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How To Delete A Lyft Account: 3 Easy Methods In 2023

Have you decided that it’s time to delete your Lyft account? We'll show you how to do so, step-by-step, using 3 simple methods.

Key Takeaways

  • Reason for Deletion: Users might delete their Lyft account for various personal reasons, such as reduced usage or preference for other services.
  • Account Deletion: Deleting a Lyft account stops login activities but doesn’t erase all user data.
  • Data Retention: Lyft keeps certain personal data even after account deletion.
  • Deletion Process: Contact Lyft Support to delete your account and unsubscribe from emails separately if needed.

How To Delete Your Lyft Account on a Desktop

The process that works for deleting your Lyft account on a desktop works the same if you use a laptop or tablet. It also works for deleting a Lyft ride account or a Lyft driver account.

1. Contact Lyft Support

You can do this by sending an email to support@lyft.com, but the easiest way is to visit the Lyft Support Page.

Once you’re on the page, you should see the following form prompting you to create a new support request:

How to Delete Your Lyft Account

You’ll need to enter the email address and phone number associated with your Lyft account, as well as a subject for your request (something simple such as “Deleting my account” will be fine).

You’ll then need to choose to delete your account under “What can we help you with?”

To do this, click on the arrow to the right of the box and then click on “Profile and account settings.”

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Profile and account settings

Then, click on “Delete my account or unsubscribe.”

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Delete account

Finally, click on “Delete my account.”

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Delete my account

2. Explain Why You’re Deleting Your Account

Once you’ve followed the steps above, you should see a form that looks something like the following:

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Description

You’ll need to fill out the “Description” field with an explanation of why you want to delete your account.

You don’t need to provide a long or detailed reason. Something as simple as “I no longer want to use the service” will suffice.

Once you’ve filled out the description of why you’re leaving Lyft, just click the checkbox next to “I’m not a robot” and then hit “Submit.”

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Submit

3. Wait for a Response

After you submit your support request, you should receive a response within a couple days confirming that your account has been deleted.

If you don’t hear anything, you can send an email to support@lyft.com to inquire.

How To Delete Your Lyft Account on a Mobile Device

The process works the same on a mobile device.

  • On your phone, open up your favorite browser.
  • Visit Lyft’s Privacy Data page.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter the verification number texted to your phone by Lyft.
  • Click the “Start” button underneath the “Delete account” heading.
  • Select a reason under the “Tell us why you’re leaving” heading. You’ll see the same options as stated in the above process for deleting an account with a desktop.
  • Enter the word “Delete” into the box provided.
  • Click on the “Delete account’ button.

Tip: Check Your Data First

Before deleting your Lyft account, consider downloading your account data.

To do this, go to the Privacy Data page, where you can also initiate the account deletion process. Start by clicking the “Start” button under “Download data,” then select “Request.”

Lyft will compile your data and send it to your email in a document called “DataDictionary,” which explains the file types and information. It’s advisable to wait until you receive this email before deleting your account, as you cannot request data after account deletion.

This precaution ensures you don’t lose your data if there’s an issue on Lyft’s end.

Why Delete Your Lyft Account?

There are many reasons why you might want to delete your Lyft account.

  • You’re not using Lyft as much as you thought you would.
  • You only signed up for a limited time, and your time is up.
  • You’re moving to a new city and don’t want to take your account with you.
  • You found another ride service that you like better.
  • You’re deleting the account of a family who recently passed away.

What Happens When You Delete Your Lyft Account?

When you delete your Lyft account, your login activity is permanently disabled, preventing both you and potential hackers from accessing the account.

However, Lyft retains certain personal information according to its privacy policy.

This data may include your name, email address, phone number, payment methods, account photo, Facebook profile information (if used for sign-up), customer service and driver communication threads, device information, ride reviews and ratings, address book contacts, location data, and ride history details.

Although the account deletion is irreversible, meaning you can’t reuse the same account, Lyft still holds onto this data. If you wish to use Lyft services again in the future, you’ll need to create a new account.

How To Unsubscribe and Delete Lyft Memberships

You should cancel any Lyft membership before deleting the account. The best place to delete a subscription is from your Lyft rider app.

The process explained below works for Lyft Pink or any other membership type.

  • Open your Lyft app.
  • Tap on “Settings.”
  • Scroll to “Subscriptions.”
  • Tap on “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Tap on the confirmation link Lyft shows you on the next page.

How to Unsubscribe from All Lyft Emails

Deleting your Lyft account will not automatically unsubscribe you from Lyft promotional emails.

After all, the company wants to do everything they can to win you back as a customer, including sending you discounts in exchange for joining the service again.

If you’re not interested in receiving these emails (which we assume you aren’t if you deleted your account), then you’ll need to submit a separate support request to unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe, first go to the “Submit a request” page on Lyft’s website, which you can find here.

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Unsubscribe from emails

After filling in your email, subject and phone number, click on “Profile and account settings” as the response to “What can we help you with?”

Delete Your Lyft Account: Profile and account settings

Then, click on “Delete account or unsubscribe.”

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Unsubscribe

Finally, click on “Unsubscribe from emails.”

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Unsubscribe from emails

Once you’ve selected that, you should see a form similar to the following:

How to Delete Your Lyft Account: Unsubscribe from emails description

Fill in the “Description” field with whatever makes sense, confirm you’re not a robot and then click “Submit.”

This will initiate the process of unsubscribing you from all Lyft emails.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Lyft notes that the process of unsubscribing you can take up to 10 days, so don’t be surprised if you receive additional emails from the company before that time has passed.

Of course, if you don’t want to receive any of the emails from the company in the meantime, you can always mark their emails as spam (though there’s nothing to stop you from doing that even without deleting your account).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have two Lyft accounts?

No, Lyft only allows one account per person. Creating multiple accounts is against their terms of service and may result in account deactivation.

How long does it take to delete a Lyft account?

Deleting a Lyft account may take up to 45 days to fully process, as stated on Lyft’s account deletion help page. During this period, the account cannot be used or accessed. If any issues arise in deleting the account, Lyft will notify you in writing.

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