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A Guide On Taking Free Online Drivers Ed

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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Do we see you finally got the driver’s license you were looking for so long? What a wonderful thing! There is one beautiful thing every driver instructor experiences during his career. It is seeing the joy and happiness of students who finally got that piece of plastic. 

We must admit this is not only a formality. Some see it as a symbol of freedom. Some even draw the parallel between becoming an adult and getting the drivers to permit.

This is not always the case because finances don’t cooperate. There are many cases of students who don’t get their driver’s licenses until they get 18 or later. The reason for this is that many of them cannot afford to sign up for a driving school.

All these links relate to each other. Not having the money to pay for driver classes limits their ability to enter a job that will lead them to money. This means getting a driver’s license is a thing they can. This is very frustrating.

The Best Free Online Driver’s Ed Courses

Many people who are in this situation try to find a driver’s education course online. It may be possible to find a free online driver’s education training, but this depends on the states that you live in. This may be a pretty challenging task since most of them do not have a state certificate.

If you find some driver’s education that is free, you should be very careful since this is impossible. The reason for this is a simple truth. Put in one sentence it says: there are no free driver’s education courses available on the internet!

Not everything seems so bad as it is at first sight. There are several free online driver’s education courses. They can help you study for your written driving exam. This is good news. The bad news is that these free online driver’s education courses are not certified. Not any state recognizes them for official training purposes.

There are requirements for training standards by every state. Among those regulations is the number of classes you have attended to complete such a course. This means you will still have to pay your driver’s education classes. There is no doubt that the free online driver’s education courses will help you study and practice for your exam.

We have made a list of recommended online driver education courses for preparing young drivers.

State Certified Online Driver’s Ed Courses We Recommend

It is very difficult to find the driver’s education courses that are free of charge and certified by the state. This is particularly challenging to do online. Some high schools and colleges offer free online driver’s education to their enrolled students. Such cases remain very rare.

We have managed to find online driver’s education courses that are not free. They maintain low prices and have better quality than most. To inform you in a good way, we have reviewed and tested out each of the courses below.

Driver Ed To Go

This is a famous online driver’s education course that is present on the market back from the ’90s. They are notorious for pioneering the homeschool option using VHS tapes and booklets. This was the way they operated before the internet became widespread.

It is a good proof of their experience in these things. They don’t find flashy 3D videos and interactive features necessary. This is why the option of taking a course from them is pretty acceptable. The course they offer is generally text-based. This is what a lot of people prefer. Check out this course as they have a very popular price point if such an offer sounds like what you are after.


When it comes to online driver’s education courses, Aceable is one of the newest players. The business of this company began a few years ago. Recently, they got backing of a few million bucks from investors. The aim was to develop the most sophisticated online driver’s education course. 

It is an understatement to say that their investment was a success. We have to be honest and admit that this is the best online driver’s education course at all times. 

One of the very few shortcomings they have is very crucial. They didn’t get the approval in many states until now. Knowing that dealing with state government can be a slow process, we know they will get approvals very soon.

You can always check if they have a certificate in the state you live in. In our opinion, you should sign up for their course if they got approval in your state. It is sure you won’t find an online driver’s education course of better quality than Aceable. Their price point is also excellent.

One of the longest-running internet driver’s education courses is Over the past twenty years, this company has had millions of students finish their training and obtain the license. 

They also operate a nationwide fleet of vehicles and instructors. This can be one of their biggest advantages. They can save you money by going with an online driver’s education in most of the states. They also have a training package including a behind-the-wheel course.

The interactive 3D videos are one of the best things this company has to offer online. They have very vivid and realistic simulations in which students must make a decision in cases of a driving hazard. is unique for owning such sophisticated features. In our opinion, they are worth checking out.


The process of finding a free online driver’s education course is not such a difficult task. The problem arises when you find out that a great part of them is not certified by the state. Our opinion is that these types of educational courses are a good way to fulfill the knowledge you get on your actual driver’s education classes. 

According to an old saying, there is no such thing as free lunch. The same thing refers to online driver’s education. The only thing you have to do is to save some money and choose a certified driver’s education school online.

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