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Has it ever crossed your mind to become a delivery driver with Uber Eats?

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Is Uber Eats worth it?”

If you become an Uber Eats driver, you’ll be an independent contractor, and you’ll get paid to pick up and drop off food orders.

We’ve researched what current drivers have to say about working for UberEats, common problems, and the application process.

We will also inform you on how much they get paid, the way you go about signing up to deliver, and the overall experience of the job.

If driving for Uber Eats seems like a gig that you can get behind, continue reading for further details.

What Is Driving for Uber Eats Like?

If you have some spare time, driving for Uber Eats is an easy way to make some extra cash on the side.

Signing up is a simple and easy process; the app will give you precise instructions for picking up orders and delivering them to your customers.

Moreover, with Uber Eats, you’re not under any obligation to schedule your hours in advance.

Uber Eats has the Boost and Surge promotions to help you if you wish to earn even more money.

How Much Physical Work Does Uber Eats Require?

Having good customer service is among the primary skills needed to possess as an Uber Eats driver.

Even though you’ll spend the better part of your time on the road, it’s all about the customer when you get to your destination.

No weight requirements or physical work required for this food delivery service besides light walking.

How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make?

vector graphic of an uber eats driver riding a bike and money icons flying out behind him to show how much do uber eats drivers make

You won’t have a flat hourly rate as an Uber Eats driver; instead, you will get paid per delivery.

Your per delivery pay is base fare + trip supplement + promotions + tips.

Below is a breakdown of each of these factors.

  • Base pay: This figure depends on when you pick the food up and the drop-off, and the distance. So if you have a large order at a popular and busy restaurant, your base rate will be higher.
  • Trip Supplement: This factor is new, and it takes into consideration how much time you spend traveling and the traveling distance. That adds a little bulk to your check, and it will get displayed on the receipt for every order.
  • Promotions: There are two types of incentives that Uber Eats offers the drivers.
  • The Boost and Surge pricing promotions increase the amount you can make during your shift.

They are usually available during peak busy hours throughout the year, such as holidays.

When they are available, you’ll see them on the home screen in the Uber Eats app.

You’ll notice that there is an upfront guaranteed minimum in the Uber Eats driver app available to see before each delivery is accepted.

Once you’ve completed the order, you can view the precise amount made for base pay, the promotion, and the trip supplement.

With Uber Eats, 100% of the tips you make are yours; your tips can be paid in cash when you deliver or in the app.

You’ll get paid between $8 and $15 each hour, on average.

There’s such a wide range for the earnings due to the time you deliver.

If you work during busy hours, you’ll get more money.

That means, if you really want to make a good profit, try to deliver during major sporting events, in the evenings, on holidays, and on the weekend.


Since you’re an independent contractor, you’re responsible for withholding money for taxes.

During tax season, Uber will send you a 1099-MISC form.

Many drivers are known to use an app like Everlance to keep track of their mileage so they can make the right mileage deduction from their taxes.

Doing so will keep more money in your pocket.

How Much Do Uber Eats Customers Tip Drivers?

vector graphic of a man handing cash to delivery person for uber eats tipping suggestion

When paying for your total, Uber Eats suggests an 18% tip.

This amount can get adjusted; however, the recommended tip amount is 15-20%, which happens to be standard within the restaurant industry.

How Much Does Uber Eats Take From Drivers In Fees?

An Uber Eats driver receives a minimum of $4.47.

The Uber service fee can vary according to the vehicle type.

They will take 30% for bikes and 25% for cars and scooters.

Pros and Cons of Driving with Uber Eats

Pros of Driving with Uber Eats

  • It is an easy way to earn extra money
  • The job is flexible you can choose your hours
  • There are promotions available to earn more money

Cons of Driving with Uber Eats

  • You will put additional wear and tear on your car
  • It is not a very high paying side job
  • If you have an older, smartphone the driver app can be glitchy

Common Problems Uber Eats Drivers Run Into

Vector image with person holding phone and showing the ways how to contact uber eats and wondering is uber eats worth it

There are a few problems that Uber Eats drivers have complained about regarding picking up and delivering the orders.

Double Orders

According to some drivers, it’s easy to get a double order from the same restaurant.

When you get to the establishment, the first order is ready, but you have to wait for the second one.

After waiting for so long, you probably realize that you’re going to be late with the first order, and so you opt just to leave and get the first order to the customer.

While it is possible just to cancel a double order, it’s best to notify the customer of delayed delivery.

Missing Items

Another issue you may run into as a driver is that one or more food items are missing.

In these cases, you will contact the customer immediately after you contact Uber support line.

