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Hiboy S2 Pro Speed Limiter Removal: Read This FIRST

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The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter has been described by many as the best-budget electric scooter. 

Nevertheless, the same model has attracted tens of critics complaining about how slow it is, as it has a top speed of only 30.6 km/h (19mph). 

Since we have received several questions about Hiboy S2 Pro Speed Limiter removal, we took one on our database and decided to check if we could unlock it to go faster. 

We have several updates to make about unlocking the Hiboy S2 Pro speed limiter in our today’s guide.

Is it possible to remove the speed limiter on Hiboy S2 Pro scooter?

You cannot remove the speed limiter on a Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter. Unlike most electric scooters that can be unlocked by cutting the speed-limiting wire, Hiboy S2 Pro comes with a unique custom controller, rendering flashing the firmware or cutting any wire useless. 

The manufacturer confirms it’s impossible to remove the speed limiter

When disconnecting and reconnecting different wires in the controller, I noticed that I didn’t record any speed above the stated 19mph. 

This prompted me to do research about this model and I can say there are lots of false write-ups claiming you can cut the speed limiter, while others said you can download a particular app and flash the firmware. 

Before contacting the seller and asking how I can unlock their S2 Pro model, I bumped at this reply to the question of unlocking the Hiboy S2 Pro scooter on Reddit

The Question is, “Hiboy S2 Pro Speed Limiter…Doesn’t anyone know how to remove the speed limiter or make it faster? Haven’t found any vids or articles?”

screenshot of a Reddit post about how to remove speed lmiter on Hiboy S2 Pro

The Hiboy team replied, “Hi,

Thank you for shopping with Hiboy

After checking with the engineer, I’m sorry to say that we can’t remove the speed limit on the scooter.”

screenshot of a Reddit post about how to remove speed lmiter on Hiboy S2 Pro

How then can I make my Hiboy S2 Pro scooter faster?

Since the Hiboy S2 Pro comes with a custom controller, the power that gets to the motor is locked at the very controller.

When I opened our Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter, I noticed that there is a significant drop in the power output when the scooter hits exactly 19mph. 

Ideally, this isn’t a case of an electric scooter with a small battery and motor, but a factory-locked controller. 

To make such a scooter faster, you will be forced to just use its skeleton and upgrade most of the electric components to make it function. 

If you are to make your Hiboy S2 Pro faster, you will need to buy:

  • A motor
  • A battery
  • A controller 
  • A Battery Management System 
  • Another throttle (optional but recommended).

Now, you must ensure that all these components are compatible before even pulling the trigger on any of them. 

At this point, you should know that replacing these components is an expensive affair since the battery is the most expensive component in an e-scooter. 

To connect all these so that the scooter can work needs you to have an electrical component as wrong connections can lead to a fire.

Again, note that you will void your warranty when you do any replacement. 

Our recommendation is that if you need to go faster, then sell your Hiboy S2 Pro and upgrade to a faster model. 

Trying to change the controller only may not work best for you since the Battery Management System may not be compatible with that controller.

That is why we recommend working with all-new electrical components. 

NB: If you decide to swap out these components instead of selling the scooter and upgrading to a better model, then have it modified at an electric scooter repair shop, especially if you don’t have an electrical background. 

FAQs about Hiboy S2 Speed Pro Hack

Can I remove the speed limiter on Hiboy S2 Pro?

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter is factory-speed-limited and as such, there is no wire that can be cut to unlock it.

Again, there is currently no custom firmware that can be used to remove the speed limiter on a Hiboy S2 Pro scooter. 

What is the best Hiboy S2 Pro Speed Hack?

The best way to unlock the Hiboy S2 Pro scooter is by swapping out its stock electrical components and replacing them with new ones.

You need to ensure that these components are compatible, though. 

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