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The Holiday Car Wash Club Subscription Explained

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Key Takeaways

  • Holiday Car Wash Club offers unlimited washes for a monthly fee.
  • Multiple plans available, including Basic, Deluxe, The Works, and The Works Plus.
  • Membership benefits: savings, unlimited access, easy maintenance, and automated billing.
  • Single car per subscription; no commitment period, cancel anytime.

What Is the Holiday Car Wash Club?

The Holiday Car Wash Club is a subscription-based service offered by Holiday gas stations in the Northern United States.

Instead of paying a fee every time you get your car washed, you pay a monthly fee and receive unlimited washes throughout the month.

Who Is the Membership For?

While the Holiday Car Wash Club is an attractive deal, it’s certainly not for everyone.

For instance, if you choose to use public transportation and rarely take your car out of the garage, it won’t get dirty enough to justify the subscription.

On the other hand, if you park outside or use your car for apps like Uber, you’ll benefit from the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the membership.

How to Sign Up for a Membership

To sign up for the Holiday Car Wash Club, you’ll first have to go to a Holiday gas station where they offer Wash Club services.

Once you’re there, go to the kiosk, ask to sign up, and choose a membership plan that best suits your budget and needs. You’ll then receive a sticker to display on your windshield.

Lastly, open their website in your browser or download the Holiday app and create an account to complete the registration process.

Holiday Car Wash Club Packages

The Holiday Car Wash Club offers four plans. Evaluate your needs and decide which one best suits them.

Also, there are two types of car wash memberships available at Holiday: Express, in which you pay per individual car wash, and Unlimited, where you only pay once a month.

a screenshot of the holiday car wash club pricing table

Basic Plan

This is the most affordable plan, and it’s for those who prioritize having a clean-looking exterior without necessarily caring too much about the finer details.

The basic plan includes a single-pass, high-impact pressure wash, a spot-free rinse, and a drying cycle.

It costs $7 per wash for Express members and comes out to $19.99 per month for Unlimited members.

Deluxe Plan

Unfortunately, Unlimited members don’t have access to the Deluxe plan. It’s only available for Express members and costs $8 per wash; you can’t get unlimited Deluxe washes.

The Deluxe plan gives your car a more thorough cleaning compared to the Basic plan. It starts with a 2-step presoak, followed by a high-impact single-pass wash.

Afterward, a clear coat protectant is applied, and then the car gets a spot-free rinse and is dried off.

The Works Plan

If a simple wash isn’t enough, go for The Works, where your car gets thoroughly detailed for $29.99 per month or $9 per wash.

The car gets a 2-step presoak, a double-pass high-impact wash, and a tri-color treatment, which is foamy paint and a clear coat protectant.

Then you get a tire and undercarriage cleaning, a power side blast, and a clear coat protectant is applied. Lastly, a spot-free rinse and a drying cycle.

The Works Plus Plan

The Works Plus is the premium membership plan at Holiday. It costs $10 per wash for Express members and a monthly fee of $39.99 for Unlimited members.

This plan offers all the services from The Works plan, sugarcoating them with an additional UltraShine or ProMax sealant feature.

Benefits of Joining the Holiday Car Wash Club

Here are a few reasons why joining the Holiday Car Wash Club might be to your advantage.

1. Saving Money

If you like getting your car washed more than four or five times a month, you’ll find that the Holiday Car Wash Club’s flat monthly fee saves you a fortune compared to paying for each car wash separately.

2. Unlimited Access

Holiday Car Wash Club members enjoy unlimited access to Holiday’s car wash franchise. This lets you wash your car as many times per day as you want without incurring any additional fees.

3. Easy Maintenance

Much like an oil change, tire pressure checkups, and brake fluid checks are necessary maintenance steps to preserve the value of your car, so too is keeping its paint clean and in good condition.

With a Holiday membership, keeping your car clean has never been easier, since all you have to do is drive into the automatic car wash, and you’re out the other side in a few moments.

4. Automated Billing

When you pay the monthly fee of the Holiday Car Wash Club, there’s no waiting in line to pay or having to talk to workers.

You don’t even have to roll your windows down. You also don’t have to worry about whether you have your cash or your credit card on you.

Is the Holiday Wash Club Worth it?

Overall, a Holiday Wash Club membership is worth paying for, as long as you use the service regularly. Otherwise, you’re essentially paying for a service that you aren’t getting a benefit in return from.

A car wash subscription offers substantial benefits including convenience, cost savings (when used enough), and a personalized experience.

I personally maintain a subscription on both of my family’s vehicles (Rocket Carwash, which is similar to Holiday Wash Club) because of the savings it offers.

It’s an even better deal if you use one pass for multiple vehicles, like many of my friends do. However, there are some ethical considerations to keep in mind while doing so – especially if sharing a pass is discouraged by the company.

My suggestion is to try out a car wash subscription. But… read the fine print!

Some carwash subscriptions are contract-based and lock you in for an extended period of time. Similar to some gym memberships, these are hard to cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use the Subscription to Wash More Than One Car?

No, the Holiday Car Wash Club authorizes one car per subscription. If you own multiple cars, you’ll have to get a separate membership sticker for each one.

Is There a Minimum Commitment Period to the Membership?

You don’t have to agree to a minimum commitment period when signing up for the Holiday Car Wash Club. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you feel like the services provided don’t satisfy your needs.

Are There Restrictions On the Type of Vehicle Eligible for the Subscription?

The rules can vary from one Holiday car wash to another as to which car types are eligible. Generally speaking, however, most standard vehicles, like sedans, SUVs, and trucks, are eligible.

On the other hand, oversized vehicles, specialty vehicles, and vehicles with certain modifications may not be eligible.

Final Thoughts

The Holiday Car Wash Club allows you to pay a monthly fee for unlimited car washes instead of paying each separately, which is highly convenient if you need your car frequently cleaned for personal or business use.

To sign up for a membership and start raking up savings, go to a Holiday gas station and choose one of the four plans: Basic, Deluxe, The Works, or The Works Plus.

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