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Grab: The App That Delivers Everyday Things

Last updated: August 13, 2021
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Grab is a superapp that offers essential everyday services and is quickly expanding and becoming one of the most popular delivery apps.

Honestly, it is starting to put many of the most popular food delivery services to shame.

They provide various services, and they are constantly working to become a “one-stop-shop” for all of your needs, from food and grocery delivery to financial services.

Furthermore, Grab consistently offers drivers opportunities to earn a profit from a reliable company and merchants looking to expand.

We’ll give you a breakdown of the company history and mission, what Grab provides for consumers and business owners, where they’re located, how you can sign up today to start using the app, and further details.

What Is Grab?

In the beginning, Grab was a service similar to Uber or Lyft, offering rides and taxi services on-demand.

They have a variety of transport modes all over Southeast Asia, and they are constantly adding new and innovative services every year.

The customer just books the ride, waits in a designated area, and can pay the driver directly with cash or GrabPay.

The company also has a similar setup with their GrabExpress and GrabFood delivery services, two recent popular additions to their company.

They provide financial services such as a secure mobile wallet to make seamless cashless payments, and they offer insurance and investment opportunities as well.

Their mission is to push their home, Southeast Asia, into prosperity through economic empowerment.

They accomplish this goal by giving local merchants a chance to partner with Grab and gain access to their broad consumer base.

Customers have fast delivery with short wait times, reliable service, and access to various products.

How Does Grab Work?

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Here is how several of the most popular functions work within the Grab app:

1. Taxi Rides

Regarding the taxi services, you can book a ride up to seven days in advance through the app.

You select the start point, drop-off location, the time you need the services, and whether this is a business or personal venture.

You may also leave the driver a bite to specify how you look and where you’ll be waiting when they arrive.

It’s as simple as downloading the Grab app on your Android or Apple phone, signing up through Facebook, your mobile phone number, or Google, and verifying your number.

After you’ve input the logistics, pick your car, and you will be able to see the flat rate you have to pay.

It also displays the number of drivers in your area.

The app selects the driver closest to where you want to get picked up, and you choose whether you wish to pay cash or use GrabPay.

This function is also available if you’re booking from a different country.

The driver will signal that they have picked you up and dropped you off, and you can confirm this timestamp as well.

Once your ride is over, all bills are automatic via your credit card, or you’ll pay the driver directly. That’s it!

Traditional 4-wheel cars are not the only rides that Grab offers.

You can also hail both 2-wheel (motorbikes) and 3-wheel (rickshaws) vehicles.

2. Parcel Delivery

If you need a reliable courier service for your documents or other small items delivered, you must make the request, similar to the taxi request.

Once your booking is confirmed for a scheduled time, the driver nearest you views the tone order and drives to your pickup location.

You will receive an estimate as to whether the order will take 2-4 hours or sooner.

You have the option to track your parcel using the Grab app (in real-time).

There are some limitations to this service, depending on what country you’re in.

Check the maximum dimensions allowed for delivery, as well as any materials that drivers are not allowed to transport, such as hazardous materials and cash.

3. Food Delivery

GrabFood is a service that gets plenty of use by consumers.

GrabFood drivers get paid for every delivery that they make.

You can view the price for the trip itself in the app.

The price for the trip gets calculated considering the type of vehicle and the distance.

The drivers can also get Zone Boost Gems during peak times and areas.

You can view everything in the app, which is both convenient and efficient.

Consumers can also get reward points for every purchase that can get redeemed for later use in the GrabRewards catalogue.

Services that Grab Offers

Grab offers a wide range of taxi and car options for most kinds of users.

They also provide additional services that have just gotten added within the last few years.

Grab Car

This is the standard car service that Grab offers, and it functions much like Uber.

Drivers also have to register to use their car or to rent another one, verify all of their info, and then purchase commercial car insurance.

They can then offer rides via the app, and they will get displayed as available when someone is looking for a ride.

There are many excellent options and deals for riders.

