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Is Instacart Full-Time?

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Instacart is a contract opportunity that allows anyone to earn money by shopping.

You earn relative to the time you spend working.

But is Instacart full-time realistically?

It depends on the regulations and terms of shopper contracts.

Let’s discuss the specifics of work as an Instacart shopper including the terms and limits.

In the process, we will assess whether it works better as a full-time job or a side job.

We’ll wrap up by explaining how to maximize your gains through Instacart so you can get the most out of being a shopper.

Is Instacart Full-Time?

Instacart workers are contractors, meaning that they are neither full-time nor part-time.

There are two major kinds of shoppers at Instacart: full-service and in-store.

Full-service shoppers get to set their weekly hours and customize their schedules.

A full-service Instacart shopper can work 32 to 40 hours per week, which is full-time work by US standards.

In-store shoppers have hours based on the grocer where they work.

These types of contractors may work for as long as the supplier stays open.

They generally have fewer opportunities than full-service workers.

Can Instacart Be a Full-Time Job?

If you work as a full-service shopper with Instacart, you are free to take as many hours as you wish.

You can even take on the workload of a full-time employee.

Your earnings depend on the availability of work and other conditions.

How Many Hours Can You Work a Day With Instacart?

As a full-service shopper, you can work as many hours per day as you please.

There is no internal limit as long as work is available.

But as an in-store shopper, your hours depend on the working hours of your retailer.

How Much Money Can You Make With Instacart?

Instacart is a flexible venture that has high earning potential for those who commit to it often.

Let’s analyze the variable max income of someone working as a full-service shopper for over 8 hours per day.

Instacart Full-time Salary Range

In some situations, Instacart shoppers have been able to earn as much as $1,900 per week working full-time.

A realistic example of daily earnings is in this video, where a shopper earns about $113 after over 8 hours of work. 

In general, a full-time Instacart shopper’s income will depend on job availability and demand.

You can expect weekly earnings between $800 and $1,200 when devoting at least eight hours each day. 

Tips for Instacart Shoppers

Since your income as a shopper depends on job availability, what are some ways you can improve it?

The first and easiest tip is to be ready in an area around several partnered retail stores.

That way, you can respond to orders quickly and lessen the driving necessary to earn payments. 

Efficiency is key since you will spend time waiting on new orders to come in.

The less time you spend completing jobs, the sooner you can accept new ones to earn more cash.

Is Instacart a Full-Time Opportunity or a Good Side Job?

Earning $1,000 per week should total to around $52,000 per year, which sounds like a great full-time opportunity.

But when you account for breaks, downtime, and other factors, your earnings drop. 

Instacart makes a better side job because batch availability fluctuates.

You cannot guarantee that an order will always be ready whenever you are.

An average Instacart worker spends much of their day waiting.

Some days have more batches than others, so your daily income changes often. 

While the earning potential is fairly high with Instacart, the truth is that it is too random to be a stable job.

As a result, it may not fit most people’s idea of a full-time position.

How to Earn More Money With Instacart

While it may not constitute full-time pay for most, Instacart can be a great money-making opportunity if you know how to make the most of it.

Here are some of the best ways to do that.

Claim Busy Hours

Instacart orders, also called batches, are more common during certain hours.

Sunday is one of the service’s busiest days and most people request shopping during the middle of the day.

You may spend more time in traffic, but you won’t spend as long waiting for orders to arrive. 

Work in a High Demand Area

Work availability depends on need, and some areas have higher degrees of it than others.

High-demand locations feature several partnered stores in the same relative proximity.

Try looking for work areas close to many retailers to increase the odds of receiving work.

Malls, busy intersections, and shopping centers are prime choices.

Drive a Fuel-Efficient Car

Instacart does not pay for gas despite paying for the groceries customers order.

As a result, you can lessen work expenses by driving a small, fuel-efficient car.

Full-service contractors spend much of their income on gas while on the clock.

Reducing this expenditure means more of your paychecks for you to keep.

Make a Shopping Plan

Downtime is inefficient for an Instacart shopper.

Familiarize yourself with the stores you shop at.

Then, you can make a plan about how to move throughout the store.

Doing so allows you to finish quickly and maximize your availability for more jobs and more income.

Move Quickly

Once again, picking up the pace saves time and earns you more money.

Try putting a spring in your step to get more shopping done quickly.

Be Careful With Replacements

Instacart customers decide on replacements for items during their order.

Often they choose specific swap-outs, but many ask the shopper to decide.

An unsatisfactory replacement results in lost money and wasted time, so be cautious.

Provide Excellent Service

Instacart lets its contractors keep 100% of their tips.

Providing excellent service means more cash for you.

Speedy service is excellent, too.

The smallest suggested tip is $2 per order, but the earnings stack up noticeably after a day’s work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up, let’s address some questions many people ask about Instacart’s full-time potential.

Is Instacart worth it as a job?

Instacart, like other contract positions, has benefits and drawbacks.

The primary advantages are setting your schedule and earning decent money.

The disadvantages are that Instacart workers are not employees and receive no benefits.

They must pay for work-related expenses like gas on their own. 

If you want a job that gives you the freedom to work as much as you want on your time, Instacart is one of the best choices.

What pays more — Instacart or DoorDash?

Instacart and Doordash have comparable base pay.

DoorDash has more promotions and offers for its contractors, such as Guaranteed Earnings.

While both services depend on demand, DoorDash contractors tend to make more money on average.

Wrapping Up

So, is Instacart full-time?

Instacart does not have the consistency to be an ideal full-time position.

But if you work hard, being a full-service shopper can bring in a lot of cash.

You’ll need to take advantage of busy hours, planning, and tips to make a liveable wage out of Instacart.

All in all, the job works best as a side gig.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Even if it isn’t full-time, Instacart might still be a lucrative opportunity for you.

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