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How to Practice Driving: The Best Places to Learn to Drive

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One of the trickiest parts of learning how to drive is figuring out how to practice driving. It’s not as easy as just hopping behind the wheel and getting started. One of the key pieces is determining where to practice driving, so the new driver can feel comfortable learning how to operate the car.

There are certainly people out there who might encourage a new driver to just get on the road and learn by doing. But, that method can be quite unsafe and could actually cause the new driver to be more nervous than necessary in the early stages. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some good places to learn to drive and a good process for doing it.


How to Practice Driving When You’re Just Starting

Obviously, getting behind the wheel of a car is a huge first step to take when learning to drive. But, it shouldn’t be your first step. One of the first things you should do is take a look at one of the great one Driver’s Education programs.

There are several programs out there including great ones from Aceable, I Drive Safely, and All three are great and you should take the course and keep the lessons in mind while you’re practicing driving. This’ll help you start practicing the right way and will reduce the chance of developing any bad driving habits.


Best Places to Learn to Drive

The exact place you are practicing will depend on what level of experience you have with driving. In the beginning, you’ll want to start somewhere that is a little more open and less nerve-wracking. Then, you can move to something a little more challenging, but still safe and relatively free of other drivers. Then, you can progress to normal streets and even highways.


A Parking Lot is the First on the List for Where to Practice Driving

Nothing beats an empty parking lot for learning the feel of the car. Some of the best ones could be a mall or shopping plaza lot early in the morning before it opens. These are big enough to give you plenty of room and also should be relatively empty during off hours.

These are great places to learn to drive you can learn the proper feel for accelerating and turning without concerns of people around you. You can also practice parking in the empty spots, so you can get comfortable for busier lots.


Next is Crowded Lots and the Open Road

Once you get more comfortable in your empty lot, you can come back to the same lot when it is slightly busier. This’ll give you the opportunity to practice driving in a busier place that you’re already comfortable with. From there, you can move towards quiet side streets, then onto main streets, and finally onto the highway. You can move at the pace you’re comfortable with, but remember everyone had to learn once, so it can’t be too hard!

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