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How to Use Gett: 2023 Download & Ride Booking Tutorial

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Gett is a tool that companies can use to spend less time and money on their ground transport budget.

With Gett business travelers also enjoy exclusive service with a personalized touch at a predictable, transparent price point.

The Gett app will help you and your employees adapt to local travel policies on business trips and focus your efforts on important objectives.

Gett succeeds by keeping pace with industry-standard corporate travel policies so you can trust their platform to come through for your company when you need it most.

Gett also offers great data analytics with tons of employee travel data that can help companies keep their teams accountable and efficient.

Rides are paid for through monthly invoices or they can be billed to company credit cards.

Expenses are automatically reported and kept in order.

Best of all, Gett boasts a dedicated 24/7 support team that provides real-time messaging with live people and Gett is a much more sustainable way to approach business travel.

How to Become a Gett or Juno Rider

Sign up screen on Juno app

Signing up to become a Gett or Juno rider is extremely simple.

All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the Gett app (if you’re located in Israel, Russia, or the U.K.) or the Juno app (if you’re located in the U.S.)
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. When you receive your confirmation code, type it in on the app.
  4. Enter your email address and tap “Next.” If you’re signing up on Gett, you should be fully registered by this step. If you’re signing up for Juno, continue onto the following steps.
  5. Enter your desired password, then tap “Next.”
  6. Type in your first name, then tap “Next.”
  7. Type in your last name, then tap “Create Account.”

To ensure you’re fully set up to request a ride, we recommend adding a profile picture on either platform by opening your menu and tapping the empty profile picture icon.

You’ll also want to add a preferred payment method through the “Payment” tab of the Juno app, or through the “Add a Debit/Credit Card” tab of the Gett app.

Gett and Juno both accept credit cards and debit cards, while Juno also accepts Google Pay and Apply Pay.

How to Use Gett: Step-By-Step

There are three different ways to use Gett for your company’s business transportation needs.

You can use the convenient online portal, access the Gett app on a mobile device, or even request a booking by telephone.

The telephone booking option is only recommended for complicated trips that need further details explained over the phone.

Keep in mind that you will need to access your Account ID in order to successfully complete any telephone bookings.

You can find your account ID next to your company’s name on the booking page of the online portal.

You can also find your main account address on this page.

Below we will go over a detailed account of how to use both the online portal on your computer and the Gett app on your smartphone.

1. Log Onto the Online Portal

To access Gett’s online portal you need to visit the Gett website and click on the business login tab in the top right corner.

Type in your company email and other Gett login details for your business account then you can start booking taxis.  

2. Book on Behalf of a Registered User

If you need to book a cab on behalf of another registered Gett user start by typing in the rider’s name or phone number.

If it is an international number, drop the 00 and add an area code followed by the nine-digit phone number.

Then enter the ride details including the pick-up location, the date, time, and destination.

After that, you click on the select a payment tab before entering a reference number for your company.

Here you can include a personalized message for your driver if necessary.

Text messages with specific details are delivered to the rider’s phone number once the service is booked.

3. Book on Behalf of a Non-Registered User

If you need to book a ride for a non-registered user the process only differs in a few ways.

You will type in the rider’s name, phone number, and ride details as directed above.

Once you get to the payment method screen you can choose between charging the service to your company account or clicking the Cash/Credit option to charge the rider instead.

When the ride is finished the rider can pay with a credit card using Gett’s customer care line at 0207 788 8987.

You can add any personalized notes to the driver, and then you are all done.  

4. Add New Users and Admins

After logging into the Gett online portal, select the admin tab to appoint new administrators and the user tab to add new users.

Enter the employee contact information and make sure you pay close attention to their correct phone numbers and email addresses.

For other users to download the app, you must first send them an invite using the send invite tab.

For any new admin positions, you will need to input a username and a password first.

5. Register a Credit Card

To register a credit card on the online portal, go to Gett’s website and log in.

Now click on the user tab and find your executives.

Click the edit button and then click the new card button.

Then you follow the simple card setup instructions and you will be ready to hail a cab.

6. Export Gett Reports

If you want to view or print all the ride details on your account the information can be exported as a CSV file.

To access your reports you need to select the reports tab.

Then select display and view reports of riders by name, department, or reference code.

You can search for specific rides and times using the available search options.

Input your selected date range and then export the file or view a summary.

7. Download the Gett App

If you want to use the handy Gett mobile app instead of using the online portal, there are three main ways to download it.

You can find the app on the Gett website, the App Store, or the Google Play Store.

8. Register in the Gett App

To register your phone in the app you need to enter your phone number.

Gett will then send you a validation code you must enter to proceed.

Then you can register your card details on the app and you are ready to start booking!

Registering your card is easy, you just have to select the option panel on the app, register your email and then select preferred payment settings.

You can manually insert your card details or scan the card using your camera.

You can register a second card or select the auto tip feature on the app as well.

9. Redeeming Coupons

If you have coupon offers to redeem, select the option panel in the app then select coupon code.

Then you simply enter the code and enjoy your discounted car service.

10. ASAP and Future Bookings on the App

If you need a ride as soon as possible or need to book ahead of time, you can do both using the Gett app.

Start by selecting the Business or Private options in the app.

You can select Now to book immediately or pre-book a cab using the Book a Future Ride option.

A Few Final Thoughts

Getting corporate travelers from point A to point B can be a difficult process.

Until Gett came along it was much more complicated and faced a bevy of logistic challenges that morphed and changed from country to country.

Gett lets you leave all those antiquated booking systems, unmanaged booking mistakes, and limited vehicle options in the past.

The business travel spend management platform has revolutionized corporate ground travel in the past ten years.

There’s a reason why more than a quarter of the Fortune 500 trust Gett to fulfill their ride hailing needs.

Try Gett today and experience peace of mind on every business trip, along with access to over a thousand fleets worldwide.

You will never look at corporate ground travel the same way again.

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