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KCQ Scooter Speed Hack: How To Easily Upgrade In 2023

If you want to get a functioning KCQ scooter speed hack, then you are lucky as we have compiled the greatest guide on this topic. Read on for more

KCQ scooters are some of the newest in the market today.

A fact about most KCQ electric scooters is that they are relatively slower and come with speed limitations. 

Today, we have received several questions that asked us to share any KCQ scooter speed hacks to make them faster. 

Unlike most models, though, it’s impossible to remove the speed limiter on a KCQ scooter by cutting any speed-limiting wire.

Again, while most KCQ scooter models look like Xiaomi clones, hacking the speed in these scooters isn’t as straightforward as just flashing the firmware with an APP. 

What is the Best KCQ Scooter Speed Hack?

The best KCQ scooter upgrade hack is to start with components – upgrading the components is your best bet.

Since KCQ uses custom electric scooter controllers in manufacturing their rides, unlocking the scooter isn’t as simple as just cutting a wire and letting more power into the motor, hence more speed.

Again, contrary to the wrong advice shared on the Internet about downloading an APP and flashing the firmware to make this scooter faster, we have confirmed that these processes don’t work as there is currently no firmware responsible for locking and unlocking a KCQ scooter’s speed. 

As such, connecting your KCQ electric scooter to the KCQ Scooter APP on Google Play Store won’t help to unlock the seed.

Why This Doesn’t Help

You will only be able to access functions such as your riding time, mileage, and speed. 

KCQ uses low-powered electric components in most of its models and that is why getting the scooter to ride at more than 20 miles per hour is a nightmare.

Ideally, the reason why they cap the speed at 25km/h for most of their models is for legality purposes. 

As such, the best way you can unlock your KCQ scooter to hack its speed to be faster is by upgrading the Controller, Battery Management System, Battery, and Motor.

Using higher-powered components will make your KCQ scooter faster and make it have a better range (with the upgraded battery).

The fact, though, is that this is an expensive venture, with an electric scooter battery being the priciest of all the electric scooter components. 

The main reason why upgrading the components, and especially the controller in your KCQ scooter is the best speed hack is that these scooters are built using internal speed regulators and to remove them, using new components is a perfect choice.

A Note Regarding Safety

If you lack an electrical background, we highly suggest that you avoid upgrading these components yourself since there is a high risk of causing a fire.

Again, note that trying to hack your KCQ scooter will have you void your warranty. 

If you have an electrical background, do this first:

  • Make sure the electrical components you buy are compatible 
  • Ensure that these components fit beneath the deck (it’s prudent to ensure that they are smaller in size, but bigger in capacity than the stock ones
  • Ensure that the battery is secured in a compartment to avoid movements under the deck while riding
  • Connect all the cables and wires appropriately and solder any exposed wires and cables.

You can learn a few ropes on modification in this short YouTube video.

Upgrading Your Scooter Is The Better Choice

Instead of buying electric components (which you aren’t sure will fit in your scooter’s skeleton), we recommend that you sell your low-powered KCQ scooter and upgrade to a faster model, especially if your country doesn’t have any scooter speed legislation. 

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