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How To [Quickly] Call The Instacart Phone Number In 2023

For the quickest help, save the Instacart phone number. Despite its vast reach, Instacart ensures round-the-clock quality service. This article will show how to contact the company using the number, and provide tips for maximizing its use.

Key Information

Immediate Support

Instacart provides a customer support number, 1(888)246-7822, available 24/7 for both shoppers and customers.

Reasons to Call

Shoppers: payment issues, delivery problems, or harassment. Customers: app issues, overcharging, or poor shopper communication.

Distinct Feature

Unlike many on-demand apps, Instacart always maintained a public customer support number for easy access to assistance.

Support Alternatives:

While phone support is English-only, users can seek assistance through other channels, like email, the online help center, and social media platforms.

Instacart Phone Number

Unlike other on-demand apps like Uber and Lyft, which don’t have public phone numbers for everyday support, Instacart has always had a customer support number to make it easy to get the help you need.

Instacart’s phone number is 1(888)246-7822.

When you call this number, you’ll be able to start a live conversation with a member of the Instacart Community Operations team fairly quickly.

Though the exact turnaround may vary based on demand, you can rest assured that someone will be on the line as soon as possible.

This phone line is available 24/7 to both Instacart workers and customers, so even if you have a sudden inquiry at midnight, you won’t be left hanging until the standard work day begins. All you need to do is dial the Instacart phone number using your smartphone or landline.

What Can You Get Help With?

The Instacart phone number is best used for questions or problems that you need resolved as soon as possible.

This way, you’re not holding up the line for anyone who truly needs an immediate response — especially important since the line is shared by thousands of Instacart shoppers and customers.

For Instacart shoppers, some issues that would warrant a phone call may include times when:

  • Your payment card balance is low upon checkout.
  • Your customer isn’t answering their door or their phone during the scheduled time frame.
  • Your customer’s contact information or address appears to be incorrect.
  • You didn’t get paid in time or your pay didn’t match your last week’s earnings.
  • You feel harassed by a customer or fellow shopper in any way.

For Instacart customers, you may choose to call the grocery delivery service when:

  • Your Instacart shopper doesn’t arrive within your scheduled delivery window and isn’t responding to your messages.
  • You’re having app issues while trying to make an urgent same-day delivery request.
  • You’ve been overcharged for your groceries, service fee, or delivery fee.
  • Your credit card is being declined, even though it hasn’t expired and has a high enough available balance.
  • You feel harassed by a shopper or fellow customer in any way.

Of course, the situations listed above are only a fraction of the potential issues that may require a fast response. You may also use the Instacart phone number for more complex situations that would be best explained and discussed over the phone.

Go to your current order page in your Instacart Shopper app. Then, tap on the chat icon in the upper right-hand corner to start a in-app text conversation (usually the preferred method of communication).

You can always get the answers you need for less time-sensitive inquiries by using alternate Instacart customer service channels, including email and the online help center.

You can also try reaching out through the company’s social media channels, as the company actively engages with users on both Facebook and Twitter.

These alternate channels should still lead to answers within a couple business days (often less), and may even allow you to include helpful screenshots.

Can I Call My Instacart Customer or Shopper?

Though the Instacart phone number is a great support channel for most situations, sometimes it can make more sense to call your customer or shopper directly during a trip.

The grocery delivery service makes it possible for users and workers to communicate with each other, but only during the shopping and delivery window.

Instacart’s in-app text and call features are safe and secure channels in which no one’s personal contact information will be shared.

To learn how to reach out to your customer or shopper without their exact phone number, read below.

woman talking on the Instacart phone number with an Instacart support specialist

How to Contact a Customer (As a Shopper)

Instacart shoppers most often need to reach out to customers when a requested item is out of stock at the grocery store. In this case, you’ll need a real-time response to figure out if the customer wants a replacement or wants to remove the item from the cart.

Customers may also find it helpful when you let them know you’re checking out, heading to their delivery location, or running a little behind.

While you don’t have access to customers’ phone numbers, shoppers can still contact customers from within the Instacart Shopper app.

Go to your current order page in your Instacart Shopper app. Then, tap on the chat icon in the upper right-hand corner to start a in-app text conversation (usually the preferred method of communication).

For customers who note that they don’t want to receive chat messages or that they’re using a landline, you’ll have the option to call from the order page.

How to Contact a Shopper (As a Customer)

Customers may also need to get in touch with their assigned Instacart shoppers every once in a while.

Common situations where you may need to reach out include when you want recommendations for a replacement, need to make some last-minute changes, or forgot to add an important special request or delivery note.

To reach your personal shopper while they’re on their grocery trip, open your Instacart app and then open your current order. Next, tap the chat icon in the upper right-hand corner to write and send your message.

Currently, there’s no way for customers to call shoppers, so if you don’t have a smartphone, your best alternative is to jump on the Instacart website, tap “View order status” toward the bottom of your page, and select the chat icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

With all the channels offered by Instacart, getting the support you need isn’t too difficult.

To learn more about how you can get customer service, read our answers to these four commonly asked questions:

1. Can I text Instacart through the Instacart phone number?

Unfortunately, this customer service number can only be used to make phone calls.

Instacart also doesn’t offer live chat, which means calling the phone number is the only way to get a live conversation going with a member of the Community Support team.

2. Will I need to provide any personal information over the phone?

Instacart team members may ask for your contact information to help resolve issues that are specific to your account.

This should be information that you’ve already provided the company in the past, unless other information is relevant to the situation.

Because you may share personal information, it’s important to make sure you are dialing the right number on your phone.

We recommend copying the number on your smartphone — for easy reference, it’s 1(888)246-7822 — and saving it as a contact.

3. If I run into issues with an order, can I call Instacart through my Instacart Shopper app?


If you need help after starting a grocery trip, your order page should have an information icon that you can tap.

From there, select “Call Support” to get connected to the Community Support team.

You’ll be connected to the same line that you would when calling the main Instacart phone number.

This is just a convenient way to access the phone line when you don’t have the number saved on your phone and you’re out and about.

4. Can I get phone support in different languages?

Unfortunately, phone support is only offered in English at this time.

This is because Uber’s offices are based in the United States and in Toronto, Canada — all locations where the official language is English.

If you’d prefer help in a different language, it may be worth emailing the company at [email protected] instead of calling the Instacart phone number.

Team members may be better equipped to forward your email to someone who speaks your preferred language through this channel, as this will give them more time to find a Community Support member who can accommodate your request.

Reach Out Instantly

With Instacart customer service just a phone call away for all current and prospective Instacart shoppers and users, help is easy to get.

Through this channel, you can start a helpful, live conversation with experts who can assist in resolving your questions or problems.

The grocery delivery company is always at the other end of the line — no matter what day or time you’re calling.

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