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Most people fill up on gas at least once per week.

Driving to work and social activities, especially with in-town driving that drains more of your tank than highway mileage, means keeping an eye on the gas gauge and being prepared to fill at any time in your weekly schedule.

A cross-country road trip sometimes means several fill-ups at the station within just one day!

GetUpside has capitalized on this necessity by offering an easy cashback opportunity.

Users can save money with cents-per-gallon incentives by logging into the app and visiting specific locations.

But frequenting gas stations isn’t the only way to save.

In this GetUpside review and guide, we’ll cover how you can get a cashback reward for running various types of errands.

Read on for help to access this helpful app so you can save money ASAP!

What Is GetUpside?

GetUpside is an app you download on your phone that shows you offers for nearby businesses.

When you get gas, make restaurant purchases, or go grocery shopping, you can choose the specific locations on the app for a cashback perk.

The money goes into an account on the app, which you can eventually transfer to PayPal or credit as a gift card towards another business.

GetUpside was founded in 2016 and now boasts upwards of 30 million users.

With offices in Chicago, Washington, and Austin, the company has 200 employees.

GetUpside began as a gas app, but it now also incorporates food offers, such as grocery stores and restaurants.

How Does GetUpside Work?

GetUpside uses your phone, location, and payment info to determine where you are and match you with nearby offers.

Once you redeem the offers, the company deposits cash into your account.

Participating Stores on the GetUpside App

As a phone user who downloaded the app, you get a financial advantage when receiving cashback for your purchases.

But who else benefits?

The businesses who partner with GetUpside!

For example, you may typically fill up on gas at your local grocery store because of the membership card rewards.

However, if you go to BP or Speedway instead because you saw there are cashback rewards on the GetUpside app, that gas station gets a new customer as a result of you patronizing their service when you may not have otherwise.

There are currently over 30,000 businesses partnered with GetUpside.

Below are a few examples:

Gas Stations

GetUpside currently partners with BP, Shell, Sunoco, Valero, Phillips 66, Mobil, Marathon, Exxon, Circle K, and Chevron.

Grocery Stores

GetUpside currently partners with Carlie C’s, Streets Market, GW, Gelson’s, Vicente Foods, Cardenas, Lunds & Byerlys, and Woodman’s Markets.

There may be more according to your location.


The list of restaurants GetUpside partners with varies widely by location.

Chains include Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa John’s, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Qdoba, Wendy’s, and Burger King.

How Much Can You Make on GetUpside?

There’s no limit to your potential earnings on the GetUpside cashback app.

If you use it every day and get cashback on every one of your purchases, the app will still let you redeem all of them.

Bonus: you can still use other coupons, business rewards, and loyalty programs at the same time to save money.

Keep in mind that just because GetUpside advertises “up to” 25 cents cash back per gallon, that isn’t true for every gas station on the app.

Most offer between 3 and 11 cents on the gallon, and the cashback amount varies with location and service.

Is the GetUpside App Legit?

Yes, this app can really save you money!

Users sometimes get hundreds of dollars from their cashback rewards.

Remember that the amount earned varies depending on how many offers you claim and how often you shop.

How to Sign up for GetUpside

GetUpside is available for download in the App Store (for iPhone users) and the Google Play Store (for Android).

You need to have an email address tied to the GetUpside account.

About the GetUpside Referral Program

Go to the top left corner of your app’s main menu.

Click on the three horizontal lines, then “Free Gas.”

This selection will direct you to your referral code, which you can share with family and friends to earn more cashback.

There are one-time bonuses, plus cashback for every time they use the app in the future.

How to Sign up for GetUpside [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

  • Download the free GetUpside app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • According to the app’s prompts, connect your email account and a credit card or debit card.
  • Now you can start claiming offers and receiving cash back into your GetUpside account.

How to Use GetUpside

Before earning cashback rewards, you must have a credit card or debit card linked to your account—this way, the app tracks where you spend money to match you with specific cashback offers.

Once you have established your payment information and successfully linked your card, follow these steps to use GetUpside and enjoy your rewards.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a phone for a "how does getupside work" post on ridester.com

Earning Rewards

First, claim your offer.

