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HyreCar Vehicle Requirements Every Vehicle Must Meet

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If you’re looking to rent out your car through HyreCar, or want to know what requirements your car must meet, read on.

In this blog post, we’ll outline the specific HyreCar vehicle requirements for each vehicle type.

So whether you have a sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, you’ll know exactly what is needed for approval.

What Kind of Vehicle Can You Rent Out With HyreCar?

A rideshare company like Uber delivers different services for various client demands.

HypeCar has a wide selection of vehicle types to help you address these needs.

Some models you can get include:

1. SUVs

HyreCar has minivans and SUVs seating at least six people.

They help you meet vehicle requirements for Lyft and Uber services like UberXL.

Hybrids are ideal for driving groups of friends or families to one destination.

Examples include Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Ford Explorer, and Kia Sorento.

2. Hybrids

The hybrids provide basic yet popular HypeCar rental options.

They deliver better gas mileage to make them perfect for economic rides like Uber X.

These models are also ideal for transporting one to two passengers.

You can also use them for UberEats driving.

Some Hybrids available include the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, and Toyota Prius.

The higher-quality SUV rides mean you earn more per trip than via hybrids.

Do HyreCar Vehicles Have to Meet Uber Standards, Too?

vector graphic showing a clipboard with Uber car requirements on it and an Uber vehicle behind it getting evaluated

HyreCar vehicles need to meet Uber vehicle requirements, involving car registration, age, and configuration.

Uber standards need you to own and present the current registration document.

Besides, different cities have different vehicle age requirements.

Generally, Uber needs your car to be 15 model years old or newer.

  • All-vehicle models must be four-door sedans to operate in Uber ridesharing services.
  • Your sedan must also be able to seat four or more passengers comfortably.

Aside from these, the ridesharing company looks at external qualities.

You want to ensure your vehicle does not have any visible cosmetic damage.

The other standards to meet concern the inspection.

You must complete a car inspection to confirm its condition.

You must also complete a background check procedure if you are a driver.

Standards for Uber Riding Options

You can find different car models that meet various Uber requirements.

Hence, you can get the model that lets you offer specific Uber services.

Your choice allows you to operate as an Uber Black, Uber Pool, Uber Comfort, or UberXL driver.

You need a car with at least five passenger seats with seat belts to meet UberXL requirements.

Uber Comfort needs you to have at least a 4.85-driving rating.

Your vehicle must also meet the least year rule in your city.

Uber Black demands cars not older than six years.

You also need a rating of 4.85 or higher as a driver to be eligible for this option.

How Old Can Your HyreCar Be?

As mentioned above, various cities have different vehicle age restrictions.

For instance, your car must be six years old or newer to operate as Uber Black.

You want a car not older than five years when working under the “Black” Uber category.

HyreCar generally requires your vehicle to be a 2004 model or newer.

Some cities have a 10-year cap on your car age requirements.

Hence, you may face 2012 as the cut-off age depending on your local standards.

Does Your HyreCar Need Insurance?

Your HyreCar needs to have in-state car insurance.

You also need to provide the insurance details as a vehicle owner upon finding a renter.

You do not need individual insurance as a driver on HyreCar.

Instead, you get ridesharing insurance by HyreCar once you get your rental.

You upload the insurance details into the specific food delivery or ridesharing app.

The ridesharing insurance offers damage protection and liability coverage.

It also incorporates a high deductible.

The insurance covers you only when active on the app delivering food or driving.

The coverage includes a $50,000 physical damage cap and a $1,000,000 liability cap.

It has a $2,500 deductible, which you pay for physical damage claims.

HypeCar insurance’s validity depends on a driver’s occupational coverage from a driving network.

It is wise to get a Lyft or Uber account to be in good standing.

Otherwise, the company may hold you fully liable for any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a hand holding a clipboard and inspecting a vehicle to see if it meets the hyrecar vehicle requirements standards

How Often Do Cars Need Inspection for HyreCar?

Carsharing providers like Uber need vehicle inspection at least once a year.

You can conduct the 19-point inspection once per year.

Regulations may also vary in different states.
Thus, ensure to verify local rules for a valid assessment.

Can There Be Any Damage to Your Car?

Conducting a car inspection lets you know if your vehicle has any damages.

You can inspect it remotely via a ridesharing mechanic.

Sometimes your vehicle may have minor scratches that pass inspection.

The HypeCar rental driver will take photos before pickup to avoid mistaken liability.

How to Apply For HyreCar

You want a rideshare company like Lyft or Uber to approve you before applying.

Renting on HyreCar as an unofficial driver means you cannot make any money from your rental.

After signing up with your ridesharing provider, you can apply for HyreCar.

The application includes the following steps:

Select a Vehicle

Visit the HyreCar website, choose your most suitable models and click “Book Now.”

After that, enter the dates you wish to book the vehicle.

HyreCar needs you to book the car for at least two days.

Make a Deposit

Enter your payment details, with a $200 refundable deposit needed when using a debit card.

You can avoid the deposit if you use a credit card.

Additionally, you can connect your Uber account as a first-time renter.

This step lets HyreCar verify you as an approved Uber driver.

It also allows you to verify revenue, mileage, and profits.

HyreCar charges you once a car owner accepts your booking request.

Pick Up Your Vehicle

Communicate with the car owner to arrange a meeting time to get the vehicle.

You receive insurance information up to 24 hours before the pickup time.

Upload the registration and insurance to Lyft or Uber immediately after reception.

Ensure the car has no damage.

Ask the owner for the 19-point inspection.

You can also ask HyreCar to get a certified rideshare mechanic for examination.

You can take pictures of any damage during your meeting to avoid future blame.

After the inspection, pick up the car and hit the road.

Wrapping Up

You can find various rental companies such as Turo and HyreCar.

Unlike Turo, HyreCar rents specifically for drivers who do not have personal cars.

It also has many vehicle requirements and types to meet other ride sharing comforts.

The application generates all the paperwork necessary to drive with the rideshare companies.

HypeCar may be an ideal and convenient choice for Lyft and Uber drivers.

Contact us today to find the perfect HyreCar model for your ridesharing needs!

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