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How To Become A HopSkipDrive Driver [Step-By-Step]

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Key Takeaways

  • Must be 23+, with 5 years caregiving experience, including 2 with kids.
  • Requires background checks, vehicle inspection, and multi-step certification process.
  • Earn up to $50 per ride, with weekly direct deposit payments.
  • Independent contractor status allows flexible scheduling and ride management.

HopSkipDrive is a ridesharing platform designed to help kids and teens get around safely. Parents and guardians on busy schedules can benefit from the service in helping their kids get home to and from school, piano lessons, and gym classes.

As someone who doesn’t mind chauffeuring kids around, let’s see what it takes for you to be a HopSkipDrive driver and what you can expect while working on the platform.

What Are the Requirements to Become a HopSkipDrive Driver?

As you’d expect, the requirements for being such a children-oriented mobility service are quite strict. To be a CareDriver on HopSkipDrive, you must meet the following:

  • Be at least 23 years old
  • At least 5 years of caregiving experience, including at least 2 years with kids
  • A valid driver’s license
  • A good driving record
  • At least 3 years of driving experience
  • Undergo a multi-agency background check, including fingerprinting
  • A four-door vehicle not older than 10 years, capable of seating between 4 and 7 passengers
  • Proof of insurance consistent with state regulations

What Are the Steps to Becoming a HopSkipDrive Driver?

Before you can become certified and, hence, able to claim rides on HopSkipDrive, you have to complete these steps:

  1. Sign up to become a CareDriver on their website, where you’ll have to submit a form with your basic information and answer questions regarding your driving experience.
  2. Submit your documents, including your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration.
  3. Complete an online orientation where the HopSkipDrive team will review and approve your documentation and explain the platform’s mode of operation.
  4. Complete background checks and a 19-point vehicle safety inspection.
  5. Have your certification approved and be invited on a final call where you can ask any additional questions or concerns before getting ready to claim your first ride.

Because of HopSkipDrive’s rigorous background checks compared to platforms like Uber and Lyft, the full certification process can take between 25 and 60 days to complete.

The average duration of the certification process varies from state to state, with the shortest being in Washington and the lengthiest being in Nevada.

After getting certified, the next step is to download the mobile app, through which you can accept or decline rides per their availability and track young riders.

When you’ve created your account and set a password, you’ll have to set up a direct deposit to get paid. Afterward, you’ll have to print a copy of HopSkipDrive’s insurance certificate.

How Much Do You Earn on HopSkipDrive?

As a CareDriver, you can earn up to $50 per ride, which makes HopSkipDrive more lucrative for gig workers than popular platforms like Uber and Lyft.

Your driver fee is made up of a base fare, including extra payments for longer trips. Some rides may also be eligible for promotions and fare boosts, which can increase your total earnings.

Base fares aren’t fixed but instead vary based on location. If there are any promotions or fare boosts on your trip, you’ll be able to see them on Available Rides in the app.

Before each ride, you’ll be able to view estimated earnings, which will be your minimum payout if you accept the ride.

If your ride is at least 5 minutes longer than the estimated ride duration, your earnings will go up. Your earnings will also increase if the time you spend on the ride is more than the base fare threshold for your location.

How to Receive Payments

HopSkipDrive pays its CareDrivers each Wednesday via direct deposit. To receive payments:

  1. Launch the CareDriver portal.
  2. Log in with your CareDriver details.
  3. Complete the online form with your bank account details and Social Security number.
  4. Review HopSkipDrive’s terms and conditions, and click “I accept” to proceed.
  5. Select “Update Bank Details” to save your bank account information.

How Do HopSkipDrive Rides Work?

As a CareDriver, you work as an independent contractor rather than a full employee. While this eliminates access to employee benefits, you have the advantage of working at your schedule and convenience.

And so when you’re on a ride, the HopSkipDrive mobile app is your go-to tool. Below, we’ll explain how you can give and cancel rides to children and teens.

Accepting Ride Requests

To begin a ride, you have to first check in on the app. As there are riders waiting for you, it’s important to signify your availability to arrive on schedule.

[Tutorial: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/YBzqwNzWd5WLdePkasMTX3]

To view the available rides, click “Check for Available Rides” on the home screen. You can apply any of these search filters:

  • Rides near
  • Commute distance
  • Top earning routes
  • Pickup time

While claiming a ride, you’ll be able to see your estimated fare, estimated duration, mileage, the number of riders on the trip, and if the ride qualifies for a boost or promotion.

HopSkipDrive ensures the safety of its riders with a special code word used to confirm your identity as a driver. The code word is visible on the page when you initially accept an order. When you arrive at the destination, you have to confirm the code word with the rider before they can ride with you.

During the Ride

During the ride, you should check that any riders using booster seats are properly strapped in, with their seat belts buckled.

Use the map to navigate to the dropoff location and check the notes for any special instructions on how and where to drop off the rider.

Some riders carry a “Must be met at dropoff” tag in the notes. This indicates that you must drop them off with an adult.

After successfully dropping off a rider, click on “Confirm dropoff.” At the end of the ride, you can give feedback on your experience on the ride and the rider’s behavior. 

Canceling Ride Requests

If you cancel any rides within 24 hours of the scheduled pickup time, it’s considered a last-minute cancellation and counts toward your cancellation rate.

As part of a rating system known as the CareDriver Success Card, HopSkipDrive provides its drivers with information about how their driving is going. It includes information about your driving habits, including how often you cancel rides.

A high cancellation rate could get your account suspended, as HopSkipDrive is particular about providing its riders with timely, safe, and predictable rides.

To cancel claimed rides scheduled to begin in 90 minutes or less, you have to contact support at 844-HOP-SKIP (467-7547).

If the ride is scheduled to begin in at least 90 minutes, here are the steps to cancel:

  1. Launch the mobile app and open the side menu.
  2. Select “My Rides.”
  3. Select the ride you want to cancel.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Cancel this trip.”
  5. Confirm the ride cancellation on the next screen.
  6. Choose an apt reason for the cancellation.
  7. Click on “Finish Cancellation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Vehicle Branding for HopSkipDrive?

According to legal requirements in most states, you have to display two HopSkipDrive stickers, preferably on the bottom right of your front and rear windshields.

Is Having a Booster Seat Compulsory?

You may choose to have booster seats in your car to accommodate toddlers better. In each ride request that comes in on the app, you can see if the riders require one and then accept or decline it.

You can add a booster seat profile to your car by submitting the relevant form with details and an uploaded picture of the seat.

Wrapping Up

HopSkipDrive is a safety-first mobility service provider for busy parents, guardians, caregivers, schools, and other organizations. This makes the signup process more rigorous than regular ridesharing platforms.

Still, the benefits are tremendous. The clientele is less likely to cause any trouble, and the pay rates are higher than Uber and Lyft.

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