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Grubhub Requirements Needed to Drive As a Courier

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Grubhub lets delivery drivers work a schedule they want while earning money delivering food from local restaurants.

It sounds great, right?

Still, you should know Grubhub requirements for drivers before starting.

Grubhub lays down rules and eligibility requirements for each delivery driver, just like other delivery apps.

The process ensures that each driver meets the company’s needs and represents it well.

Are you interested in becoming a Grubhub driver?

Continue reading to learn the Grubhub requirements for a delivery driver.

Grubhub Driver Requirements

Keep in mind that a Grubhub driver is an independent contractor rather than an employee.

While Grubhub can’t dictate how or when you work, it can still outline minimum requirements for drivers to keep uniformity throughout the company.

Grubhub has minimum age, background check, insurance, and device requirements that each driver must meet before applying.

Let’s get into the Grubhub requirements for its delivery partners.

General Driver Requirements

To become a Grubhub delivery driver, you must first meet the age requirements for your area.

We’ll get into more detail about that below.

Additionally, Grubhub requires its drivers to own a checking account for payments.

This keeps payments flowing.

Drivers can choose weekly direct deposit payments sent straight to their accounts.

Or, opt for instant cashouts to your bank account using the Grubhub app.

A Grubhub delivery driver must also own a data-enabled device.

An iPhone running iOS 11 or later or an Android phone using 5.0 or higher is a must.

Finally, Grubhub requires a background check for drivers before they begin.

Continue reading for more details on what it checks.

Grubhub Age Requirements

In most locations, Grubhub allows drivers to sign up when they’re 19.

But, Las Vegas, Nevada, requires delivery app drivers to be at least 21 to work with Grubhub to fit local regulations.

Grubhub also requires drivers to hold a valid driver’s license or state I.D. card.

A driver’s license proves that a Grubhub driver can drive legally and shows their age.

However, bikers don’t need a license to work.

Just a state I.D. card will do to show proof of their age.

Grubhub Vehicle Requirements

A Grubhub delivery driver should make sure their vehicle fits the bill before applying.

The requirements ensure that a vehicle is safe to drive and meets legal requirements.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a clipboard and evaluating a potential driver for grubhub requirements

Can You Drive for Grubhub With Any Car?

Grubhub drivers can drive with almost any car, although vehicles should be safe and reliable.

The company does not limit vehicles based on how old they are or what they look like.

It also won’t inspect your car as other food delivery service companies do.

In some areas, Grubhub food delivery drivers can even rent a car to use when delivering.

A rental vehicle is a good option for drivers who do not want to put excess wear and tear on their car or do not have a safe or reliable vehicle to use.

Can You Do Grubhub Without a Car?

Grubhub primarily looks for delivery drivers with vehicles, but you can also use a bike, scooter, or motorcycle.

You can select which means of transportation best fits your needs.

Food delivery apps like Grubhub are all about getting food to customers quickly.

That’s why Grubhub may only approve these methods of transportation in cities.

Delivery drivers on bikes and scooters can get to places quicker than in cars in some cities.

When you sign up for Grubhub’s delivery service as a driver, you’ll state where you live.

Then, the sign-up process will let you know whether Grubhub will let you use a bike.

General Grubhub Vehicle Requirements

Grubhub is not very picky when it comes to the vehicles its delivery drivers use.

As we mentioned, Grubhub even allows bikes and scooters in some areas.

Still, for your own safety, the car should be in good working condition.

It should also be free from any issues that could be hazardous on the road.

For example, worn-down tires or a broken windshield could deem a car unsafe.

Other than that, Grubhub requires vehicles and drivers to have auto insurance coverage.

You need to show proof of it upon registering.

Grubhub Insurance Requirements

Before applying for Grubhub as a driver, it’s essential to be aware of any insurance you might need.

Grubhub does not provide commercial insurance for drivers unless a locality requires it.

So, food delivery drivers are responsible for paying for and maintaining the insurance.

Do I Need Special Insurance for Grubhub?

Ultimately, a convenient service like Grubhub is still a business.

Therefore, it protects itself by making each worker own auto insurance coverage.

This helps in case of an accident while making deliveries.

Drivers must have liability coverage.

This car insurance pays for bodily injury to another person.

It can also cover property damages when you’re at fault for a vehicle accident.

You can choose to have more coverage to protect your car, too.

But it’s not necessary to start driving.

