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Kanga: 2023 Pricing, Review, Signup Tutorial and More

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Kangaride is a cost-effective, reliable, and smart method for long-distance trips that won’t break the bank.

Instead of taking public transportation, renting an inexpensive car, or flying, using Kangaride offers both drivers and passengers a more convenient alternative.

What Is Kangaride?

Kangaride is a rideshare and carpooling service available in various locations that offers local ride-sharing transportation to take the place of renting a car, renting a bicycle, or taking public transportation.

This membership program offers Kanga care members a very low-cost alternative to purchasing bus passes, taxi fares, and car rental fees.

This long-distance ride-sharing opportunity offers members the chance to search for those dying from a specific departure city to their destination city to cut down on gas prices, carbon emissions, and vehicles on the road.

Not only does Kangaride help individuals get from Point A to Point B without spending tons of money on a car rental for just one person or having the inflexibility of scheduled public transportation services, but it offers an excellent alternative for both medium and long-distance trips that are otherwise not available.

Where Is Kangaride Available?

Kangaride is available all across the United States and Canada as an exciting way to travel, meet people, and feel good about doing your part to aid in saving the environment.

Drivers can post their specific ride details regarding their meeting time, meeting location, and price of the trip between the departure point and the destination point.

Then, passengers can sign up to book the ride in the pre-set area.

How Much Does Kangaride Cost?

Fortunately for all users, the Kangaride membership cost is very inexpensive for the benefits.

Visitors can create a profile and activate their membership by paying just $7.50.

Next, you are ready to post your ride details or book your first passenger spot!

How Does Kangaride Work?

There are different suggestions for those using the Kangaride app based on if you are a driver or a passenger.

Drivers will have to choose a departure point, fill in the number of free spots in their vehicle, and see if anyone books the ride.

Some tips for drivers using Kangaride include:

  • Arrive a few minutes early to meet your passengers at the specified departure point
  • Only allow two passengers in the back seat.
  • Use your Kangaride account to see if you have passengers for your ride.
  • You can charge the passenger $0.54/5000 kilometers driven and collect payment at any time during the ride (before, during, or after)

As a passenger, you can search for rides between your desired departure point and destination point.

If you can’t find the specific trip, you can save your search and wait for notifications for the ride in the future.

How To Use the Kangaride App

Users can create a profile by inputting their personal information, signing up for a membership, and downloading the app on their mobile phones.

Then, drivers can create their rides and wait for people to sign up.

Passengers can search for their desired trips and connect with drivers completing the necessary trip.

How Far Can You Travel With Kangaride?

Kangaride is limited to the USA and Canada, but users can still undertake cross-border trips if they have the proper documentation.

The price of driving includes $0.54 per kilometer for the first 5,000 kilometers in one year and $0.48 per kilometer afterward.

Passenger Members Rule of Conduct

Both drivers and passengers alike must conduct themselves properly so they can receive high ratings from their other passengers or driver.

If someone was not happy with something during the process, they could rate the experience poorly.

Users can check out Kangaride’s Charter of Responsibilities page for both drivers and passengers to ensure everyone is happy with the service and remains safe during the ride.

Furthermore, there is a Terms of Service page that ensures the passengers follow the specified rules of conduct before accepting a ride.

There are a few key rules of conduct that must be adhered to during membership, such as the following:

  • Arrive at least five minutes prior to the departure time
  • Follow your driver’s preferences regarding secondhand smoke, pets, luggage size, and other additional information.
  • Inform Kangaride of any collation at least 24 hours prior to the departure time
  • Wait 15 minutes if your driver is missing and inform Kangaride
  • Ensure the name of the driver, model of the car, license plate number, and color match the pre-set description on Kangaride.
  • Follow the Highway Safety code.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Don’t book seats for anyone other than yourself.

Is Kanga a Legitimate Company?

Kanga is a legitimate company that provides support and guidance to both passengers and drivers using this service.

There are hundreds of Kangaride member testimonials that show the reliability and trustworthiness of this company.

