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Joyor scooter speed limiter removal: Read this FIRST

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It goes beyond saying that there is currently no ultra-fast Joyor scooter.

As such, those who own a Joyor scooter search all over the web to see if there are any Joyor scooter speed limiter removal tips. 

The problem, though, is that there is lots of misinformation about removing the scooter speed limiter with Custom firmware or cutting several controller wires. 

Today, we review how you can unlock your Joyor scooter and enjoy the most speed you ever can. 

How to Remove the Speed Limiter On a Joyor Scooter

image showing a person in the process of a Joyor scooter speed limiter removal

Joyor scooters are common in Europe, China, and the United States. 

Joyor scooters sold in Europe tend to come with speed limitations for legality purposes, but this is not to say that the others are unlocked.

The speed limiter is in place for the EU scooters to prevent the rider from going at speeds beyond the legal 25km/h limit. 

From our research, Joyor scooters can be unlocked by disconnecting the thinner dark blue wire leading from the controller. 

Below is the general guide you can follow for all the Joyor electric scooters, but we will share the specific processes for each joyor model in our FAQ section. 

  • Open the front panel of your Joyor electric scooter
  •  Locate the thinner dark blue wire
  • Disconnect that wire by cutting it
  • Wrap electrical tape on the ends of the cut wires to prevent the scooter from “shotting†itself.

Since Joyor uses two blue wires in their controller, you need to be more careful on which one to cut.

The dark blue wire is the speed limiter while the other blue one injects power to the motor.

Cutting that one will lead to power disconnection, which is what gives the error in the display. 

If your Joyor scooter seems to have similar blue wires, always know that the one coming from the DC controller is the one you are supposed to cut.

This wire is generally thinner than the other. 

You should avoid cutting the blue wire coming from the connector as that is the thicker motor cable. 

How to Remove a Speed Limiter on a Joyor Y8-s Scooter

Turn off your Joyor Y8-S scooter. 

Get a Philips screwdriver and unscrew both the sides and below the front panel of the scooter.

Identify the thinner, long, dark blue wire.

image showing a person in the process of a Joyor scooter speed limiter removal
  1. Cut this long, thin, dark blue wire coming from the contoller.
  2. Take a wire cutter and cut off that long dark blue wire.
  3. Place the scooter on a raised surface (probably a bucket) so that the rear wheel is in a free position.
  4. Switch on the scooter and see if it’s faster than it was.
  5. Get electrical tape and cover the endings of the scooter.
image showing a person in the process of a Joyor scooter speed limiter removal

Cover the cut wire with electrical tapeHow to remove the speed limiter on Joyor scooter.

  1. Ensure that your Joyor X5S scooter is turned off.
  2. Unscrew the front panel.
  3. Use a wire cutter to cut the long dark blue wire coming out of the controller.
  4. Test for faster speeds by keeping the rear wheel in the air and see what top speed you record.
  5. Cover the cut wires with electrical tape. 

Can I Remove the Speed Limiter on a Joyor F7+ Scooter?

Like the other Joyor scooters above, you can disconnect the speed limiter by cutting the long dark blue wire coming out of the controller.

Make sure that the scooter is off, open the front panel, cut the dark blue wire, and test the speed with the rear wheel above the ground before covering the wire end cuttings. 

Some Important Notes to Understand

Since electric scooter laws vary in different states and countries, removing the speed limiter and going at higher speeds than it’s legally envisioned could lead to your Joyor scooter being confiscated by the police or getting a lawsuit. 

Secondly, as more power will get injected into the motor for the scooter to run faster, the battery will get drained faster and as such, its longevity will be lowered.

Again, the controller will be overworking, hence there are more chances of it getting fried.

Thirdly, as you remove the speed limiter, you may be in a danger of getting a power shot, especially if you work on your scooter while it’s still turned on.

Again, leaving the wire cuttings exposed may end up increasing the risk of starting a fire.

Lastly, since unlocked scooters go faster, the chances of tripping are higher, especially if you were used to lower top speeds.

As such, it’s worth it to prepare yourself psychologically that flooring the throttle coild be a surefire way of increased accident chances. 

In Summary

Knowing how to remove the speed limiter on your Joyor scooter is a great idea for going faster.

For most Joyor scooter models, removing the limiter is as simple as cutting the dark blue wire, sealing the endings with electrical tape, and hitting faster speeds than advertised. 

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