COVID 2020: Unemployment Guide for Rideshare Drivers

In the wake of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, states across the nation have instituted “lockdowns” in an attempt to slow or stop the spread of the virus. The good news is lockdowns work. The bad news is that rideshare drivers will need to stay in lockdown for several more weeks. And each of these weeks is a week that Uber and Lyft drivers (as well as many others, of course) are earning no money. Here’s how to survive this stressful time.

New Survey Data: Rideshare Driver Income Down By 80% Since Coronavirus Lockdowns Began

Uber drivers are being financially devastated by the coronavirus. Many have chosen to stop driving in order to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19. Others have continued driving but demand has plummeted and they’re making next to nothing now. Three fourths of drivers reported having trouble paying for gasoline last week.