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Kangaride Driver: Requirements, Signup Tutorial and More

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Anyone who’s ever been stranded on the side of the road knows how important it is to have a safe, reliable way to get home.

That’s where Kangaride comes in – offering an easy, affordable way for drivers and passengers to connect with each other for On-Demand or Pre-booked rides.

Below, we’ll outline the requirements for becoming a Kangaride driver, as well as provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up.

So if you’re looking to start driving for Kangaride, read on!

What is Kangaride?

Kangaride is a peer-to-peer ridesharing service that allows users to post or search for a ride online.

To reduce long-distance travel costs, Kangaride makes it possible to find other riders headed in the same direction, split the price of gas, and enjoy the company of fellow travelers while making a road trip more affordable.

Kangaride is a Canadian company that connects people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats in their cars.

Passengers get to their destination for less than the cost of public transit or a cab, and drivers pick up some extra cash on the way to where they’re already going.

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When Was The Company Founded?

Kangaride was founded in 2009 and joined the Amovens group in 2013 after being acquired by the Spanish company BlaBlaCar.

The acquisition helped Kangaride expand its services to include new destinations while providing additional support to members.

Is Kangaride Trustworthy?

Kangaride provides safety features to help members have a positive experience.

Before making a ride reservation, users can review a driver’s profile, including customer feedback and comments from previous ridesharing trips.

To join Kangaride as a driver or rider, you must also provide personal information such as name, address, and phone number so that other users can identify you.

This is necessary for security purposes only; your details will not be shared with other users without your permission.

Where Is Kangaride Available?

Kangaride is available across Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador.

How Does Kangaride Work?

Kangaride connects drivers (offering a ride) with passengers (needing a ride) going the same way.

The driver determines what they want to charge for the ride but only gets paid if the trip is fully booked.

Kangaride keeps a small percentage of the fare to cover our costs.

If you are traveling from Montreal to Quebec City, you post your trip details, and Kangariders can search for your trip and book a seat.

You can find a ride by searching our database of trips, selecting the one you want, and booking a seat.

You benefit from reduced travel costs and the company of new friends; your passengers benefit from having their ride booked at a lower rate than if you were driving alone.

Ridesharing is not new, but it has traditionally been limited to shorter distances, usually within a city or at most between two cities.

This type of ridesharing is often referred to as “carpooling” or “casual carpooling.”

Kangaride is different.

What Does Long-Distance Rideshare Mean?

A long-distance ride is a ride that goes beyond 100 km.

If a driver is going to Toronto and offering rides along the way (for example, in Kingston or Ottawa), this is considered long-distance rideshare.

While short-distance ridesharing is becoming increasingly common, especially in urban areas, long-distance carpooling isn’t as popular.

That’s because it’s often difficult to find someone else who is headed in the direction you want to go.

Kangaride has solved this problem by connecting drivers and riders online and letting them know who is traveling where — no more scouring bulletin boards for paper ads or calling strangers on the phone to ask if they’d like to share a ride.

How to Become a Kangaride Driver

vector graphic showing a kangaride driver picking up a passenger using the kangaride service to get a ride

If you’re thinking about becoming a driver on the Kangaride platform, you need to know what it takes.

We’ve put together this guide to answer all your questions and give you some tips on getting started.

There’s no time like the present to get moving on something great!

To start, you must understand that there are some basics you need to have in place before you can begin.

The most important thing is that you have an excellent driving record.

You must have a valid driver’s license and a car that is registered, licensed, and insured.

We also require that all drivers pass a background check and have a clean driving record.

We recommend that every new driver take our free online training course before jumping behind the wheel.

This course will give you the skills needed to succeed as a Kangaride driver.

If you don’t already have one, we recommend downloading the app onto your smartphone (iPhone or Android).

This will help you set up your account so that when it’s time for your first ride request, you will be ready.

What Are The Kangaride Driving Requirements?

You can become a Kangaride driver if you meet these requirements:

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have no more than three minor moving violations (speeding tickets, etc.) in the past three years and no major driving violations (DUIs, reckless driving, etc.) in the last seven years
  • Own or lease a vehicle that is either a 2004 model year or newer or meets the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for safety in your area
  • Pass an annual DMV and criminal background check.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

All of the before mentioned documents are necessary, and download and register using the app.

The Kangaride Driver app is easy to download and use.

You can get started with only a few simple steps.

Download the Driver App

You can download the Kangaride driver app on Google Play or the Apple Store from your smartphone.


Registration is simple and takes less than five minutes.

We’ll ask for your name, email address, phone number, vehicle information, and other details about you and your car when you register.

We’ll also ask you to upload a copy of your driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Once you’re registered, we will run an initial background check.

Does Kangaride Background Check Drivers?

To drive with Kangaride, you must have a clean driving record, and a background check is mandatory.

You will be prompted to complete the background check process once you submit your registration form.

Kangaride Vehicle Requirements

To start giving rides, you’ll need A 4-door car with independently opening passenger doors.

Kangaride Driver Insurance Requirements

In-state car registration and license plate.

In-state auto insurance with your name on the policy.

Do Kangaride Drivers Make Good Money?

Kangaride’s business model is quite simple.

A traveler pays a fee to reserve a ride from point A to point B with a Kangaride driver.

The driver and passenger rate one another on the app and Kangaride receives a percentage of the transaction for facilitating the deal.

Anyone with a car and a clean driving record can become a driver for Kangaride.

Each individual sets their price for a ride, so there is no standard fare or hourly rate that all drivers follow.

That said, some guidelines can be used to set fares.

For instance, Kangaride recommends that you consider the distance you will drive, the time it will take to reach your destination, and any tolls or fees.

Kangaride also suggests that drivers charge more for rides during rush hour or if they have to carry bulky items like luggage.

Drivers also must pay all fees associated with using their vehicle while providing ridesharing services (such as gas and insurance).

They may incur other costs like parking fees, bridge tolls, or airport surcharges.

How Much Do Kangaride Drivers Make?

Several factors can affect your income — the area you live in, the time of year, etc.

But generally speaking, riders who take full advantage of the program can expect to earn $400 or more per week (after insurance, gas, and other expenses).

Drivers make $0.50 per mile, plus a $5 “base fare” in Toronto.

If a driver doesn’t reach the base fare, they get paid the difference.

There are also “long ride bonuses” of $10 for over 100km and $25 for rides over 200km.

Does Kangaride Offer Drivers Any Incentives Or Benefits?

Drivers aren’t employees, but they do receive some benefits.

First of all, they get free rides on the app.

Second, they earn a minimum of $10 per hour when they drive with the app.

And third, they can earn up to $500 in bonuses by completing specific operating challenges.

In addition to paying their drivers well, Kangaride offers them membership in its Partner Rewards Program.

This gives them access to discounts on things like car insurance, car maintenance, and fuel purchases (up to 20 cents off per liter).

Drivers can also earn free flights through AIR MILES.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading! Please let us know if this was a helpful guide on starting working as a rideshare driver.

If you dip your toes in the water and give it a try, please feel free to let us know what you think of the process and whether or not you were able to signup for Kangaride and drive riders.

We’re sure to have more driver-related articles in the future so stay tuned.

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