Furthermore, Kangaride has partnered with other businesses around the world, such as CAA Quebec, Hosteling International, and Communauto.

Kangaride was founded by Marc-Olivier Vachon in 2006 in Canby, Oregon, United States.

Currently operating with between 11 to 50 employees, this private company is a successful long-distance ride-sharing platform that works for booking and posting long-distance trips anywhere in North America.

Featuring over 200,000 current active members and thousands of rides offered each week, this reliable and consistent ride-sharing platform works well for drivers and passengers looking for a cost-effective solution.

In addition, all of the drivers have valid licenses to ensure the passengers, other cars on the road, and drivers are safe.

Plus, Kangaride gathers feedback from drivers and passengers to ensure the experience is enjoyable and safe.

Lastly, the customer service by the company ensures the quality remains high for all users.

Kangaride: Is It Worth It?

Kangaride is an inexpensive and convenient option for traveling long distances.

If you need to get to a destination, and you are flexible on the date and time, Kabgaride is a cost-effective method of getting from Point A to Point B without having to pay exorbitant fees for rental cars, taxis, planes, or public transportation.

Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of using Kangaride vs. other options on the market today can help users make smart decisions.

Pros and Cons of Kangaride

There are a few positives of choosing Kangaride over other ride-sharing services, like online companies and mobile apps.

One of the main perks of choosing Kangaride is the inexpensive annual membership.

Although other rideshare businesses may have a fee registration, the $7.50 for Kangaride is so minimal that it breaks down to just 62 cents per month.

Secondly, Kangaride passengers can pay for the ride in various ways.

Instead of having to book and pay online beforehand, passengers can pay for the ride in cash, mobile app, or another agreed-upon method by the driver and passenger.

Lastly, Kangaride annual members can use the app as either a driver or passengers.

This offers the flexibility, stability, and comfort of using the app when you do not have a car and using the app to make money when you have a car to use.

In addition to the upsides of using Kangaride, there are a few negatives of using this app compared to other options.

One of the main drawbacks of using Kangaride is that you cannot pay online beforehand.

Although some users may see this as a perk, it also means that you may need cash in hand on the day of the trip, which can be a hassle.

The only other major “con” of using Kangaride is the lack of reality versus other ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft.

Since it is a network of drivers who are not professionals or licensed by a company, there are times when rides may fall through on the day of or the day before a trip.

How Does Kangaride Compare to Competitors?

Kangaride is a better option for long-distance travel than its competitors, such as Uber, Lyft, Poparide, BlancRide, HiRide, or Poolmyride.

Is It Cheaper Than Uber

Uber is arguably the biggest ride-sharing platform in the world.

With prominence in multiple continents and countries, it is the most widely-known service to order a car and get to your destination quickly.

But is Kangaride cheaper than Uber?

For long-distance trips, Kangaride is cheaper than Uber.

One aspect that can drastically reduce the price of a trip through Kangaride vs. Uber is the lack of “surge” pricing.

Uber is prone to surge prices, which increases the base price of ordering an Uber for a trip during peak times (ex: rush hour traffic, late weekend nights, etc.).

Uber pricing is as follows:

  • Base Fare – $2.50 Uber
  • Per KM – $0.81 UberX
  • Minimum Fare – $5.25 Uber

Kangaride pricing is as follows:

  • $0.54/kilometer up to 5,000 kilometers
  • $0.48/kilometer afterward

As you can see, Uber is approximately $0.27 more expensive per kilometer than Kangaride.

Kangaride Reviews

Kangaride offers customer testimonials to make new users feel comfortable using their service.

However, there are some negative reviews on their Facebook page that may dissuade some users from trying this transportation service.

Choosing Kangaride instead of other ride-sharing options is a smart way to save money, cut down on pollution, and travel flexibly.

With various trip options, passengers can enjoy a more cost-effective service than other ride-sharing apps.

Plus, drivers can make money by bringing a few people along for their already-planned road trip!

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