Often, the customer will inform you of what they want you to replace.

There will be many times when you don’t know that an item is missing until you get to the food counter to verify the order.

That is due to long lines, especially at popular restaurants.

If more than one food item is missing, you must get ready to make an order cancellation.

You have to contact the support center and the customer as well.

Ultimately, the decision is theirs.

They will likely cancel, but your job is to deliver the food, so you must be content with that if you have to wait.

Curbside Delivery

One of the most annoying problems you may encounter is when you reach your delivery location, and it’s blocked or sealed off.

You may have to wait for a long time to get a response from the customer, but you still have to wait there.

Call the customer right away and explain the situation.

They usually understand and will be receptive to the delay, understanding that it wasn’t your fault.

They probably don’t want to give you the entrance code to their home, so expect that they will come to the curb to get the food from you in most cases.

How to Sign up as an Uber Eats Driver

vector graphic of a man riding an uber eats bicycle

You can become an Uber Eats driver without first becoming a regular Uber driver.

Check out the Uber requirements you’ll need to meet below:

Uber Eats Driver Requirements

  • You have to be at least 19 years old ( if you want to be a Uber eats bike rider, you only have to be 18)
  • You must have a valid driver’s license
  • You need proof of car insurance as well as your vehicle registration
  • You need to have a smartphone (to download the Uber Eats driver app you need an Android or an iPhone)

Vehicle Requirements

  • There are minimal vehicle requirements to sign up with Uber Eats.
  • You must be at least 19 years of age
  • Your vehicle must have two or four doors and built after 1998
  • The vehicle and your driver’s license has to be valid
  • You have to have been driving for at least one year in the United States

Background Check

The Uber background check is the last step when you apply to be an Uber Eats driver.

Safety is of the utmost importance to Uber.

You will get disqualified from your candidacy if your Uber Eats background check shows that you have had a criminal offense within the last seven years.

Similar to a Postmates background check, the company has to review your personal and criminal records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Uber Eats employment opportunities:

Can You Drive for Uber and Uber Eats at the Same Time?

You can drive for both Uber and Uber Eats, and in fact, it’s encouraged for the drivers that are eligible to do so.

You can use the Uber driver to make both kinds of deliveries.

If you can handle it, you can get both Uber Eats delivery orders and passenger requests during your shift.

Does Uber Pay for Gas?

Uber will not pay the gas that their drivers use while on the clock.

The driver has to pay for their fuel every time they fulfill an order.

The reason for this is because they are not employees of Uber, but relatively independent contractors.

That means that they just pay for any expenses incurred while on the job.

What Is the Best Car for Food Delivery?

This question is tricky because there are a lot of small cars that could be suitable for the position.

What seems to be a growing trend is the Honda Civic or the Chevy Malibu for Uber Eats.

These cars are known for being fuel-efficient, they’re affordable, and they get excellent gas mileage.

It’s a great option for driving around the city delivering food.

Is Uber Eats a Better Full-time Job or a Side Job?

While some drivers choose to make Uber Eats a full-time employment opportunity, it was only meant to be a part-time job, or a side hustle, if you will.

It’s a great source of supplementary income for anyone that is interested and meets the minimum requirements.

Uber Eats wanted an abundance of drivers available at any moment of the day, typically when most people are only working part-time.

Wrapping Up: Is Uber Eats Worth It?

Uber Eats is a convenient way to make some extra cash if you have the vehicle and the time to dedicate.

Though there are some problems that you’ll encounter, that’s the case for any place of employment.

Overall, it’s worth it to drive for Uber Eats, and the sign-up process is quick and easy.

What’s more, you can drive for both Uber and Uber Eats if you’re trying to maximize your profit.

Visit this website today to get started as an Uber Eats driver!

3 thoughts on “Is Uber Eats Worth It for Drivers In 2023? Our Surprising Findings”

  1. The thing is now uber is taking out a withholding tax and it if severely messing up the app. I never know how much or when they will take out taxes. It can vary anywhere from instantly to days later and not only is none of it consistent, it’s hard to figure out how much they’ll take. Not to mention a lot of the time it shows you wildly varying numbers on how much they claim you made and how much you can cash out. If any issues are reported the support will just tell you that you’re wrong and not the app.

  2. I’ve driven for Uber and UberEats for going on 3yrs now and I love what I do! With that being said, if it went exactly as planned no complaints, but if you have to go thru the app for customer service or even on the phone customer support is really really hard and then if you do ever get to actually talk to anyone you’re just wrong and the app is never wrong or they tell you what you want to hear and just straight lie to you. Very aggravating to say the least.


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