How to Email Uber Customer Service

Contacting Uber support seems like it would be a straightforward task. All you have to do is call a phone number or send an email, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Uber is a massive service, and it would overwhelm their support reps to make their customer support accessible through such direct means (as well as lead to a large volume of spam).

However, it is possible to contact Uber through email. You just have to take a couple extra steps compared to contacting other companies. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

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5 Common Reasons to Contact Uber Customer Support

Why would you need to email Uber customer support to begin with? Generally, it’s because you need to resolve an issue with a previous trip. Emailing Uber is not an efficient way to get help with a trip that’s in progress or to report safety-related issues.

If you feel that you’re in any danger during a ride, your first step should be to call 911. After that, you should call the critical safety response line. It’s a special 24/7 customer support line that Uber reserves for safety-related assistance. Do not call Uber at this phone number for any other reason. The critical safety response line is not for phone support related to other customer service issues.

Now that we’re clear about when you should not use email as a contact method, let’s look at some common reasons to email Uber customer service.

1. Fare Adjustments

Uber uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate ride fares, but the company does make mistakes sometimes. If you feel that Uber has overcharged you for a previous ride, then you can use email support as a way to get the fare adjusted.

Don’t expect this to be an instant process. To prevent fraud, Uber carefully reviews all requests for fare adjustments, and it can take days or even weeks to get the matter fully resolved.

2. Lost Items

If you take enough Uber rides, you’re bound to leave something behind in a vehicle. It’s an unfortunate reality of using the service. Uber has a process to help you get your items back. Uber email support can put you in contact with the driver so that the two of you can arrange to meet up for the return of the item.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the item back. Uber drivers are independent contractors, and they are under no obligation to take time out of their schedules to meet with you. If the driver does agree to meet, then you’ll have to pay a lost item fee to compensate the driver for their time.

3. Cleaning Fees

If you make a mess in an Uber ride, you’ll have to pay a fee to clean it up. This is a simple concept. But what if a driver accuses you of making a mess you didn’t create? While this is rare, fraudulent reports do occur.

In this case, you should contact Uber support and explain your side of the story. This may or may not get you out of paying the fee, but it’s the best place to start. Be sure to provide as many details as you can about the ride.

4. Account Problems

Sometimes you may have an issue with your Uber account that you just can’t resolve on your own. Perhaps you’re having trouble changing your payment method. Maybe you can’t figure out how to get a new account set up. Whatever the issue, Uber customer support can help. Because these are not urgent issues, contacting email support is definitely the way to go here.

5. Problems With Other Passengers

If you’ve ever used UberPOOL, you know that it’s a way to save money on your fare by sharing your ride with other passengers. Most of these trips occur without issue, but sometimes you might run into another passenger who causes you trouble.

While you can make note of this problem when you rate your ride, it can be useful to separately report it to Uber. After all, the issue is with the other passenger’s conduct, not with your driver’s. Assuming that the other passenger did nothing to endanger you, Uber email support is the appropriate way to report them.

How to Contact Uber Via Email in 3 Steps

Now that you understand some common reasons to contact Uber email support, let’s go through the process of doing it. It’s not a difficult process, but you do need to follow the right steps or you could end up frustrated.

1. Log in to Your Uber Account

Open the web browser of your choice and go to From there, click where it says “Log in.”

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Log in

You should then see two options: “Driver Login” and “Rider Login.” Click on “Rider Login.”

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Rider login

Then, enter the email address or phone number associated with your account.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Sign in

Finally, enter your password.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Password

You should now see a screen that looks something like this:

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Main screen

2. Find Your Help Topic

To email Uber about a specific issue, click where it says “Help” in the upper righthand corner.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Help

From there, you’ll be taken to

How to Email Uber Customer Service -

You can either search for your specific help topic in the box that says “Search Rider Help,” or you can scroll down to view your most recent trip.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Search rider help

You’ll also be able to see a general list of popular topics when you scroll down.

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Help options

If your issue is with a specific trip, you should click on one of the prompts next to it to initiate the help process. If you have a more general question, then it’s best to find it in the list of support topics.

3. Use the Contact Form to Email Uber

Once you’ve found the support issue you need, you can use it to contact Uber. It’s easiest to demonstrate this with an example. In this case, we’re going to pretend we had an issue with being overcharged for a ride.

You’ll see in the image below that you have several common issues displayed next to the summary of your most recent trip:

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Refunds

To get help with the ride fare being too high, we’ll click on “Review my fare or fees.” From there, you’ll need to choose a reason you want Uber to review the fare:

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Review my fare

We’ll choose “I had a different issue with my charge.” You’ll then see a screen like the one below:

How to Email Uber Customer Service - Different issue

In the box where it says “Share details (Required)” you can describe additional details about the issue you had with your trip. Once you click “Submit,” someone from the Uber support team will get back to you via email or in-app support. You can then communicate about future issues via email (or through the Uber app, if you prefer).

You should expect someone to get back to you in around 24 hours. This isn’t a stellar response time, but it’s understandable when dealing with non-urgent issues for such a large company. As frustrating as your trip issue may be to you, odds are it can wait.

How Not to Contact Uber Email Support

The method we just described is the only reliable way to communicate with Uber via email. There are some other methods that seem like they would work, but trying them will only waste your time.

One such method is to reply to the trip receipt that Uber sends you via email after each ride. This will just result in an autoresponder email that will direct you to Human beings do not monitor responses to these emails.

Another incorrect method is to contact other email addresses you might find floating around on the internet. You may find other websites with emails claiming to be for Uber support, but you cannot reach Uber through them directly. Uber has to be the one to reach out to you (which will only happen if you go through the contact forms within the Uber help center).

We know this may be frustrating, but the whole process is designed to minimize unnecessary support messages. After all, answers to most frequently asked questions and problems are located within the extensive Help section of Uber’s website. The fastest way to get support may be to look here.

Email Uber Only When Necessary

As you can now see, it’s not so easy to just “email Uber.” The company has an online support system that requires more steps than that. We’d love to see other options (like online live chat support) that would be more instantaneous than the current convoluted email process, but there’s no evidence of Uber offering that at the moment.

Are you an Uber driver looking for assistance? Check out how you can use the Uber driver app to get help with your problems.

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