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Grubhub Pickup: Price, Options, & Features

Grubhub Pickup is a service that allows you to order food online or through the app and so you can pick it up at a local restaurant. Read more here.

Grubhub is a food delivery service app with many features.

One of Grubhub’s features, Grubhub Pickup, allows you to order your favorite foods right from the comfort of your own home or office with just a few clicks.

It’s especially convenient for those who live in busy cities like New York or Los Angeles, where traffic can be congested and unpredictable.

Another great thing about Grubhub Pickup is that you can place pickup orders up to seven days ahead of time.

So if you’re planning a party, you can order everything in advance to have it ready when your guests arrive.

Grubhub Pickup is available for no additional fee, and you can use a coupon or promo code for even more savings.

Does Grubhub Offer a Pickup Option?

Yes. Grubhub offers a pickup option, so you don’t have to wait for it to arrive or pay a delivery fee.

You will be notified when your food is ready and can have it brought to your car for curbside pickup at the restaurant.

The service does not charge users for pickup orders, and there is no need to tip, though, of course, it’s always appreciated.

How Does Grubhub Pickup Work?

Grubhub Pickup is a service on the app that lets you order and pick up the food yourself.

It’s like on-demand takeout but with curbside pickup.

To use Grubhub Pickup, make sure to choose “Pick up” at the beginning of your order to avoid having your order delivered.

Curbside pickup is available for many restaurants, so you won’t have to get out of your car to get your order inside the restaurant.

When you use Curbside Pickup, call the restaurant using the phone number provided when you placed your order to let them know you’re waiting outside in your car to pick up a Grubhub Delivery Order.

A restaurant staff member will bring the order to your vehicle.

What’s The Point of Grubhub Pickup?

In addition to being a food delivery service, you can also use Grubhub to order carryout with their Pickup option.

Why is that useful? It means you don’t have to waste your time waiting on hold during a busy lunch or dinner rush.

It also lets you order in advance so you can pick it up at your desired time.

When you place your order using the app, you can prepay for your meal, so you do not have to wait to pay the bill when you pick up your food.

Difference Between Curbside and Pick Up

There is a slight difference between curbside and pickup orders.

Pickup is when you order food and then go to the restaurant to pick it up inside the restaurant.

Curbside is when you pick up food that has been ordered online or through the Grubhub app, and restaurant staff bring the order out to you in your car.

With pickup orders, customers usually must go inside the restaurant; for curbside orders, customers can park in a designated spot for takeout orders, and a staff member will bring the food to your car.

Is Carryout the Same as Pickup?

Carryout and pickup are similar, but there are some slight differences.

When you order for carryout, you will go inside the restaurant to pick up food from the counter.

Pickup orders usually are brought to you in your car for curbside pickup.

Where is Grubhub Pickup Available?

Grubhub Pickup is available at all participating restaurants.

To find restaurants that offer pickup, use the search feature on the Grubhub website or app and select “Curbside Pickup.”

This will display all restaurants offering Grubhub Pickup.

How Much Does Grubhub Charge for Pickup?

There is no specific pickup fee fee to use Grubhub Pickup.

All you have to do is type in your address, and the nearest participating restaurants will pop up.

You’ll see a list of menu items and prices, and you can start placing your order.

Grubhub only charges a delivery fee, which varies depending on the restaurant and your location.

The delivery fees we saw ranged from $1 to $3.99.

So if you are ordering for pickup, there is no charge for the service.

Save on Grubhub Pickup With a Grubhub Coupon

There are a lot of different ways that you can save money on your food with Grubhub.

One way is through the use of exclusive perks and promotion codes found on the company’s website.

You can also search for coupons in your area to see what deals are available.

There are often discounts offered through popular coupon sites like RetailMeNot or Groupon.

Grubhub also offers its own coupons and promotion codes through email.

If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get access to special discounts only available to subscribers.

You may even be offered a free meal or two when you initially sign up.

Student discounts are also available through the Grubhub+ Student Membership.

If your college offers Grubhub Campus Dining, you can be eligible for special promotions and discounts.

How to Select Grubhub Pickup

When you are ordering your food to be picked up, you have the option to select “curbside pickup”.

If you choose “curbside pickup,” you will not need to go into the restaurant.

To choose curbside pickup, go to checkout for your order and make sure that next to “pickup,” it says “Curbside Pickup”.

After confirming this, follow the curbside pickup instructions provided by the restaurant.

These instructions may include such things as which number to call when you arrive, where to wait outside the restaurant, and providing your name or order number.

When there isn’t any information about curbside pickup for a particular restaurant, it’s likely because they do not currently support curbside pickups.

However, there may be times when this option is temporarily unavailable because of a high volume of orders happening during busy hours.

Certain restaurants may also be unable to offer curbside pickup based on delivery time standards.

For these reasons, the curbside pickup option may not be available at all times

Tipping on Grubhub Pickup Orders

Grubhub pickup orders allow customers from participating restaurants for no additional cost.

You can then pick up their food from the restaurant’s location.

This service offers convenience when you are on the go and eliminates the need for a delivery driver.

There is no tipping policy, so leaving a tip for a pickup order is optional.

Though some restaurants may add a “service charge” to cover gratuity.

Should I Tip on Grubhub Pickup Orders?

Tipping on Grubhub pickup orders is entirely optional.

You can tip on your order if you’d like, but it is not required.

Since Grubhub doesn’t collect any additional fees, tipping on pickup service is entirely your decision.

Tipping etiquette varies from person to person and between restaurants, so it’s completely up to you whether or not you leave a tip for the restaurant.

Some customers may feel like it’s the right thing to do because it supports local restaurant workers.

Others may think that because they drove to pick up the food for themselves, tipping is unnecessary.

There is no right or wrong choice in this matter.

It’s entirely up to you.

How Much Should I Tip?

It’s up to you how much you would like to tip.

It is customary to tip between 15% and 20% of the total bill, with 10% being an acceptable minimum for adequate service.

Others choose to tip more or less, depending on the level of service and the quality of the food.

The amount of a tip can vary based on many factors:

  • For example, the type of service (it’s generally unnecessary to tip at fast food restaurants).
  • The quality of the food (a poor quality meal may call for less than average tipping as compensation).
  • The size or level of difficulty of the order.

The amount of the tip is up to you.

Consider your budget, the total bill amount, and the quality of the food and service before you decide.

Who Gets the Tip?

When you leave a tip on Grubhub pickup orders, the entire amount goes directly to the restaurant and its workers.

Grubhub only makes money off of the service fee it charges to restaurants.

When it comes to Grubhub delivery orders, you have the option of tipping in cash directly to the driver at the time of your order or adding an amount to your credit card bill.

Wrapping Up

The Grubhub Pickup service is an excellent option for those who are on the go or want to save money on delivery.

To take advantage of the pickup service, simply select “curbside pickup” from the drop-down menu at checkout.

If you’re looking for an easy way to order your food online that’s fast, convenient, and supports local businesses in your area, give Grubhub Pickup a try.

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