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How To Email Uber In 3 Easy Steps [+Tips for Getting Help]

It is possible to email Uber for support help. We'll walk you through how to do so, step-by-step.

Key Takeaways

  • Emailing Uber requires using the Rider Help portal, not a direct address.
  • Log into your Uber account and select “Help” for specific issues.
  • Describe your issue in the provided contact form for Uber’s support team.
  • Direct email replies or other methods are ineffective; use Uber’s official process.

Can You Email Uber?

It’s not straightforward to email Uber’s customer service. While it’s possible, there isn’t a direct email address available.

Instead, you need to go through Uber’s Rider Help portal to submit a request. After doing so, Uber will reach out to you via email at the address you provided. Emailing Uber requires extra steps that might be more effort than anticipated.

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How to Contact Uber Via Email in 3 Steps

It’s not a difficult process, but you do need to follow the right steps or you could end up frustrated.

1. Log in to Your Uber Account

Open the web browser of your choice and go to Uber.com. From there, click where it says “Log in.”

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Log in

You should then see two options:

  • “Driver Login”
  • “Rider Login”

Click on “Rider Login.”

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Rider login

Then, enter the email address or phone number associated with your account.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Sign in

Finally, enter your password.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Password

You should now see a screen that looks something like this:

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Main screen

2. Find Your Help Topic

To email Uber about a specific issue, click where it says “Help” in the upper righthand corner.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Help

From there, you’ll be taken to help.uber.com.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - help.uber.com

You can either search for your specific help topic in the box that says “Search Rider Help,” or you can scroll down to view your most recent trip.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Search rider help

You’ll also be able to see a general list of popular topics when you scroll down.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Help options

If your issue is with a specific trip, you should click on one of the prompts next to it to initiate the help process. If you have a more general question, then it’s best to find it in the list of support topics.

3. Use the Contact Form to Email Uber

Once you’ve found the support issue you need, you can use it to contact Uber.

It’s easiest to demonstrate this with an example. In this case, we’re going to pretend we had an issue with being overcharged for a ride.

You’ll see in the image below that you have several common issues displayed next to the summary of your most recent trip:

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Refunds

To get help with the ride fare being too high, we’ll click on “Review my fare or fees.” From there, you’ll need to choose a reason you want Uber to review the fare:

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Review my fare

We’ll choose “I had a different issue with my charge.” You’ll then see a screen like the one below:

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Different issue

In the box where it says “Share details (Required)” you can describe additional details about the issue you had with your trip

Once you click “Submit,” someone from the Uber support team will get back to you via email or in-app support. You can then communicate about future issues via email (or through the Uber app, if you prefer).

You should expect someone to get back to you in around 24 hours. This isn’t a stellar response time, but it’s understandable when dealing with non-urgent issues for such a large company. As frustrating as your trip issue may be to you, odds are it can wait.

How Not to Contact Uber Email Support

To email Uber, there’s only one reliable method we’ve mentioned. While you might be tempted to try other ways, they often lead nowhere.

For instance, replying to the trip receipt Uber emails you just gets an automated response, directing you to help.uber.com. Actual people don’t check these email replies.

Beware of other supposed Uber support emails found online; they won’t connect you directly to Uber. Instead, you need to use Uber’s contact forms, and they’ll reach out if necessary.

While this might seem tedious, it’s structured this way to filter out unnecessary messages. For quick solutions, check Uber’s comprehensive Help section online.

Email Uber Only When Necessary

As you can now see, it’s not so easy to just “email Uber.” The company has an online support system that requires more steps than that.

We’d love to see other options (like online live chat support) that would be more instantaneous than the current convoluted email process, but there’s no evidence of Uber offering that at the moment.

Are you an Uber driver looking for assistance? Check out how you can use the Uber driver app to get help with your problems.

24 thoughts on “How To Email Uber In 3 Easy Steps [+Tips for Getting Help]”

  1. Please give me a phone number for a real live person that I can talk to. I have numerous problems to discuss from a ride that did not show and that I was charged for to a cancel fee for a ride that I did not order and therefor could not cancel.. I would also like to discuss the nine Uber drivers that showed up at my gate in San Antonio (while I am in New Orleans!) between 11:20 pm and 1:00 am last night. I did not order a single driver, yet my phone kept ringing for an hour and a half when I should have been sleeping while NINE, yes NINE, drivers called for the gate code. To say the least Uber messed up big time yesterday and the wee hours of his morning. I want to talk to someone!!!

  2. I’ve been trying for over an hour to get answers to my questions. I just requested my first ride but the ride is actually for my friend. How do I let the driver know it won’t be me. Also, at our apartment building there is more than one place people can be picked up and I’d like to let the driver know where my friend will be waiting. I thought there might be a place for comments for the driver when you schedule a ride but I do not see anything for that.

  3. I’m disabled and I live in disability housing, an Uber Driver just comes in and takes our heated in parking space forcing me to park outside. There is literally NOBODY to them to.

  4. this is a nightmare. i used to drive for uber and i need my 1099 and it would be easier to get a hold of the freaking queen of england. I wish i had never driven for this screwed up company. Why is it so difficult to have a damn phone number?!!!

  5. A procedure that starts with “log into your account” doesn’t help me, because that’s precisely the problem I’m having — I can’t log in, and email recoveries aren’t working. I never get anything back. And there appears to be no telephone support at all. It’s like some plot to force me to use Lyft — which I’ve been doing ever since this started and will have to continue to use forever, apparently. Lyft is fine, but I had wanted to have alternatives for cities that don’t have Lyft.