Let the app determine your location, then search for what type of business you want within the map window.

Choose “Claim Offer” to pursue the cashback at any given site.

The app will even ask if you need directions to the business locale.

Keep in mind that once you’ve claimed an offer, you have four hours to make your purchase.

The next step is to spend some money.

Using your credit card or debit card, shop as you would at the gas station, restaurant, or grocery store of your choice.

Make sure to get a receipt!

If you have a credit card or debit card linked, the app should be able to tell your location and do this part for you.

For some businesses, though, you will need to upload your receipt to the app so it can scan for the necessary info to grant you cashback.

Viewing Earned Rewards

You’ll see a dollar-and-cents amount displayed at the top right corner of the app’s main screen.

Click that figure to see your Earnings Balance.

Cashing Out

Under the Earnings Balance is a list of businesses, such as restaurant chains and home-improvement stores.

These are the places you can get digital gift cards if you choose not to deposit your cash into your PayPal account.

You may simply transfer the money to PayPal or your bank for use as regular debit funds.

An icon with three horizontal lines is also at the top left of the app’s main page.

Clicking on this brings up a list of options, the third being “Cash Out.”

Select that option to view your earnings balance and list of digital gift card businesses available.

How Long Does It Take to Get Money From GetUpside?

For most offers, you will see the money in your account within a few days.

It may take as long as a week for the claim to process.

You will get an email when the cashback hits your account, and there’s also the option to be notified via phone with a text alert.

How Long Does It Take to Cash Out?

It may take as long as three days for you to see the GetUpside cashback in your PayPal or bank account.

The digital gift card most likely processes sooner.

Keep in mind that weekends and bank holidays will delay the process further.

Does GetUpside Money Expire?

For the most part, the cash sits in your account until you transfer it.

But if your GetUpside account is inactive for six months, your money will expire and disappear.

GetUpside deems an account inactive when the user doesn’t redeem any offers or earn any rewards on their purchases.

Secondly, if GetUpside considers you in violation of their Terms of Service for any reason at their discretion, they may terminate your account.

Of course, such action would cause you to lose your cashback rewards balance.

What Is the Catch with GetUpside?

There isn’t any financial catch.

If you follow the app’s directions (claim offer, use credit card/debit card to make a purchase), you will see cashback in your account.

There’s also no catch for businesses – the participating gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores on GetUpside benefit from you visiting them over their local competitors.

Though not a “catch,” there is minimal extra time involved when using GetUpside.

You must be willing to search for local gas stations and drive to their specific locations rather than simply turning into the nearest one.

How Does the GetUpside App Make Money?

GetUpside receives affiliate bonuses from their partnered businesses for the advantage of exposure to new customers on the app.

When a user makes a purchase from a linked company, that business then pays GetUpside for the referral.

GetUpside Data Mining

Just like any cashback app, GetUpside utilizes collected info from its users.

The application uses the following data points:

  • Credit card purchase locations
  • Shopping preferences
  • Tendencies towards certain products or types of businesses
  • Location info

The company then compiles this info to provide a more personalized shopping experience, helping the user find what they want faster and introducing them to affiliate businesses.

Users can also log into GetUpside through social media, which comes with permissions to retrieve the same sort of info from the user.

Is the GetUpside App Worth It?

If you’re willing to put in a few minutes of extra time when you get gas or make restaurant purchases, you could see some decent cash pile up within a few weeks or months.

The more gallons you fill, the more cashback you’ll see.

Of course, this depends on how often you take advantage of the app’s offers.

If you’re someone who rarely drives and doesn’t eat out, then GetUpside is probably not for you, as you’d only see a few cents show up in your account here and there.

However, if you are constantly on the road—for example, if you’re a rideshare driver—this app could give you a new way to earn some extra cash.

Wrapping Up

With quick download and usage instructions, an extremely user-friendly interface, and personalized shopping offers, the GetUpside app is an excellent opportunity for shoppers to save money and businesses to promote their location.

GetUpside uses data mining and location info to connect users with businesses that may not otherwise receive their purchases.

For shoppers willing to take a few extra minutes to search the app for what they need, it’s easy to access cashback and save on everyday items.

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