Your locality or lease company may want you to have specific coverages for your vehicle.

For example, a leased vehicle will usually need comprehensive and collision insurance in addition to liability.

In that case, Grubhub requires you to hold the proper insurance for your situation.

Some Grubhub drivers choose to add rideshare coverage to their policy.

Or, their insurance company may make you have it.

This car insurance covers your vehicle at any time you’re ridesharing.

Your primary auto insurance covers your vehicle for personal use.

A Grubhub delivery person does not need any special car insurance if they use a bike or scooter because these forms of transportation may not need insurance by law.

Insurance Requirements for Grubhub

Auto insurance coverage must include liability insurance on a valid policy.

Grubhub checks your policy when you sign up to make sure it’s valid and meets its requirements.

Don’t let your auto policy lapse while driving for Grubhub.

If it does, the company could remove you from the system as a driver.

Grubhub Background Check Requirements

While Grubhub delivery drivers are not employees of Grubhub, the company still takes precautions to ensure that each driver is a good fit.

One Grubhub requirement for drivers that helps with this is a background check.

Drivers must pass this background check before they begin to deliver food from local restaurants.

A background check looks for anything in a driver’s present or past that could potentially put others they come into contact with at risk.

Having knowledge of criminal history or traffic violations can help Grubhub determine whether a potential driver could increase the company’s liability risk.

What Does the Background Check Look for?

Like an Amazon Flex, Uber Eats, or DoorDash driver, a Grubhub delivery driver must pass a background check from a third-party service called Checkr.

Delivery drivers visit local restaurants and customer homes, so Grubhub requires this to keep its customers and restaurant partners safe.

This background check looks at driving and criminal records for the past seven years.

Anything beyond that timeframe may not show up in the check.

What Disqualifies You From Driving for Grubhub?

Grubhub doesn’t say what might disqualify someone from driving for the company.

Grubhub looks at the results of the Checkr background check.

Then, it determines whether a person is a good fit to become a driver.

Still, it’s safe to assume that people who have a criminal history will not get approved.

Fraud, sexual assault, and criminal activity could be no-gos.

Some traffic violations on a background check may also disqualify potential drivers.

Checkr allows you to check your results within a few days using its portal.

Be sure to review your results to check for accuracy.

Grubhub Delivery Requirements

Customers interact with Grubhub’s food delivery service and its drivers every time they place an order.

So, Grubhub expects its drivers to represent the company well.

It’s vital to know how deliveries work and what Grubhub expects of you.

When you’re ready to work, you can schedule a block of time on the Grubhub app.

Alternatively, schedule your blocks ahead of time if you know when you’d like to work for the next couple of weeks.

While you don’t have to schedule blocks, Grubhub prioritizes orders for drivers with scheduled blocks.

Once you’re signed into the app to work, you must accept or reject offers that come your way.

Grubhub gives drivers about 90 seconds to accept or reject order offers on the drivers’ app.

Choosing as fast as possible helps Grubhub keep its system running well.

Rejecting an order is okay, as Grubhub will give it to another driver.

The company suggests drivers only accept the deliveries that they can manage.

Being late several times could penalize you, so you want to avoid that.

Grubhub drivers should also keep their device with the drivers’ app on them at all times.

Usually, the app outline details the best route for deliveries.

It also helps you communicate with Grubhub about your orders.

Keep in contact with your customer using the app if any problems should arise.

Can I Have a Passenger While Driving for Grubhub?

Grubhub does not state in its driver guides that you can’t bring a passenger with you.

If you need help delivering, go for it.

A partner could help you check the app and follow directions as you deliver.

Be sure to always remain the driver, pick up, and delivery person.

You’re the one who applied and got approved.

So, Grubhub will expect you to be the one completing each job.

What Do I Need to Apply for Grubhub?

To apply as a Grubhub driver:

  • Fill out an online application.
  • Have your license or state I.D. ready.
  • Gather information about your vehicle, car insurance policy, and smartphone.

After applying, you can use the Grubhub driver portal to check your application status and send in any extra documentation if needed.

Wrapping Up

Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery companies in the industry right now.

It’s as popular with drivers as it is with customers because of its ease of scheduling and making money.

An independent contractor can work a flexible schedule.

Plus, they earn money when they want to by delivering food to customers.

Grubhub’s reasonable requirements make it easy for drivers to apply and start earning.

Are you ready to become a Grubhub delivery driver?

Start your application online today.

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