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Insulated Food Delivery Bag: An Essential For Delivery Drivers

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An insulated food delivery bag is one of the essentials that every Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub delivery driver needs.

Learn how to get a food delivery bag, why you need one, and how to use it properly.

What Is an Insulated Delivery Food Bag?

An insulated grocery delivery bag is a particular type of bag made for transporting food.

While anyone can use an insulated food bag, they’re mainly geared towards delivery drivers.

If you’ve ever had pizza delivered, you likely saw the delivery person bringing the pizza in an insulated pizza delivery bag.

An insulated delivery bag can be used to keep food hot or cold.

Due to the thick layer of insulation in these delivery bags, food will stay warm or cold for up to a few hours, depending on the bag.

Who Needs an Insulated Delivery Food Bag?

Every delivery driver should have an insulated food delivery bag, regardless of which company you are working for.

DoorDash Dashers

According to DoorDash, merchants may require all drivers delivering their orders to have such a bag.

Therefore, to ensure you don’t lose out on earning opportunities, it is essential to have a hot bag.

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Grubhub Delivery Drivers

Grubhub is very clear that it requires all drivers to use an insulated hot bag when delivering orders.

I’ll talk more about how to get a free hot bag from Grubhub in a bit.

Until you get a free bag, you can use any kind of insulated bag – it doesn’t have to be one with the Grubhub logo.

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Where Can You Get an Insulated Delivery Food Bag?

When delivering for a restaurant, your employer will likely provide you with a food delivery backpack.

When working for DoorDash, Grubhub, or another food delivery service, things may be slightly unclear.

Today, I’ll explain exactly how to pick up a free or paid insulated bag.

DoorDash Store

The DoorDash Store sells insulated hot bags and other equipment for DoorDash drivers at reasonable prices.

However, DoorDash doesn’t require you to use a branded DoorDash hot bag.

Indeed, you can use any hot bag from any store.

In some markets, DoorDash provides new drivers with a free activation kit.

This kit includes a hot bag to keep items warm.

This Welcome Kit comes with a Red Card and a Getting Started Manual, replacing an in-person orientation.

The Red Card is what you will use to pay for orders when picking them up from restaurants.

The Welcome Kit can take up to four business days to arrive via USPS, so be patient.

Once it’s shipped, you’ll be able to track it.

In the meantime, you’ll be able to use any insulated hot bag.

To get your Welcome Kit, select it as your orientation method when signing up to be a Dasher.

If you don’t see the option, it’s probably not available in your market.

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Grubhub Driver Shop

The Grubhub Driver Shop is another excellent place to buy insulated food bags.

Insulated bags are available in different sizes and at different prices.

Some bags may have shoulder straps and even cup holders.

There’s a bag for everyone.

However, if you are a new Grubhub driver, don’t worry – Grubhub will send you a free insulated hot bag after your first delivery, so you won’t have to spend money on a bag yourself.

Grubhub does this due to its clear requirement that all drivers must have such a bag.

For your first delivery, you’ll have to make do with another insulated food bag.

You can borrow one from a friend or purchase a cheap one at a local shop or online.


There are many great insulated delivery bags available for purchase on

You can click here to see available bags.

Availability may vary.

Prices on Amazon generally start from around $15 and go up to around $50, depending on the size and quality of the bag.

Make sure to read reviews, and try to see if any other delivery drivers have used the bag you’re considering and were satisfied.  


WebstaurantStore is an ecommerce site serving the food delivery industry.

You can buy restaurant and delivery supplies.

You can find food delivery bags here.

They start from around $14, depending on size and quality.

How to Use an Insulated Delivery Food Bag

Food delivery bags will typically keep orders warm for 2-3 hours.

When delivering for Doordash or Grubhub, you’ll almost always finish the order in a shorter period than that.

Here’s how to use a food delivery bag.

vector graphic showing a row of insulated food delivery bags next to one another with various food delivery service logos on each

Follow these instructions to ensure the food you deliver stays warm and correctly sealed when you arrive at the customer’s house.

  1. Once you arrive at the restaurant, bring the bag with you into the restaurant so you can place the food in the bag immediately.
  2. If the bag has a strap to secure the food in place, use it. Similarly, if it has a cup holder, put the drink in the cup holder if possible.
  3. Close and zip the bag entirely.
  4. Make sure to place the package in the bag upright and not sideways.
  5. Put the bag securely on the passenger’s seat or in your trunk.
  6. Consider using ropes to tie the bag into place.
  7. Avoid making sudden stops, as that can cause the bag to lurch forward and the food to spill out of its container.
  8. When arriving at your destination, take the bag with you if you are entering an apartment building and will need time to find the correct apartment. Hold the bag upright.
  9. Once you reach the customer’s front door, open the bag and hand the food to them or leave it at their door, as specified in their instructions.

If you are delivering on a bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle, consider using something to fill up the space so the food doesn’t spill or get ruined.

You can use a heat pack or even packaging filler materials.

How to Clean an Insulated Delivery Food Bag

Clean your insulated food delivery bag regularly to keep your deliveries clean and your customers happy.

Also, clean the bag after any food or drink has been spilled.

1. Soak in Soapy Warm Water

Start by soaking the bag in warm, soapy water.

Use a gentle dishwashing soap or detergent.

Fill the bag up with water and leave it to soak.

Thirty minutes is usually enough, but you may need more time if the insulated backpack is filthy and has many dried food particles on it.

2. Rinse Off

After soaking the bag, pour out the water.

Proceed to wash the inner and outer sides of the bag with warm water.

I recommend using a sponge to clean off any stubborn food particles.

Make sure to clean out the corners and crevices as well.

3. Hang to Dry

Finally, hang the bag out to dry.

It’s probably not a good idea to put it in the dryer.

Instead, leave it on your porch, on a clothesline, or in direct sunlight if you live in an apartment.

If you don’t have any of that, leave it to dry overnight in your apartment, or use a fan to help it dry quicker.

Make sure the bag is open when drying it out so that it doesn’t start smelling of mold and humidity.

Final Word

Using an insulated food delivery bag, even if not required, will help you keep your customers satisfied.

Uber Eats, for example, doesn’t require you to use one, but use one anyway.

You’ll get more and bigger tips and earn more money, and customers will rate you better (if the platform allows them to rate you).

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