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How to Get a Job at YourMechanic

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Are you a certified mechanic looking for a new job? You may want to consider applying at YourMechanic.

This post will discuss vital information that will help you get hired. We’ll discuss the main draws of working at YourMechanic, the pay, and how to get hired.

We’ll walk you through how the YourMechanic app works from the customer and mechanic side. In this section, questions about what makes YourMechanic different from other mechanical services will also be answered.

We will also compare working at YourMechanic with another popular car repair service and discuss the pros and cons.

We’ll go step by step into the hiring process to ensure all your questions are answered.

What is YourMechanic?

YourMechanic is a revolutionary new mobile service that is disrupting the traditional auto repair industry.

How does it work?

YourMechanic contracts mechanics in over 2,000 cities to make house calls to car owners. Over 500 services are offered to the customer, including spark plug replacements, oil changes, and pre-purchase car inspections.

All communication, payment, and service options take place via the YourMechanic app.

The service is offered seven days a week, including weekends and evenings.

YourMechanic offers the customer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on the service performed.

Car owners love the upfront pricing that is broken down simply.

The customer simply pays for the parts and labor, so there is never any guessing about costs.

The company currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Mechanics that work through the YourMechanic platform have an average of 10 years of experience and undergo rigorous background checks and screenings. 

Vehicle owners have the option to select their preferred mobile mechanic.

Reviews, photos, and information about the mobile mechanic are visible to the car owner.

Customers use this information to choose their mechanic.

Beyond the mobile mechanic service, YourMechanic also offers a robust database of technical guides, Q&As, and service topics to help the customer better understand what issues they might be facing.

Anthony Rodio is the company’s current CEO, headquartered in Mountain View, California.

YourMechanic was founded in 2012.

YourMechanic boasts some famous investors, including Ashton Kutcher and Andreesen Horowitz.

What is the YourMechanic pay like?

Unlike working in a traditional mechanic shop, minimal paperwork needs to be done.

Once the mechanic finishes a YourMechanic job, they complete a typical 50-point inspection on the vehicle and enter the details into the app.

After the service and inspection are complete, the mechanic’s job is done—no need to collect payment from the customer or worry about any additional paperwork.

The mechanic will be paid through the app.

Mechanics working for YourMechanic enjoy that the app takes care of ordering and paying for parts, scheduling, and advertising.

However, mechanics must provide their own tools.

Tools can be expensive, so it’s important to track your expenses.

How much is hourly pay?

According to YourMechanic’s website, mechanics can expect to make up to $70 per hour.

Pay is determined by location, experience, and skills.

Mechanics often enjoy working for YourMechanic because there are rarely complex jobs.

This mobile auto repair service focuses primarily on basic repair and maintenance work.

If you arrive at a job and a customer asks to add on a service, it’s imperative they schedule that within the app.

Otherwise, you will not be paid, and your services will not be insured through YourMechanic.

However, keep in mind that working at YourMechanic means you’re a contracted employee.

This means you’ll have to take care of your taxes.

Speak to a tax professional to be sure you’re setting aside enough for taxes each month, so you aren’t surprised come tax season!

YourMechanic vs. Jiffy Lube

There are pros and cons to working for a brick-and-mortar business vs. working through a mobile app.

It’s important to research pay differences between both companies, as they can vary drastically depending on your location and experience.

Working at a brick-and-mortar shop like Jiffy Lube will likely be more dependable for a set schedule.

You will be operating within normal business hours, which is a pro to many who do not enjoy working odd hours.

At Jiffy Lube, you will likely earn a salary or an hourly wage.

However, working at Jiffy Lube may mean more time doing organizational and record-keeping and less time working on cars.

Collecting payments, reviewing part prices, and breaking down costs will all likely be part of the job.

Working at a place like Jiffy Lube means relying on fellow employees and being subject to a boss.

Working at YourMechanic means your day isn’t ruined by a coworker not showing up or your boss being in a bad mood.

If you choose to work at YourMechanic, you get to set your own hours.

Depending on your location, it may be more or less busy.

It may be wise to sign up for the app as a customer to understand how active your area is.

Working at YourMechanic means you don’t have to deal with paperwork, price negotiations, or buying parts.

You simply show up, perform the service, and leave.

Working for this platform will mean driving to new locations every day.

It’s essential to research any company you consider working for before applying.

Take into account employee reviews that typically highlight the worst and best aspects of working there.

Check out YourMechanic’s reviews on Indeed here.

How to become a mobile mechanic with YourMechanic

  • The first step is quite simple. Fill out a quick form with a few bits of personal information, such as your name, location, and contact information.
  • The second step is the following form you will be prompted to complete. This form digs a bit deeper into your experience as a mechanic.
  • The next step is identifying your skill level. You’ll be asked to identify yourself as an apprentice, journeyman, or master mechanic. You will also be asked about your diagnostics skill level.
  • Next, you’ll select from a comprehensive list the tools you own. Ensure you include all tools you have access to, as this will help you match with more jobs.
  • Submit your application! Once your application is submitted, HR will review it at YourMechanic. You should receive a phone call to go over your certifications within a few days.
  • Send off copies of your certifications and fill out a background check. Even though speaking with a team member at YourMechanic may not feel like a traditional interview, they will be gauging your potential customer service skills. So bring your A-game!
  • Though the application process is quite simple, getting hired is not always so easy. It’s been reported that YourMechanic is very picky with applications and selects only 2-5% of applicants.

Final word

There are many pros and cons to working full time through a mobile app service such as YourMechanic.

Because there are so many factors that affect pay, such as location and your experience, you may need to get hired before deciding if it’s a good career move.

Although the hiring process is highly selective, YourMechanic is growing.

If your certifications are up to date and you show off your friendly demeanor in your interview, you have an excellent shot.

If you possess excellent customer service skills, have years of experience under your belt, and own all the required tools, you may be perfect for working at YourMechanic.

Many seek flexibility, and many have found YourMechanic a great fit.

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