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iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed Review: Is iDriveSafely Legit?

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Learning how to drive is an important part of growing up. It used to be that driver’s ed was a boring, lecture-based class that we all had to do during high school. Today, however, there are other options, such as online programs. We’re going to take a closer look at one of these programs, known as iDriveSafely. Keep reading for our full iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed review.

What is iDriveSafely?

iDriveSafely is one of the largest online traffic schools in the industry. They use online learning tools to teach driver’s ed, adult driver’s ed, defensive driving, and more. It’s 100% online drivers ed, and courses can be completed at your own pace.

iDriveSafely specializes in defensive driving courses and traffic school for adults. There is an iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed program for teens, but it’s run through the company’s sister site, Thus, if you see mention of a driver’s ed program on iDriveSafely’s website, the course will be run via

iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed Review

As mentioned, online driver’s ed courses through iDriveSafely are actually offered by To learn more about these programs, check out our full review. For now, here’s a quick iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed review:

  • Courses are 100% online
  • In-person drive training is also available for an additional cost
  • Prepares you to apply for a permit and pass the necessary tests
  • Can be completed at your own pace
  • Complete the course on your computer or other device
  • iDriveSafely answers can be checked at any time
  • Very affordable
  • Very quick
  • Engaging and entertaining

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Frequently Asked Questions

To address some common questions we’ve received, we put together this FAQ section.

How Much Does iDriveSafely Cost?

Program cost varies by state. For a Driver’s Ed program, prices start from just $24.95 for the online portion. Of course, your teen will still need to complete the state mandated driver training with actual drives, but in many states this portion can be taught by the parent. Click the link for the current iDriveSafely coupon code and offers.

Is iDriveSafely Legit?

Absolutely. This is one of the biggest companies in the online driver training industry. They’ve served more than 11 million customers and counting. Simply put, they are one of the best online traffic schools out there.

Is iDriveSafely DMV Approved?

In many states, yes. iDriveSafely has DMV-approved driver’s ed programs in most states. They design their courses to meet or exceed the standards set forward by state regulatory bodies.

Click here to check if driver’s ed is available in your state.

How Does iDriveSafely Work?

iDriveSafely offers online educational resources and courses. For driver’s ed, they cover all the required material that would normally be covered in a face-to-face classroom setting. They also offer package deals that include training drives with local licensed drive instructors.

All the coursework will be completed online, via a web browser or smartphone app. You can complete the work at your own pace. When you finish the requirements, you will be mailed or emailed a Certificate of Completion, which can then be used to obtain a learner’s permit.

Is There an iDriveSafely Coupon Code?

From time to time, iDriveSafely does run special sales. Check for an iDriveSafely coupon code here.

Where Can I Learn More?

To learn more, you can head over to As we mentioned, if you’re looking specifically for driver’s ed for teens and young adults, those programs run through (but you can find information on the program on either site). These two websites used to be separate companies, but they merged back in 2015 to form eDriving.

At any time feel free to check other online traffic schools such as:

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