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How a 360 Degree Car Camera Works?

Last updated: May 30, 2021
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How a 360 Degree Car Camera Works

You can’t be too careful particularly when driving your brand new car around the block.  Skill is one thing, but having the right dashcam is a lifesaver and a 360-degree car camera will not only save your life, but your pocket as well. How a 360 Degree Car Camera Works?

With its help now you can have a full view of your surroundings, even the most common blind spots, so if you were having trouble parking, or getting out of your tight driveway, fear no more because the 360-degree car camera is here to help. 

In the next few minutes you are going to learn why the 360-degree car camera is the marvel of the automotive industry, how does it work and why do you need it?

How a 360 Degree Car Camera Works: Why do I need a 360 Degree Car Camera?

If you are commuting daily with your vehicle and you are having trouble parking or going through tight spots, then the 360-degree car camera will be of great use to you. 

Covering all of your blind spots and giving you an estimate of all your surroundings so you won’t have to be stressed about parking anymore. 

No one wants to ruin their car, but sometimes we are all reckless or maybe our mind is occupied and we hit the neighbors car, or the curb, but with the 360-degree camera, the chances of this happening are a lot lower.

How a 360 Degree Car Camera Works?

The 360-degree car camera works with a couple of cameras that are placed on a few spots on your car, one is on the bumper on the front, another one is on the bumper in the back, there’s one on the right side near the bumper and the left side as well. 

This gives you a full view of everything that is around your vehicle. 

The great thing about this type of camera is that it automatically switches, meaning if you go in reverse the camera on the back bumper is activated on your screen, while driving slowly ahead the camera on the front is shown on your screen. 

When near a curb, the camera on that side shows you how close you are so you won’t hit it. 

Another amazing feature is that once you enter traffic speed, the cameras are off to avoid distracting you from your driving.

The newest models of the 360-degree car cameras are very impressive, you can choose from a couple of viewing modes, you have a complete view from the top of your vehicle as if a drone is filming from above, and you can also move the camera for a more detailed view of any part of your vehicle.

The 360-degree car camera has a state of the art software to keep the images and recording running smoothly. It’s important for it to have an image correction, meaning it will make sure there’s no overlapping in objects in your view. 

The exposure is really important as well, this makes sure the lighting conditions match on every camera. 

Also, it needs to eliminate distortion of the images from the use of the wide-angle camera, so the images are clean and of high quality.

With this rate of software progressing we can expect so much more in the next couple of years.

How a 360 Degree Car Camera Works: How do I install my 360 Degree Car Camera?

There’re a few types of 360-degree car cameras on the market, and the best ones are the manufacturer’s installed ones, this we can say with certainty because the manufacturers spend a lot of time developing and positioning the cameras so you can have the best view of your car.

Now, if you want to buy a 360-degree car camera and install it yourself, you might not get the same view as a manufacturer’s one, but it is still a lot better than the basic cameras used for reversing. 

The kit includes a few cameras that you need to position and connect with the car’s infotainment system. 

You are going to get instructions from the aftermarket camera kit and you might need some basic car knowledge, but it’s not too difficult for you to install it yourself.

How a 360 Degree Car Camera Works: What are the best 360 Degree Car Cameras on the market?

With all the technological advancements in the last couple of years there are a lot of great cameras on the market, but here are our suggestions for you to consider.

  • 360 Bird View Panoramic System
  • Rexing V1P 3rd Generation
  • Z-Edge Camera
  • Nextbase 312GW

Some of the best 360-degree car cameras are included when you buy a new car, every manufacturer has produced a high-quality camera, in our humble opinion here are the best manufacturers-made 360-degree car cameras.

  • Mercedes Benz, surround view system
  • Mazda, 360 viewing monitor
  • Volvo, 360 degrees surround view
  • Chevrolet, surround view
  • Audi, Top view camera with surround view

Wrap up

We tried to point out everything you need to know about how a 360-degree car camera works, and why you need it.

If you are in the market for a new one, you can keep our suggestions in consideration, or as a reminder, if you already have a manufacturer’s installed camera it’s important to know how useful it can be and why you should use it.

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