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How To See Your Uber Rating In 2023

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Uber is an American online transportation company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, operating in hundreds of cities worldwide.

The ridesharing app Uber allows users to find a ride home or work with just a few taps on their smartphone.

Drivers and passengers can connect directly through the app, eliminating the need for cash payments and reducing uncertainty.

Through Uber’s app, both drivers and passengers have access to a peer-to-peer rating system.

It’s designed to promote safety and encourage professional standards of service.

Read on to find out more about how to see your Uber rating.

What Is an Uber Rating?

So, what is an Uber rating?

Well, each party has the chance to review each other after a trip.

Uber users get a rating from the drivers based on how friendly, pleasant and helpful they are.

With that in mind, a rating can be poor if passengers are impolite or bad-mannered to drivers.

Of course, the opposite is true, too.

Uber driver ratings are the opposite end of the spectrum.

A passenger can give considerate and friendly drivers good ratings.

Your Uber rating represents your overall performance.

It’s updated after every trip you take, ensuring your standing within the community is at its most accurate.

Drivers rate their experience, while drivers are ranked based on helpfulness and ease of communication.

Your Uber rating represents your overall performance.

What Is the Uber Rating Scale?

The rating scale displays a score between one and five, with five being the best.

What you see on the Uber app is an average of all ratings received over time.

It’s worth remembering that poor ratings can lead to your account getting a suspension.

Uber calculates ratings based on feedback from riders and drivers using a running average of recent rides.

These are weighted so that recent trips have more influence than older ones, which Uber believes helps them maintain high standards for quality.

Why Is an Uber Rating Important?

The Uber rating system is essential in creating a safe and reliable community for riders and drivers.

Riders can avoid unsafe or untrustworthy drivers by looking for low ratings, which might indicate reckless or inconsiderate driving, among other issues.

Drivers rely on high ratings to maintain their access to drive with Uber, so they are motivated to provide excellent service at all times.

As a rider, it’s also important to be aware of your rating, which reflects how well you treat drivers.

Given how valuable these ratings are, you must understand how they work and your behavior’s effects on them.

Consequences of a Low Rating

As part of Uber’s commitment to continuous improvement, drivers and passengers may face action directly affecting their app use.

Reflecting that, Uber notifies drivers that fall below the required rating that they may need to take additional steps to improve their ratings.

Uber may even deactivate your account if it goes below three stars.

Should you receive too many one-star ratings, Uber will send an email notifying you of your low rating and asking what led to such poor feedback.

These notifications vary according to the city but may include requiring drivers to take an online safety course or read guidance articles.

The end goal is to help Uber drivers raise their overall rating and continue ridesharing.

Negative reviews may hurt a rider’s chances of getting a ride, especially when there’s high demand.

You may also lose access to Uber if you get below-average ratings consistently from drivers.

Who Gets an Uber Rating?

After each trip, passengers and their driver can rate each other based on their trip experience.

Keeping these ratings honest and without bias is essential to maintaining a healthy environment in the ridesharing community.

vector graphic of a hand holding a phone and showing Uber rider ratings on the screen


The rider gets to give a driver rating.

The passenger can also select from a list of compliments for you or the trip.

The software calculates an average based on your last 500 ratings.

If a rider gives you a low rating due to surge pricing, traffic, or other factors beyond your control, that rating deletes from your overall average.


Uber drivers rate passengers based on their trip experience and whether a passenger was courteous and respectful.

A passenger rating is visible to all drivers.

One of Uber’s stated main goals is to create a respectful environment where everyone feels comfortable.

If you or your driver chooses a rating of fewer than five stars, the app may ask for more information about why you chose that rating.

How Do You Leave an Uber Rating?

Uber wants to know about your experience, so they ask users to rate their trip upon completion and give feedback.

Here’s a quick guide on how to provide a rating on the Uber app.

Step by Step Instructions

To make sure your ratings are on point, check out these six easy steps that will have you leaving excellent Uber ratings in no time:

  1. Launch the application
  2. Press the white screen to see more information about your journey on the main screen
  3. Next to “How’s your ride going?” tap “Rate or tip”
  4. Choose how many stars (one to five) you wish to give your driver
  5. Give a compliment and select from various badges to express your gratitude
  6. Add a tip if desired, then click “Save”

Can You Change an Uber Rating?

You should receive an email with your Uber receipt shortly after your trip ends.

Uber lists your travel details, the fee, and the driver’s rating on this document.

You can adjust the star rating you gave a driver from the receipt provided.

Tap on a star to change the Uber driver’s rating.

Choose “Rate or Tip” from the drop-down menu in the email.

This action opens up your account, where you can adjust the driver’s star rating, which will update automatically.

How Can You See Your Uber Rating?

Uber passengers can see what ratings drivers have left them.

These ratings are kept anonymous for safety.

How to See Your Uber Rating

Find the settings menu, tap “Privacy,” and then “Privacy Center” from the application.

From there, swipe to the right and click on the “Summary” tab.

Go to the section under “Browse your data.”

To see the breakdown on all available ratings, tap “View my ratings.”

You’ll see both rider and driver ratings indicating ratings you’ve given.

Tips for Maintaining a Good Uber Rating

Now you know how to see your Uber rating.

Your next step is keeping a good rating, especially if you want to continue using Uber.

Here are some ways you can maintain your rating.

Tips for Drivers

When it comes to a good Uber driver rating, the main focus is on being an excellent driver and treating your passengers well.

1. Be on Time

Give yourself enough leeway to arrive at every ride request on time.

In particular, plan and give yourself a cushion during traffic hours.

It’s also always nice to call ahead if there will be a delay so that passengers aren’t left waiting.

2. Communicate

As an Uber driver, you have to communicate well with passengers.

For starters, be sure to introduce yourself.

After that, listen carefully to what your rider has to say; if they ask questions along the way, answer them with kindness.

3. Be Friendly

Ridesharing drivers need to be friendly and courteous, even when running late or in an inconvenient location.

Rude behavior and unprofessionalism are big turn-offs for passengers.

It will inevitably damage a rating.

4. Follow Safety Precautions

It is essential to be careful with your passengers and to be aware of other drivers on the road.

You should always follow all traffic laws when driving with Uber and ensure that your car is well-maintained.

Tips for Passengers

Maintaining a good Uber rider rating as a passenger depends on how well you interact with your driver and how you treat them.

1. Be on Time

Being late costs your driver both time and money.

A good rule of thumb is to never be more than five minutes late for an appointment with your driver.  

2. Follow Safety Precautions

Follow the safety precautions stipulated by Uber and stay alert to your surroundings.

If a driver does something suspicious, contact Uber immediately to report them.

3. Be Respectful

It should go without saying that being courteous and respectful toward your driver is paramount to not getting a bad rating.

To keep your ratings high, be civil and do not take advantage of their hospitality by throwing trash on their floor or being rude.

Uber Rating FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Uber ratings.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a smartphone with the uber eats customer rating screen on the smartphone screen

How Long Do Uber Ratings Last For?

Uber ratings average the last 500 ratings received from users.

What’s the Average Uber Rating?

The current average Uber passenger rating is 4.89/5, according to the company itself.

Can You Dispute an Uber Rating?

Uber users can attempt to rectify ratings that they feel are unfair by contacting Uber through the app.


The Uber rating expresses your overall experience, including driving style, vehicle cleanliness, and time spent.

An Uber driver’s passenger rating will be displayed in their profile so that other riders and drivers can see it before requesting a ride.

Now that you know how to see your Uber rating, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy uber score and thrive in the ridesharing community.

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