Grab Taxi

GrabTaxi pairs drivers that can offer licensed services through the app in popular South Asian countries.

You can choose between the LimoTaxi and the regular GrabTaxi, depending on your location.

Additional Grab Services

Officially added three years ago (May 2018), Grab now offers food delivery services through the GrabFood app, right to your doorstep.

The company wants to establish itself as the most dominant travel and food carrier in Southeast Asia.

Using this service, you can order sandwiches, drinks, and even food from any of your favourite restaurants.

You can shop for your groceries using Grab’s grocery delivery service.

This growing service is available across 200 cities in six major Southeast Asian countries, and Grabpay (a secure mobile wallet) is conveniently used to checkout.

Interestingly enough, Grab driver-partners are often able to double their money, becoming GrabFood delivery-partners as well.

Grab expects to expand to USD 13 billion by the year 2022.

After taking control of UberEats for the Southeast Asian region, GrabFood is well on its way to global success.

Using this service, you can order sandwiches, drinks, and even food from any of your favourite restaurants.

Grocery Delivery

Right alongside the success of Grab’s rise in the food industry, they launched GrabFresh, their grocery delivery service, in July of 2018.

This launch was in collaboration with Happy Fresh, the Southeast Asian grocery delivery provider with its headquarters in Indonesia.

Just as with food delivery, Grab’s drivers can choose to deliver groceries in between passenger trips.

GrabFresh enables customers to choose from a large selection of products.

During Grab’s launch, the company stated that it would be offering more than 20,000 grocery items.

Grab continued to expand and, in April of 2019, added four new industries to their app in Singapore: on-demand video streaming, trip planning, hotel booking, and ticket purchasing.

For its latest initiative, Grab has decided to partner with Agoda, hospitality, and OTA platforms.

What’s more, they’ve even partnered with the Singaporean video-on-demand streaming platform HOOQ.

Did You Know?

Grab offers a contactless delivery option for customers who do not want to directly contact their drivers.

This is great for both parties, and clearly demonstrates how Grab goes above and beyond for both customers and drivers.

Where Does Grab Offer Services?

Currently, Grab offers their services in 30 cities throughout India, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Crunchbase states that the company has raised over $10 billion with ambitions to go public in the U.S using the money.

What Does Grab Cost to Use?

Here are the prices depending on the sector:

  • Taxi: The cost of their taxi services depends on the city. However, when converted into American USD, the base fare is about $2.50, with a $0.50 per km and $0.16 per minute rate.
  • Food: You have to pay a 30% service fee for every GrabFood order, regardless of whether it’s for pickup or delivery.
  • Parcel: The prices begin at $6 for each delivery, and there is a charge of $1 for 1km of the delivery distance.

A Brief History of the Company

In 2011, a great idea came about from a Harvard business school student named Anthony Tan.

Tan devised an idea for a booking app similar to Uber after hearing a classmate complain about how difficult it is to get a taxi in Malaysia.

Eventually, Tan made it his mission to create a taxi booking service that he proposed at the Harvard Business Plan Competition in 2011.

He got second place in the competition, which helped him secure angel investors.

He became the founder, and the service launched as MyTeksi in 2012.

They would later expand as GrabTaxi and finally as Grab.

Since its launch, the company has expanded substantially and now provides many other services in addition to taxi services.

Wrapping Up

Grab is a comprehensive company that seeks to cover all of its bases with essential services.

It’s important to remember that Grab is not just a taxi service but a comprehensive delivery service.

Apart from their taxi service, they offer both GrabFood and GrabFresh services.

If you’re in the mood for food and drink to get delivered from your favourite restaurant to your doorsteps, GrabFood is the service for you.

And if you want fresh produce and a wide variety of groceries delivered to your home, GrabFresh is the perfect app for you.

Remember that Grab offers a lot of services in 30 cities throughout India, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

So if you’re ever out in this area, don’t forget to use Grab. They’ll save you time, money, and a headache.

Sign up for Grab services or as a merchant partner today!

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