  6. I also have been trying to contact UBER as a rider. Emails dont go through. Even tried ringing even the emergency number. Cant get through to any rider support phone or email
    ….thinking of moving to OLACabs.

  7. I tried to use uber for the first time early this a.m. The system kept inserting the wrong number address. I kept correcting it but it wouldn’t take. So I used Lyft instead. Meanwhile, an Uber driver allegedly showed up (at the wrong system generated address) and I wasn’t there, of course. I successfully asked for and was issued a refund with a reason of “other”. They never gave me the opportunity to say why. In case I may want to use uber in the future, how the heck do I fix the incorrect address it automatically inserts and get it to stay?

  8. this all is the written version of the usual BS that we find over the phone and on the websites that don’t want you to know the contact of a real person or even an actual monitored email.
    I have a great suggestion to drastically improve the users security but have to no way to pass it along

  9. Uber should look into all driver in Las Vegas area.
    I took more than 10 trip via Uber, and it is very frustrated when almost 90% of these uber vehicles do NOT have front license plate on their car. How the hell do you ID your car? especially at night, at any major casino hotel, waiting for your car with 80 other people at uber stand…unless Uber correct this and make this a standard, i will never ride with Uber in Vegas! Sighs….

    • I just looked up NV law and while 2 plates are issued the law says if the vehicle doesn’t have a front bracket and can’t get one (not hard to say you can’t even when you can) it isn’t required. As such Uber can’t make that a rule.

  10. I have been patient. Going on a month when I was hit by an Uber driver on July 2, 2019. Uber Insurance progressive contacted me and nothing more after that. I have been asking for updates and no response on that. I filled out the appropriate police reports and submitted my pictures and paper work t progressive. Still no word. The Uber driver refused to give me her insurance card at the scene. She told me NO that Uber insurance is all i need and they will take care of it. I found out later on the UBER manual that the driver is SUPPOSE to have their own insurance. It comes to it, she was driving with no insurance. Oh, I did send a complaint for no insurance to the Municipal Courts in Austin already! Now I am waiting for UBER to do the right thing and allow me to get my car fixed due to the Uber divers fault for hitting me. In 2 days it will be a month still waiting on word to where they would like for me to take my car to get fixed. Uber, you have a million dollar insurance plan, you can get my car fixed. Do the humane thing and call me with updates on this issue. This is Progressives Agent, Maria Dominguez # 440-910-1643 and claim # 19-3044523 date of accident July 2, 2019 at 4:20 pm.
    It clearly states that the Uber driver is supposed to also have personal coverage for her personal car.
    At the scene, I asked for her insurance and she said NO. She did not have any. Because she said UBER insurance will take care of the damages.
    In summers report she said it was her fault for she did not see me for this is why she hit me.
    I am wanting the proper personal from Uber to contact Progressive agent and ask why it is taking so long to get approval from Progressive to get my car fix.
    Asking to Uber to do the right thing!

  11. I tried to sign up with uber today- they seem to have my e-Mail address and they will not accept the phone number It is impossible to in any way get assistance from this entity to deal with these issue– Absolutely Amazing!!

  12. Several Über app versions ago it stopped allowing me to Rate and Tip. Although there have been many updates. I still can’t Rate or Tip. I don’t want this to come back to bite me. There were many times where a rating was necessary because the driver was great and I wanted “whomever” to know.

    I have a 9.96 rating and have no idea how I go the .96 since I haven’t taken any rides that weren’t great. So I don’t want it to go any lower. I know drivers take and refuse rides based on your rating. I have been bounced when I had a 10 and was left out the cold and sleet at 2am.

    Oh and it’s impossible to get a hold of Über for things like this . . .

    Just don’t want any problems . . .

  13. I keep getting this reply when I try to recover my password “You have opted out of receiving SMS messages from Uber so we can’t send you the code to verify your phone. Please text “START” to 0409 726 199 to opt back in before continuing.” I have sent the txt so many times but cant fix the problem, any suggestions…you cannot contact anyone from Uber that I can find anywhere such a simple problem I am sure but finding a solution is neigh on impossible.

  14. I called for a Handicap accessible vehicle for my Mom’s doctors appt. One shows up…we are trying to get her out of the house and he takes off. Really… I need to complain and report this driver. And I need to report to Uber and they really do not make it easy at all. Disgraceful!

  15. Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having similar problems where I try to sign up it knows my info as well as an OLD Credit card that no longer exists so I cannot continue

  16. Trying to deal with UBER is very frustrating. The app is not really intuitive and there was no way to cancel a trip after the driver fails to show up. I wonder if the drivers sometime double book and select a longer trip after already committing to your trip. They never answer their phone when you try to find out where they are and what the delay is. UBER gets an F- for “customer service.”

  17. I want to delete my UBER account. I never used it. I can’t seem to even log in and unable to talk to a live person. Very frustrating not being able to get live help. I don’t want this kind of service where there is no customer support of a live person.

  18. Done with uber. Not even going to tell them what’s wrong because I don’t want them to fix it. I want it to stay every bit as bad as it is so they go out of business. That’s how upset I am. Fire all your quality assurance people, you’re clearly not using them.

  19. It is very disheartening , sad, pitiful that this is the direction everything is going: uber, amazon, etc. absolutely do not care about their customers, absolutely no customer service at all, no way to get in touch with Uber to let them know that their driver just replied to someone explaining the procedure to deliver to a building to “go to hell” . Very pitiful state that these companies are running their businesses so terribly and only for profit. Personally, I will not do business with any of them anymore. I will find other ways and means to get things to me. Thanks, no thanks, and good luck for those of you who continue to use these services


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