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Instacart Promo Code Coronavirus Promotions

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Do you stress about being able to pay for groceries?

Before you put off ordering food, consider some Instacart promo code coronavirus promotions.

The right promo code may make your next grocery bill much more affordable.

Then, you won’t have to decide if you can eat or pay your rent.

Keep reading to learn more.

Instacart Popularity During Coronavirus Outbreak

After the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, Instacart saw a massive increase in online grocery delivery orders.

People didn’t feel as comfortable leaving their homes to get food, so they turned to apps and websites such as Instacart.

New customers joined the app to start ordering same-day delivery on necessities.

While some people have started going back to the store, others have continued to use grocery delivery services.

This is true for more vulnerable populations.

However, anyone with a busy schedule can take advantage of Instacart delivery.

Having a promo code can make the service even better.

How to Get an Instacart Promo Code

You can get an Instacart promo code in a few ways.

For one, you can look online using Google to find a few coupon sites.

These sites compile coupons and codes that can help you save money on your next Instacart order.

New customers can get their first delivery for free after creating an account.

If you have yet to place a delivery order, make sure you get that free option.

After you sign up, you can use an Instacart referral code to get up to $50 $50 for the first five referrals when you refer your friends.

Your first five friends to sign up will also get a $10 credit on their accounts.

So if you haven’t signed up but know someone with an account, ask if they have a referral code.

While it’s not technically a promo code, you can also save money if you have a rewards card for certain grocery stores.

Instacart will prompt you to enter your card number to save.

Instacart Promo Code Coronavirus Promotions For 2023

When looking for Instacart promo code Coronavirus promotions, it can be hard to find good ones.

You may be able to wait a couple of days to find a better coupon, but don’t wait too long or the good deals may go away.

If you’re looking for Instacart promo codes during 2023, consider some of the following options.

vector graphic showing an instacart driver dropping off an order to a waiting customer - to go in instacart promo code coronavirus post

Instacart Promo Codes for Free Delivery

During 2023, you can use the Instacart promo code:


This code will give you free delivery on your next order of at least $10.

Delivery fees can add up, so if you have SNAP benefits or are otherwise on a budget, be sure to use this code.

Speaking of SNAP benefits, you can get free online grocery delivery when you use those benefits to pay for your next Instcart order.

Other free delivery promotions don’t require codes.

For example, you can spend $35 on winter essentials and not have to spend money on delivery during February.

Instacart Promo Codes for Discount

If you want to save money on your overall order, consider using the code:


This code will get you $20 off your order with a minimum order total of $30.

You can use it at almost any grocery store that partners with Instacart.

The order can be for food or other necessities.

Another excellent Instacart discount code is:


If you spend at least $10 at any retail store, you can get $10 off.

In theory, that means you would only need to pay for delivery and other associated fees.

People who order from Instacart often should use the code:


Not only can this code get you $20 off a $30 order, but you can get a total of $60 off your next three orders.

You can save $20 each on the next few orders you place using Instacart.

Instacart Coupon Codes

One of the best coupon codes is:


This code will get you 50% off your next order of at least $10.

If you’re planning to place a large grocery order, this code may help you save a lot of money.

People with an Instacart Express membership can get 5% off eligible orders with no specific code.

You can use the code:


With this code, you’ll get $15 off your purchase at a local store.

This can be an excellent incentive to support a new store in your area.

Plus, you’ll get your groceries and other necessities in the process.

Popular Instacart Deals

One of the most popular Instacart deals is the first free delivery.

When you open a new Instacart account, you can get the first order without paying the delivery fee.

Now, you shouldn’t create a bunch of fake accounts to get more free delivery, but it can be a good reason to sign up for the first time.

Another excellent deal is the ability to refer friends and get $10 in credit.

If you know friends who want to use the service, ask them to use your code so that you can both save money.

How to Use a Promo Code on Instacart

Once you have a promo code, you’ll need to determine how to use it.

Shopping on Instacart can be expensive, so be sure to enter any code you have before finalizing your order.

Whether you decide to order on the app or website, you can follow a few steps to enter your promo code.

Then, you can make sure the code is valid when you place the order.

If it’s not, be sure to look for an activation code.

The codes can change frequently, so what worked a few months ago probably won’t work today.

Luckily, entering a code isn’t too difficult.

Step by Step Instructions for the App

In your Instacart app, you’ll want to find the three lines in the upper left corner.

Look for “Credits, promos, and gift cards” and tap on that.

Next, you should see the option to Redeem your Instacart promo code.

Add your code, verify that you didn’t mistype anything, and hit Redeem to add the code to your account.

Whenever you’re ready to make your next online grocery delivery order, you can have the code apply to your purchase.

Then, you won’t have to worry about finding an active code when you’re trying to order your food.

Step by Step Instructions for the Website

If you prefer to order groceries on your computer, you can still apply a coupon code to your account.

The steps are almost the same, but there are a few differences.

First, you will look for the same three lines in the top left corner of your screen.

At this point, you should see the option to “Add Promo or Gift Card” to your account.

Click on that and add the promo code number.

If you can’t copy and paste the number, you can type it and make sure it looks correct.

Finally, hit “Add to account” for the code to apply.

Like with the app, you can use that code when you order groceries next.

Step by Step Instructions for Checkout

If you’re in the middle of an order but realize you have a promo code, you can add one when you checkout.

After you finish filling your cart, you’ll be able to review the order.

There should be an option on the website and app to “Add promo code” before you pay for the food with your credit card.

The code will apply to that order immediately, so you can finish it quickly.

Step by Step Instructions for Promos Without Codes

While you can find an Instacart promo code, you may want to access promotions that don’t have codes.

In that case, you’ll need to check your email, texts, or Instacart app for a notification.

Then, you can click on the link in a message to load the app and activate the credit.

That will apply that promo to your next order.

How Much Does Instacart Cost?

The cost of Instacart can vary from order to order.

For one, you have to consider the cost of the food you’re buying.

But you also have to think about delivery fees, service fees, tips, and more.

Consider some information on pricing.

vector graphic showing a costco instacart driver outside of a costco store to pick up a delivery


Orders over $35 will cost $3.99 for delivery.

You may need to pay more for orders that are less than $35, and you’ll need to buy at least $10 worth of items to qualify for delivery.

Other fees that apply include a heavy fee for heavier items, services fees for general Instacart operations and shoppers, and priority fees for quicker delivery.

How Can I Get Free Instacart Delivery?

You can get free Instacart delivery on your first order with a new account.

After that, you’ll need a promo code, or you can pay for Instacart Express to get free delivery on orders over $35.

Wrapping Up

Instacart promo code coronavirus promotions can help you save money during the pandemic.

Whether you’ve lost your job or have started working less, you may not have as much money for groceries.

But if you don’t want to venture to the store yourself, Instacart can help.

Look for some promo codes and coupons to lower the cost of your next order.

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