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Grubhub Bag: Which One is Best and Why You Need It

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If you’re about to start working as a delivery driver for GrubHub, you probably have questions about what equipment you need, if any.

Food delivery drivers for any delivery app (including GrubHub and Uber Eats) are expected to provide excellent customer service.

To do that, you need a few things beyond just yourself and your car.

The most important piece of extra equipment you’ll need is an insulated delivery bag.

Whether you deliver in San Francisco, New York City, or another part of the country, customers expect to receive their food hot and fresh.

It’s part of the exceptional customer service that makes these food delivery apps so popular.

As a GrubHub delivery driver, you’re expected to maintain high delivery service standards.

The good news is that GrubHub now provides delivery bags.

Do GrubHub Drivers Need Special Equipment?

Delivery workers need a couple of things to find success when working for a delivery app.

Delivery Partner Contract

Every GrubHub delivery driver is considered an independent contractor and must sign the GrubHub Delivery Partner Contract.

The contract covers standard stuff like the minimum age you have to be to deliver (19) and the amount of driving experience you need (2 years.)

It also lays out what equipment delivery workers are expected to have.

Special Equipment

The contract explicitly states that you need a vehicle, a driver’s license, an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher, or an Android with 4.0 or higher.

GrubHub now also requires its drivers to use an insulated delivery bag.

The good news is that GrubHub will provide you with two free bags.

You can also use your own if you prefer.

GrubHub also states that their top drivers usually provide some additional special equipment of their own.

This includes a dashboard phone mount, a marker for labeling different orders, a reusable cup carrier, and quarters for parking meters.

Repeatedly failing to comply with the Partner Contract and uphold GrubHub’s delivery standards could result in termination.

Additionally, a restaurant may refuse to let you deliver their food if you don’t have a bag.

What Are GrubHub Bags?

GrubHub bags are insulated delivery bags that keep food hot if it’s supposed to be hot or cold if it’s supposed to be cold.

They are branded with the GrubHub logo and color.

Many drivers who work for more than one food delivery app say that the GrubHub bags are better than other delivery platform bags.

When Do You Receive Your GrubHub Bags?

GrubHub provides two free delivery bags to each of its delivery drivers.

Unfortunately, you won’t receive this bag until after you make your first delivery.

GrubHub recommends using your own insulated bag for your first delivery.

Onboarding Process

After you’ve been verified to partner as a GrubHub driver, you can start making deliveries right away.

Your free delivery bags and GrubHub Driver Card will be delivered as soon as you complete your first delivery.

You are not required to use the GrubHub bag.

If you have insulated bags and would prefer to use them, you can opt-out of receiving the GrubHub bag.

How Often Can You Get a New Delivery Bag?

GrubHub sells its delivery bags through its website.

You can buy a new bag as often as you’d like.

Many food delivery drivers like to purchase additional bags for making large deliveries or delivering specialty items.

GrubHub doesn’t have explicit requirements for replacing delivery bags.

They do recommend that you keep all your equipment in good condition.

Use your best judgment to determine if and when you need a new bag.

As a food delivery driver for GrubHub, you should be able to request a new one.

How to Use Your GrubHub Delivery Bag

Delivery companies have been using insulated bags for decades now, so it’s not difficult to learn how to use one.

Place the Bag on a Flat Surface

Never try to load the bag while it’s on the seat of your car.

Always remove the bag from your car and place it on the roof or a table for loading.

vector graphic showing a grubhub delivery driver taking a food delivery order out of a grubhub bag

Open the Zipper All the Way

Trying to cram a food container into a partially opened bag can result in squashing or denting the container.

Always make sure there is enough room at the top of the bag to load the food in without compromising the container.

Use the Pockets

If your bag has pockets, consider separating the food and putting it into separate pockets.

Sauces, drinks, and side dishes can be stored in the side compartments.

Load Large, Flat Items First

If you have a separate pizza bag, always use that for pizza.

If not, load large items like pizza boxes into the bag first.

Place smaller items on top.

If possible, fold-down bags to make them smaller and prevent tipping.

Carry the Bag Right Side Up

Always hold the bag upright and flat.

When transporting via bike, make sure the straps on the bag are even across your shoulders.

If transporting by car, make sure the bag lays flat across the seat.

How to Wash Your GrubHub Delivery Bag

It’s possible to machine wash GrubHub insulated delivery bags, but you have to be very careful, use a gentle setting, and do not machine dry!

We only recommend machine washing your bags if they are extremely dirty.

Wipe Down the Interior of the Bag

Clorox disinfecting wipes, wet naps, or other moist cloths are great for wiping down spills from the insides of bags.

If the spill hasn’t gotten onto the outside of the bag, this is all you need to do.

Wipe Down the Exterior of the Bag

Blot as much of the spill as you can with a dry rag or paper towel.

Don’t rub, as this will make staining worse.

Spray With Spot-Remover

If the spill is bad, use a spot-remover like Spray and Wash or Shout.

These can be used in tandem with a washing machine or alone.

Rinse With Cold Water

Zip up all the pockets and hold the affected area under cold running water.

Try to make sure that the water doesn’t get into the bag or anywhere apart from where the spill is.

Machine Wash If Necessary

If your bag is very dirty and the previous steps aren’t getting rid of the problem, use a washing machine to wash the bag.

Make sure the bag is empty and put it in the wash by itself on a cold, gentle cycle with mild detergent.

Do not put the bag into the dryer!

Set it out somewhere flat and out of direct sunlight to dry.

Final Tips

Working for a delivery company is a gig that provides a flexible work schedule and consistent pay.

You can work for food delivery companies as long as you abide by their contract.

If you want to be successful, take a few extra steps to go above and beyond in providing excellent customer service.

Always use your GrubHub hot bag, and make sure to keep it clean!

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