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How To Get Free DoorDash In 2023

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DoorDash is a great service, but delivery costs and fees can get expensive if you’re not careful.

In this post, we’ll show you how to get free DoorDash in 2023.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be enjoying free food delivery in no time!

Is DoorDash Free Right Now?

DoorDash is not free now and has never been free.

It is a profitable business that makes money off of food delivery.

With that said, you may find some online promo codes on websites such as HotDeals.

This site claims to have links to free delivery code coupons for DoorDash.

Make sure you check any coupon websites for legitimacy- not all websites claiming they know how to get free Doordash have your best interests at heart.

Can You Get Free DoorDash?

You can certainly get free delivery from Doordash with certain promos.

Some restaurants on DoorDash may offer free delivery deals.

However, you can’t get free food or other goods from Doordash- but you can use restaurant gift cards on the platform, or send a free order as a gift to a friend.

What Do We Mean by “Free DoorDash?

When we say “free DoorDash”, we mean no delivery fees on DoorDash for your order.

It does not mean there won’t be other fees.

The internet can be misleading at times.

During my research, I have encountered several links that claim to help customers get “free DoorDash.

The titles and initial paragraphs often make it sound like you will get free food on the app.

Of course, this makes no sense for a business to do.

If DoorDash were to give away free food, the company simply would not be in business very long.

A charity gives away free food to the hungry.

However, charities are non-profits that rely on donations.

DoorDash is not a charity.

If the company began giving away free food, it would not pay its drivers, company overhead, etc.

How to Get Free DoorDash

vector graphic showing food, a delivery bag with the doordash logo on it, and how to get free doordash words

First Time Orders

Do You Get Your First DoorDash Order Free?


New customers get to take advantage of the Merchant Promotion sign-up bonus that has $0 delivery on your first order.

When you log in for the first time the promo alerts you to “Free delivery over $15”.

DoorDash New User Promo Code

When you sign up for the app the first time, you can use the New User Promo code in a few quick steps:

  • Pick a restaurant
  • Add what you want to purchase to your cart.
  • Make sure you add at least $15 worth of food
  • Hit checkout

As long as you order $15 worth of food, DoorDash will automatically add the promo code for new customers.

Existing Users

vector graphic showing a customer saving money by using a DoorDash promo code

DoorDash Promo Code for Existing Users

The existing official website has promo codes for existing customers in the Customer Support section.

Existing customers can use the DoorPass program which we discuss below.

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of links, articles, and videos that claim to have codes for free DoorDash.

An interesting one refers to using the Slide app to get a $20 credit towards a gift card code you can instantly use on DashDash.

The DoorDash site does not mention such a promo.

DoorDash Referral Program

The DoorDash referral program allows family and friends to get discounts by using referrals.

An existing customer can send a referral link to someone they know, If you receive such a code, you can save on your first order and help the person who sent the link get credits towards their DoorDash account.

For the referral to work, the new person must order the minimum amount required ( maybe $15).

The new person must use the referral link to sign up – you can’t use it after creating an account.

Seasonal Promotions

DoorDash has grown and expanded its network over the years.

So the company sometimes gives free food away through its network of restaurants.

The company also has seasonal promotions customers should keep a lookout for.

To participate in seasonal promotions, you must have an active DoorDash account and a valid form of payment.

If you receive a DoorDash promo code in the mail, it will expire 30 days after the company sends it.

So you won’t be able to use it after expiration.

One current promotion is for $10 off $40+ orders.

Earn a Free DoorDash Giftcard

You must enter the sweepstakes to get a gift card from the company.

When you make a gifting purchase in the app, there are four different codes you can use.

You can’t use those codes on standard food orders.

Customers can also enter by emailing [email protected].

Companies such as Swagbucks and My Opinion let users fill out surveys online in exchange for credit towards gift cards.

So you can sign up to take surveys and use them on your DoorDash app.


If you use DoorDash often, you can save on delivery fees by signing up for DashPass.

It is a subscription service that gives customers $0 delivery fees from unlimited amounts of participating restaurants.

The limitation is that orders must be $12 or more.

You can use this service in the United States and Canada.

DashPass only costs $9.99 each month and customers can cancel anytime.

A $9.99 monthly subscription can quickly pay for itself if you use DoorDash often.

Is the First Months of DashPass free?

You can do a one-month free trial of DashPass to test it out.

After that, you will pay the standard $9.99.

However, if you have a Chase card, you can get more perks.

Chase formed a partnership with DoorDash.

So customers who have the following cards can get 3-12 months of free DashPass:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Slate
  • Chase Sapphire
  • Chase United
  • Chase Southwest
  • Chase Marriott
  • Chase British Airways
  • Chase Disney
  • Chase IHG

Suggestion: Don’t Take Advantage of DoorDash

When you search for “free DoorDash” online, some people go as far as posting about “hacks” to get free food.

These hacks are usually not ethical or legal.

For example, if you go as far as to say your food never arrived when it did, you could cause good workers to get in trouble for something they did not do.

If people rip off DoorDash with these scams regularly, it may make things worse for honest customers.

It could also make driver morale decline or cause people to quit if false accusations get thrown at them so they can get free food.

Your DoorDash driver has a base pay of $2-10.

They get 100% of customers’ tips.

So when people lie and say they never got an order, the driver won’t get a tip to add to their already small base pay.

In other words, your free food could cause long-standing harm to someone else.

Troubleshooting: Why Does DoorDash Say “Free Delivery” But Charges?

vector illustration showing a hand holding a phone and doordash down and not working on the phone

Yes, it may be confusing to have free delivery but then see other charges besides the food and tax.

Like other delivery apps, DoorDash charges a service fee on top of delivery.

The service fee covers non-delivery-related costs such as technology ( we are using an app), payment processing, and marketing fees.

The service fee helps the company continue to operate.

As the cost of food increases, unfortunately, service fees may increase as well.

The service fees are part of the costs of dealing with restaurants.

They deliver food from places that often don’t have a delivery team.

So the service fee pays for the convenience of having food delivered that you otherwise would have to pick up yourself.

In addition to the service fee, you must also pay taxes on the food.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a customer mad because they have a case of doordash missing items from their order

Do DoorDash Drivers Get Free Food?

No DoorDash drivers do not get free food.

However, if you become a DoorDash driver, you do receive some useful benefits and discounts.

They can get discounts from CarAdvise for auto repair and Everlance for expense tracking.

They get deals with other companies such as General Assembly, Hertz, GoodRx, TurboTax, and Clerkie.

There don’t appear to be any food-related discounts or deals – at least nothing formal.

Can I Get a Free DoorDash Gift Card Online?

You can do surveys on Swagbucks and earn your way to a gift card.

The nicest way to get one is when another DoorDash customer logs into their account to send one to you as a gift.

Final Thoughts on Free DoorDash

In conclusion, DoorDash is a popular and profitable food delivery app that must sustain itself.

To keep its business going, giving away free food to random customers is not a good plan.

Dishonest customers trying to hack their way to free food will simply cause more problems than it is worth.

Service fees may seem like an extra expense to pay, but don’t forget the service you are expecting this type of company to provide.

With that said, if you are an existing customer, look out for seasonal promotions and send referrals to whoever wants to accept them.

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