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Hopskipdrive Promo Code

As an adult, using car sharing services is relatively safe and easy with tracking technology and apps.

But what if are a parent needing someone to pick up your son at school while you are delayed in another city?

What about a teenager needing a way to get to work but having no transportation?

The lack of safe, reliable transportation should not stand in the way of youth reaching their potential.

HopSkipDrive can help.

This rideshare service can get your kid where they need to be while you track in real time.

What is HopSkipDrive?

Families are busy.

The founders of HopSkipDrive have firsthand experienced the struggle of getting kids where they need to be when they need to be there, all while working outside the home.

Out of this struggle, HopSkipDrive was born.

HopSkipDrive is a transportation company making a difference for families by providing safe, trackable rides for children.

They are a company driven by a mission that revolves around safety, empowering individuals and communities, and making the future better for the children and families they serve.

HopSkipDrive has partnered with many nonprofits, school districts, and counties to make sure every child can connect with opportunities.

Their CareDrivers must go through an extensive vetting process that includes childcare experience.

Working with more than 13K schools, HopSkipDrive has safely driven over 1.4 million children over 20 million miles.

They are constantly expanding their services areas.

Some of the markets HopSkipDrive operates in include San Francisco and Bay Area, San Diego and other communities in California.

They also have services in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Spokane, Settle, D.C., and more.

How Does HopSkipDrive Work?

Similar to other car sharing services, customers can request a single ride or schedule recurring rides easily.

HopSkipDrive is more than a safe ride.

Their high-quality drivers also make well versed in putting children at ease and building a relationship with them.

It’s like getting a ride with your favorite babysitter.

To request a ride, you would use the HopSkipDrive app or website just like any other ridesharing service.

You can schedule a one-time fare or request a recurring service.

They have made it very simple to use.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Select a time and date up to eight hours in advance.  For morning rides, you need to schedule by 7 pm the evening before.
  2. Select the HopSkipDrive products and services your famly needs
  3. Get matched with an experienced, fully vetted CareDriver. You will be able to see their photo, credentials, and the type of vehicle.
  4. Enter payment information by following the prompts on the scene. Don’t forget to apply a HopSkipDrive coupon or discount code to save money.
  5. For peace of mind, you will receive real-time updates to know exactly when your kids are during the entire trip, start to finish via their Safe Ride Support system.

How Can You Pay for HopSkipDrive?

HopSkipDrive does take multiple forms of payment.

Including most credit cards and debit cards connected to established banks.

Once you create an account, you will be prompted to set up your method of payment at that time.

Parent users, called Organizers, can expect to be charged a variety of fees for the service.

The fees are reasonable in that they revolve around expenses that could incur during a trip.

Tolls, damages, wait time over 10 minutes all could be added to the tab.

See their payment policy for more detail.

Occasionally, an item could be left behind.

Charges may be applied to return the item if the driver must drive somewhere to do so in order to compensate for time and vehicle expenses.

Currently, the app doesn’t support tipping the driver.

Other arrangements can be made to between the CareDriver and the Organizers of the the rides.

Does HopSkipDrive Offer Promo Codes?

HopSkipDrive coupon codes are available to get you a deal.

You can apply codes to your ride request using either the app or the website.

The prompt to enter the promo code information will be on the last booking page.

There are coupon codes for student discount and a HopSkipDrive military discount.

How to Find HopSkipDrive Promo Codes

You could google HopSkipDrive promo codes, but some of those codes may not be for current working coupons.

It is best to either go directly to the website or use a reputable coupon site such as DealSpotr or Green Promo Code.

HopSkipDrive Website

HopSkipDrive has promo codes on their website.

New accounts usually can get free first ride.

They also run discount codes throughout the year to current user organizers.

Know someone who could use a ride?

You can also purchase HopSkipDrive gift card to help a family get a HopSkipDrive ride.


DealSpotr builds partnerships with companies like HopSkipDrive to curate verified promo codes.

Simply click on the coupon for the promo code you want to redeem.

The next screen will give you the code and the option to copy with a click of a button.

This will make it easy to apply when you complete your order.

Green Promo Code

Green Promo Code site works similarly to DealSpotr, and they also strive to make sure the codes they offer are verified.

On this site, you will also click on the coupon and copy the HopSkipDrive code you want to apply for your ride.

Green Promo Code site has tips on how to use the coupon code and what to do if the code doesn’t work.

How To Apply HopSkipDrive Promo Codes

Now that you have found a promo code and copied the activation key, it is time to apply it to you ride.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Complete the pages for the ride request details.
  2. Set up your payment method.
  3. Apply the HopSkipDrive coupon code in the box provided on the last page for booking the ride, just above the submit button. Make sure you click the “Apply” button before submitting your request.

To Recap

HopSkipDrive is a ridesharing company catering to families needing a safe way to transport children to school, activities, and other events.

This service gives youth access to opportunities the youth may not have been able to participate in due to the lack of transportation.

The CareDrivers are vetted thoroughly to ensure safety of their precious cargo.

HopSkipDrive standards are incredibly high.

They have detailed procedures and policies clearly listed on their website.

These policies cover driver safety and regulations, vehicle maintenance, and childcare qualifications.

HopSkipDrive takes safety personally.

Safety includes sanitation and precautions to prevent expose to COVID and other illness spread through air and surfaces.

If you are a busy parent with active, talented kids who need to be at practices or event while you are at work, this is the solution you have been looking for.

Using a HopSkipDrive discount code families will see a savings not only with time but also of money.

HopSkipDrive products and select items could make attending summer activities less stressful and more available to working families.

Getting your kids back and forth will be a hop skip drive.

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