people have gone through these programs. Third-party GoToTrafficSchool reviews are mostly positive, and we thought this program was a great alternative to traditional traffic school.


What We Love: 

  • Completely online
  • Complete at your own pace
  • State DMV Certified
  • Court recognized and approved
  • Offers a variety of courses
  • Geared towards adults
  • Can help to get tickets dismissed or improve your driving record
  • Very affordable
  • Engaging content
  • Quicker than traditional traffic school
  • Over 4 million people served
  • Good customer support


What We Don’t Love:

  • Limited options in some states
  • No smartphone app
  • Some issues mentioned in GoToTrafficSchool reviews from customers


What is GoToTrafficSchool?

A leader in the online traffic school industry, boasting more than 4 million satisfied customers

GoToTrafficSchool is a well established player in the online traffic school industry. Founded in 1999, the company has around 20 years of industry experience. They focus on adult traffic school, and do not offer teen driver’s ed courses.

This service focuses on defensive driving/traffic school courses that are approved by state courts and DMVs. In many states, courts allow those with traffic violations to take defensive driving courses in order to have tickets dismissed and/or driving record points reduced. GoToTrafficSchool seeks to help provide an affordable, easy way to satisfy these court requirements and get you back on the road.


GoToTrafficSchool Review 2019

We tested several traffic school courses offered by this service in order to gather data on how everything worked. We also read a lot of third-party GoToTrafficSchool reviews left by customers of the service, to help get a more well-rounded feel for how the community felt about the program. Our full GoToTrafficSchool review can be found below.


Key Features

Quick, engaging courses presented digitally; affordable; court approved

  • Complete at your own pace
  • 100% online, web browser-based
  • Geared towards adults
  • Engaging content using text, videos, animation and more
  • Court-certified
  • Approved for driving record revisions, traffic ticket dismissal and more
  • Short, easy courses


How Does GoToTrafficSchool Work?

Online-only, quick courses for court requirements

GoToTrafficSchool is a online traffic school offering courses in most states. These courses are designed to satisfy DMV and court requirements. Specifics vary in each state, simply because each state has different requirements.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Sign up for GoToTrafficSchool and select your state
  2. Select your course. Offerings vary in each state
  3. Complete the course requirements, which are designed to meet court requirements in your state
  4. Receive a Certificate of Completion
  5. Present the Certificate to the relevant court, DMV or insurance provider
  6. Get your driving record reduced, ticket dismissed, insurance rate lowered, etc!

Everything is entirely online and can be completed at your own pace, from your computer. Click here to see what courses are available in your area.


The GoToTrafficSchool Experience

A blend of coursework to improve engagement; web browser-based

GoToTrafficSchool’s coursework consists of a blend of audio clips, animated videos, text lessons and 3D driving simulations. A lot of the content is interactive, which helps keep things interesting.

Everything is completed through a web browser, either on your computer or mobile device. There is no mobile app, but the content is mobile-friendly for use on smartphone web browsers.

Overall, we found the content to be a bit dry, but then again that’s to be expected from traffic school. Coursework was relatively quick, although this will vary from state to state as each court system has different requirements for course length.

Click here to learn more about GoToTrafficSchool


How Much Does GoToTrafficSchool Cost?

Varies by state; as low as $7.50

We wanted to include pricing info in our GoToTrafficSchool review, but unfortunately each state has different pricing so it’s difficult to list all the prices. We did note courses as low as $7.50 and as high as $40. This range is because each state has different requirements, so each course requires a different amount of time and resources to develop.

The best way to check pricing info is to head over to GoToTrafficSchool and select your state.


How Long Does GoToTrafficSchool Take?

Varies by state; as little as 4 hours

Each state and court system has unique requirements for traffic school courses. Some may take as little as 4 hours, while others may be 8 hours or more. In some states, multiple courses are offered, and the right course for you will depend on what the traffic offense was and what your court requires.


Is GoToTrafficSchool Court and DMV Approved?

Yes; Court Approved in most areas and DMV certified in all states

Is GoToTrafficSchool legit? It definitely is! Courses are offered in each state, and GoToTrafficSchool is court approved by most county and municipal court systems. You will be able to tell if your area is covered when you sign up.


GoToTrafficSchool Review: Bottom Line

Overall, GoToTrafficSchool is a valuable service to be aware of. We listed it as one of the best online traffic schools, although it did not make the cut for the top 3.

All courses offered meet state and court requirements. They are relatively easy courses, although we did notice some oddly phrased questions that could cause some confusion.

It’s definitely a very affordable option, with prices as low as $7.50. Considering that traffic school may help you save money on insurance rates, that price starts to look even more reasonable.

In the end, GoToTrafficSchool is a good service with a couple of flaws. It’s certainly much easier, cheaper and quicker than traditional traffic school. If you’re interested in learning more, click here to sign up for GoToTrafficSchool today!

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