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How to Delete Your Uber Account (for Riders and Drivers)

How to Delete Your Uber Account (for Riders and Drivers)

Last updated: May 25, 2021
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Uber is a powerful service. Whether you use the platform as a rider to help you get around town or as a driver to help you earn extra money, the economic and cultural impact of Uber has been immense. The company has revolutionized personal transportation, changing the expectations people have about how to get a ride.

However, there could come a time when you want to sever your ties with the Uber service. Whether it’s for ethical reasons (you dislike the company’s business practices) or simply because you don’t need the service (perhaps you moved to a place where they don’t operate), you’re ready to delete your account.

In this guide, we’ll show you the exact steps to take to delete your Uber account. This way, you can be sure that your data is safely deleted and that you understand the full implications of deleting your account. The information below will apply whether you’re a driver or a rider.

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Why You’d Want to Delete Your Uber Account

There are lots of reasons you might find yourself wanting to delete your Uber account. To start, maybe the service no longer fills the need it originally did. Perhaps you used Uber to get around because you didn’t have a car or didn’t live somewhere with good public transportation. If either of these circumstances were to change, you might find yourself no longer needing the service. In this case, keeping your account open could represent just one extra place your personal information exists online, one you’d rather not have open.

On the other hand, you might want to delete your account because you’re unhappy with the way the company is running its business. Perhaps the incident with Uber’s self-driving vehicle killing a pedestrian was a sign the company had gone too far. Or, perhaps you think Uber has gotten too big and no longer cares for its customers in the way it did when it was a small start-up.

Whatever your reasons, deleting your Uber account is something you should be able to do without lots of hassle or back and forth with Uber customer service. It should just be a matter of hitting a few buttons. Most of the time, it is that simple, though there are some special considerations to keep in mind. We’ll discuss those in the next section.

Deleting the Uber App vs Deleting Your Uber Account

You might think that deleting the Uber app is sufficient to delete your account. However, this isn’t the case. When you tap Delete, all you’re doing is removing that specific copy of the Uber app from your phone’s storage. All your account information still exists on Uber’s servers, and you can still sign into your Uber account online.

To completely delete your Uber account, you’ll have to take a couple more steps. Of course, it’s worth considering if you really need to delete your Uber account to get the results you want. It might not even be necessary.

If you’re just frustrated with the quantity of emails and notifications that Uber is sending you, you can simply adjust your settings to receive fewer (or none, outside of those necessary for ride transactions). Learn how to disable email and text notifications here.

How to Delete Your Uber Rider Account

Okay, so you’ve decided that you do want to delete your Uber account. You want your phone number, payment info, and other personal information gone from Uber’s system, and you have no interest in using the app ever again (except through creating a new account).

In this case, you’ll need to initiate the account deletion process. The steps are a bit different for riders and drivers, so we’ll start by looking at how to delete your Uber rider account. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow for total account deletion:

Step 1: Visit the Uber rider account deletion page

Follow this link to delete your account. When you click on this link, Uber will ask you to sign in. Enter your login information (or sign in using your Facebook or Google account). Depending on the device you’re using to sign in, Uber may require you to verify your sign in using a code that they’ll text to you.

Step 2: Review the accounts to be deleted

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see a page informing you of which accounts will be deleted. Depending on whether or not you also have an Uber Eats account, you’ll see information about it on this page. Note that you can’t delete just one account while keeping the other. Deleting your Uber account will also delete your Uber Eats account.

How to Delete Your Uber Account (for Riders and Drivers)

Assuming you’re happy with deleting the accounts shown, click “Continue” to proceed to the next step:

How to Delete Your Uber Account (for Riders and Drivers) - Uber Eats

Step 3: Explain why you’re leaving

On the next screen, you’ll see a page with a list of reasons for deleting your Uber account. You can choose any of the following:

  • Bad experience on a ride
  • Bad experience with Uber Eats
  • It’s too expensive
  • No longer need account
  • No longer support company
  • Prefer not to say
  • Other

If you pick “Other,” you’ll also need to type a reason in the box below. If you don’t want to bother with this, you can just choose “Prefer not to say.”

How to Delete Your Uber Account (for Riders and Drivers) - Explanation

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll have one final chance to change your mind before deleting your account for good. If you’re ready to delete it, then click “Delete Account” to finalize the process.

How to Delete Your Uber Account (for Riders and Drivers) - Confirm

As you can see in the screenshot above, you will still have a chance to restore your account within 30 days of deleting it. All you have to do is sign into your Uber account as normal. You can do this on your computer or from within the Uber app on your iPhone or Android device.

Also, bear in in mind that certain information or media associated with your account may remain in Uber’s system after you delete your account. This includes information that the company must keep as required by law, such as trip receipts. It also includes user-generated content related to the app, including any photos you upload or information that you write about yourself in your Uber profile.

As Uber states in its User Generated Content Policy, “you grant Uber a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, royalty-free license” to use any content that you create or upload. The “perpetual, irrevocable” part means that Uber can continue to use your content even if you delete your account (though only in a way that is in accordance with laws related to privacy and data-sharing).

How to Delete Your Uber Partner Account

If you want to delete your Uber partner account, you’ll need to go through a slightly different set of steps than to delete your Uber rider account.

To start, you’ll need to sign into your account. After that, visit the I want to delete my account page. From here, fill out a form explaining why you want to delete your account. Possible reasons include the following:

  • I signed up to drive by mistake
  • I don’t want to use my driver-partner account anymore
  • I have another account (this is a duplicate)
  • Other

If you select “Other,” you’ll also have to explain your reason in the included box. From there, click “Submit” to initiate the deletion process. A member of Uber’s support team will be in touch about deleting the account. This is necessary in order to ensure that you’ve been properly paid and that your tax information is in order before your account is deleted.

How to Delete Your Uber Account (for Riders and Drivers) - Partner

Also note that you can delete your Uber driver account without deleting your rider account. You’ll see this in the image above, where Uber asks which account you want to delete. You can also delete both at once if you like.

Say Goodbye to Uber on Your Terms

We hope you now understand the steps necessary to delete your Uber account. If you’re deleting your account because you’re unhappy with the way the service works, then why not check out Lyft?

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