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How To Change Drivers License: The Easiest Way

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We are always looking for something better, and moving from one home to another, or one state to another is something everyone does. Maybe it’s because you got the job you always wanted, or the home you always wanted, or simply you just love living in that other city, but there’s one thing you should not forget when moving and that is changing your driver’s license. In the next couple of paragraphs, you are going to learn how to change your driver’s license the easiest way, we included everything you need to know and some pro tips that we consider are a must-know.

How To Change Drivers License: Steps On The Easiest Way Possible

How To Change Drivers License

Almost everyone knows what needs to be done to change your driver’s license, but we prepared a few steps for you to follow so you can do it the easiest way. Let’s start.

Step 1: Gathering Paperwork

How To Change Drivers License: Paperwork

The first and maybe most important thing you need to do is gather your paperwork, and you have to do it the right way. When you head down to the DPS you are going to need some documents to show so the change goes smoothly. First off, you are going to need an identification card to show who you are, and also you are going to have to bring the old driver’s license to surrender to the employees. Besides the ID card and the old driver’s license, you are also going to need proof of your US Citizenship, or if you are not from the US you are going to need a paper showing your lawful presence in the USA.

Most of the steps depend on which state you are in, and to which state you are changing your driver’s license. With this, you are also going to need proof of the state’s residency. Bring your social security number, some states have it as required documentation you must have. Your old driver’s license must be surrendered to the DPS, with this you are going to avoid retaking the driver’s tests.

You also need a valid vehicle registration, or if you don’t own a vehicle you are going to have to sign a statement saying you currently don’t own any vehicles. The insurance paper from the vehicle you own, if you don’t own any then you don’t have to worry about the insurance paper. An application you are going to have to download from the state’s website, they are easy to find and easy to download.  You are also going to need some cash for the application fee.

Step 2: Go to the DPS

Now, of course, you are going to have to go to the DPS and give the application to the employees. The easiest way is to find the closest location of a DPS building and get there early. The DPS functions on a first come first served basis, so if there are a lot of people in the line in front of you, you are going to have to wait a while. We suggest going a few minutes before their opening time, this way you are going to avoid waiting. Most DPS buildings are free to walk in, so you can just park and follow the signs to the department you need.

Step 3:Get your new driver’s license

Depending on the state, but most of the states sent you the new driver’s license via mail. They will provide you with papers that show you are waiting for your new driver’s license that you can use if a policeman stops you.

In some states, you are going to have to take a vision test. There’s nothing to worry about it’s a basic test showing your vision isn’t impaired or drastically changed since you passed your driver’s exam. That’s about it, if you did all of these steps, well congratulations now you have successfully changed your driver’s license the easiest way possible.

What happens if you are a teenager who needs to change his driver’s license?

How To Change Drivers License

You might face some different requirements than the ones we mentioned previously. If you are under eighteen and you have to change your driver’s license because you are moving to a new state you might have some more obligations. 

Some of the states require the person to retake the specific state driver’s education before they can get a learning permit or even a driver’s license. Nothing to be scared about, there are regular tests, slightly different from the ones you passed in your country if you need some materials or even tests to practice you can find a lot of them online.


What if your driver’s license is expired?

The thing about going to change your driver’s license while your original one is expired is going to be more complicated than you think. In some states, if you want to change your driver’s license while your original one is expired they will consider your original one not valid, meaning you are going to have to pass the same exams as you did the first time. This includes a vision test, a written exam, and of course a driving test.

What if you have foreign licenses?

If you are moving in from a different country, there are some more things you need to do before you start driving. The great thing is that some states allow people from different countries to be considered as they are moving in from a different state in the US. This means you will get your driver’s license changed in no time. If you have an international driver’s permit then things would be quite easier for you, you will be able to drive your vehicle and then change your driver’s license within a year.

Tips from the Professionals

Here are some tips that everyone should know to make the change easier.

  • Get your car inspected. You should always get your car inspected before going to the DPS.
  • Get to the office a few minutes before they open. In order to avoid waiting in long lines and spending half of your day at the DPS, get there fifteen minutes before they open.
  • Have a couple of hundred dollars in your pocket. I know everyone uses cards nowadays, but there’s a 3% fee if you pay with your card, if you want to spend less then paying in cash is 3% cheaper.
  • In some countries, you can get in line virtually. All you have to do is put your phone number on the DPS website and select the closest location. Then they are going to tell you when you should come in. This way you don’t have to be in line, you can just sit at home watching TV or stay at work a little longer.
  • Bring acceptable forms of identification. The DPS is really strict when it comes to identification, they only accept original forms of identification. We suggest bringing your passport, original birth certificate, your state-issued ID, or even your military photo ID. Also, keep in mind that the original form of identification must not be expired.

How To Change Drivers License: Conclusion

In these couple of hundred words, we tried to give you the easy route from this mandatory experience. Since now you know what to expect and you know the shortcuts to help you get through this faster and smoothly, you can’t get surprised or sent back to get more documentation or wait in line the whole day when you don’t have to. 

Now, changing your driver’s license is going to be as easy as it gets. 

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