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How To Drive for Blacklane Car Service

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Are you interested in becoming a Blacklane Limo driver?

Blacklane Limo typically brings smaller limo companies or individual chauffeurs on board.

If you want to drive for Blacklane, you’ll need to meet the following requirements.

Blacklane Driver Requirements

Here is what Blacklane is looking for:

  • Language proficiency: You must be able to read and write English fluently to complete all required training documentation.
  • Vehicle: If you decide that Blacklane is suitable for you, then make sure you have a reliable vehicle—be it an SUV or a minivan—that meets their safety requirements.
  • Insurance: You must have the minimum insurance requirements at all times.
  • Mobile device: You will need to download the Blacklane app onto your mobile device to accept jobs and communicate with your customer.
  • Driving profile: You will be required to complete a driver profile that includes details about your driving history, vehicle, vehicle insurance, and other relevant information. In addition, you will have to pass an online test that assesses your knowledge of all the road rules.

Additional requirements include:

  • You must be at least 25 years old.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license in your country.
  • You must have a clean driving record with no serious traffic violations.
  • You do not use illegal drugs, including alcohol and tobacco products.
  • You are not involved in an illicit activity or purchasing illegal goods.
  • You are not a member of the military, government, or law enforcement
  • You are free of any tax or legal issues with your country.
  • You have no past affiliations with terrorist organizations.

Blacklane Application Process (Overview)

  • Apply on the Blacklane website.
  • Submit a detailed email application with your full name, date of birth, and date of hire.
  • Attach a recent passport-sized photo to your application and write a cover letter telling why you would be ideal for the job and how it’s directly related to your field of study or interests.
  • Be patient! Blacklane aims to reply within two weeks if you’re shortlisted for an interview.
  • Take the Drive Test—all applicants with a driving license are sent to an approved driving test center.

How to Apply as a Blacklane Driver

If you meet the requirements, you can apply on the company website.

First, create an account by choosing your country and city.

For example, if you’re registering to drive in Anaheim, CA, you’ll see a complete vehicle and driver requirements list.

Vehicle requirements include the following:

  • Ford Expedition
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Cadillac CT6
  • Mercedes-Benz Metris
  • BMW 5-series

You’ll then see driver and company document requirements that include the following types of information.

  • Full body picture in a dark suit and buttoned shirt
  • Driver license and Vehicle registration card
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • CPUC Certificate
  • Business Tax Registration Certificate
  • DMV Pull Notice
  • Certificate of liability insurance

You must agree that you can provide all the correct information by ticking off an acknowledgment box.

Then, on the next page, enter the following information.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Country code
  • Phone number

How Much Do Blacklane Drivers Make?

Blacklane Limo doesn’t disclose income information on its website.

So the amount you earn will depend on whether you work for a company that signs up with Blacklane or if you own your own chauffeur business.

If you work independently, you’ll see each ride’s income amount when you accept the trip.

However, if you work for a company using the Blacklane platform, you’ll probably earn your standard rate.

Wages for Blacklane drivers vary on a case-by-case basis, but some people make up to six figures a year.


The more hours you work, the more you will make as a driver.

In addition to hourly wages, Blacklane offers their drivers a benefits program that gives them access to discounted deals at various retail partners while working.


When driving for Blacklane, you can receive two different types of bonuses.

First is the performance bonus, which you can earn when performing at the highest caliber.

Then there is also the regular bonus everyone receives when they reach certain hours and jobs.

The performance bonus is based on your overall performance, primarily a result of how many jobs you finish within the required time frame.

For example, if you finish three jobs in a day and have been asked to do four, you will receive one performance bonus.

It’s basically how many jobs you finish above and beyond the weekly minimum.

There is usually some flexibility in how you want to receive your bonuses, but the base amount is pretty consistent.

The regular bonus is 10% of your overall earnings, a standard rate for all drivers on Blacklane.

If you pulled $10,000 in fares in one week while driving for Blacklane, you would earn $1,000 in bonuses.

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