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If there’s any modern innovation we can fully get behind, it’s food that’s ordered right from our phones and delivered straight to our doors.

But on-demand food delivery doesn’t come free.

Just like all types of Amazon deliveries come with shipping fees, every Grubhub order comes with a Grubhub delivery fee.

While food delivery services are bound to save you time and energy, convenience always comes at a higher cost.

Grubhub is no exception.

Along with the incredibly helpful app comes a unique pricing system that adds extra fees on top of the cost of your meal. 

We’ll outline the types of fees you can expect when ordering on the platform, then dive deeper into the cost of Grubhub delivery fees and your opportunities to save.


How Grubhub Pricing Works

When you’re placing an order for Grubhub delivery, there are five primary costs you can expect.

The first you’ll see is the cost of your meal.

As you browse any local restaurant’s menu and start tapping on the items you’re interested in, you’ll see exactly how much each menu item costs (and its available customizations).

Some restaurateurs set higher in-app prices than dine-in prices in order to offset the Grubhub processing fees and marketing commission fees they’re required to pay, but your pre-tax meal cost will always be upfront.

In addition to your meal cost, you may be charged four additional fees:

  1. Delivery fee: Every delivery order will include a set fee that helps cover Grubhub’s delivery-related costs.
  2. Service fee: All orders additionally include a percentage-based fee (usually 5-10%) that helps cover Grubhub’s operational costs.
  3. Small order fee: When your order is under $10, you’ll need to pay a $2 fee at most restaurants.
  4. Tip: Though optional, most customers will choose to add a tip for their delivery driver. Tipping at least 15% is recommended.

Pro Tip: If you don’t like how much you’re paying for this service, we’d suggest checking out an alternative to Grubhub.

How Much Is the Grubhub Delivery Fee?

grubhub delivery fee: woman relaxing at home and using mobile phone

The Grubhub delivery fee can fall anywhere from $1-$10, though we found that it rarely falls outside of the $2.50-$7.50 range.

Location is the biggest factor in the price you pay.

You’ll typically pay higher delivery fees for restaurants that are farther from your drop-off location.

The specific restaurant you order from can also impact what you pay, as some locations set their own delivery fees or use their own delivery drivers.

Even the market you’re located in — for example, New York City or San Francisco — can push average delivery fees up or down.

Luckily, your Grubhub delivery fee is not impacted by your order volume, nor is it impacted by the current level of demand.

This is great news because you won’t see any drastic changes in cost unless you order from a completely different location.

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How To Find Your Grubhub Delivery Fee

Of all the leading food delivery apps, Grubhub is one of the least transparent about its delivery fees.

While many platforms will show you delivery costs as you’re browsing through your restaurant options, Grubhub now requires you to get to the checkout screen in order to know how much you really need to pay.

To get to the checkout screen, simply select a restaurant and add any menu item or items to your bag.

Then, at the bottom of your app screen, tap “View order.”

Right under your order summary, you’ll see a breakdown of costs, which includes your Grubhub delivery fee.

grubhub delivery fee receipt

If you want to see how much your service fee is or if you’re being charged a small order fee, just tap the info icon next to “Taxes and fees” for a further breakdown of your non-delivery expenses.

3 Ways To Eliminate Your Grubhub Delivery Fee

The cost of delivery orders can add up over time when you’re using an app like Grubhub.

Luckily, there are three easy tactics you can use to avoid potentially high fees:

1. Join Grubhub+

If you’re a loyal Grubhub user, Grubhub+ can help you save a ton by giving you unlimited free deliveries every month.

This is similar to how Instacart has rolled out their successful Instacart express membership program.

Grubhub+ is a subscription program that costs $9.99 per month.

As a member, you receive free delivery on all orders over $12 from any restaurant marked with a GH+ on the app.

These restaurants include national chains like Wendy’s, California Pizza Kitchen, KFC, and Denny’s, as well as plenty of local options.

Plus, you’ll get exclusive discounts — to start, a free two weeks of Grubhub+ and a $10 perk when you join.

Whether you’re in the mood for tacos, pizza, or something a little healthier, Grubhub+ will make your frequent online ordering habits a little more affordable.

2. Make a Pickup Order

waiter serving customer at coffee shop

If getting delivery isn’t the best part of Grubhub for you, but ordering from your smartphone is, you can get rid of Grubhub delivery fees without paying simply by ordering from the “Pickup” section of your app’s homepage.

When you do so, you’ll just need to pick up your own takeout from your selected restaurant when your app says it’s ready — feel free to relax on your couch until then.

This takes out the driver from the typical Grubhub order process, which means you not only eliminate your delivery fee, but you also save on the cost of a tip.

3. Use a Grubhub Promo Code

Just like most food delivery platforms, Grubhub sometimes offers promo codes that can get you free delivery on a single order, or provide a discount that fully or partially covers your delivery fee.

Grubhub promo codes for first-time users are the most commonly available discount codes, and they can usually get you as much as $12 off your first order.

However, if you keep your Grubhub app notifications on and stay subscribed to Grubhub emails, you may find more promo codes coming your way in the future just for being a loyal Grubhub user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grubhub delivery fees are a standard part of most orders on the platform.To learn more about these fees, read our answers to these common questions:

1. Does my delivery fee go straight to my driver?

Not exactly.

Grubhub driver pay is actually calculated based on local rates for every mile and minute they drive — regardless of what you paid — and there’s always enough leftover from your payment for Grubhub to take a cut.

The only way to directly compensate couriers for their service is by leaving a tip, which is why tipping delivery drivers is so important.

2. Do I need to meet any order minimums to request delivery on Grubhub?


Restaurant owners are able to set their own order minimums, so if the location you choose has one, you won’t be able to check out until you reach it.

As is the case with delivery fees, you won’t be able to see a restaurant’s order minimum until you add an item to your cart and tap “View order.”

How does the Grubhub delivery fee compare to that of other food delivery services?

Grubhub delivery fees are usually on par with fees from other third-party delivery companies, like DoorDash and Seamless (Grubhub’s sister app).

However, apps like Uber Eats and Postmates do offer ongoing, unpaid opportunities to get free delivery, since you can get $0 delivery fees just by ordering from the same trending restaurants as other users in your area in real-time.

On the plus side, Grubhub is one of the only platforms that does not charge more during times of high demand.

Understand Every Charge

When you’re placing a delivery order on the Grubhub app, there are a number of fees that you may have to pay, including your delivery fee.

These charges ensure Grubhub can continue operating, while giving restaurant partners and delivery drivers the cash they need to continue offering their services, too.

Once you break down these delivery charges, they really do start to make sense.

And for the convenience you get — no need to leave your house or even make a phone call to your restaurant — ordering from Grubhub may be worth it for you after all.

Interested in fully comparing Grubhub delivery fees with those of another service?

Check out our guide to the Uber Eats delivery fee to learn how the popular platform compares.

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  1. GrubHub’s app on a PC or your phone overwrites the address on your account with bogus info from Location Services. It happened to me twice! I’ll never use it again!


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