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KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dashcam [year] Review

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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Updated January, 2021


The modern dashcams are an irreplaceable part of equipment in today’s traffic and they are not only supposed only to capture images of an accident or a dangerously fast motorbikes but they also serve for the capturing of doubtful actions by criminals and thieves when the car is in a parked position.

A dashcam is a piece of equipment to record the journeys and all the brilliant memories related to them as it can be suitably used by the users who like to travel and find themselves on the road frequently.

Moreover, they are now even capable of capturing brilliant and useful footage. One portion of the available models is also capable of capturing images of movements happening outside the vehicle during night-time.

There are numerous present models on the markets, but thanks to detailed research we were able to distinguish and select the review of the KDLINKS X1 unit

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The KDLINKS X1 represents a full-HD resolution, wide-angle capturing dashcam featuring a large screen, containing an integrated GPS as well as an excellent night mode recording feature.

It is also programmed to capture high-quality footage videos of 1920×1080 pixels resolution at @FPS through the loop recording feature. In the case of a collision, its integrated G-sensor particle will instantly identify such a case so the safety lock command will store the video file thus protecting it from being deleted.

As well as the especially wide 165 degrees angle lens combined with the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR technology) of this cutting-edge dashcam secures that nothing remains outside the scope of the records, its 2.7 inches size, the bright LCD monitor will provide you with the possibility to watch the captured videos while you are still in your car without the need of copying or moving them to an additional device.

As the camera contains an integrated GPS module, the geographic location and related information are watermarked on the very video files.

Using the KDLINKS Player software which is packed in a CD together with your dashcam, it is also possible to use Google Maps to identify your geographic position, velocity, and your vehicle’s course. In case you don’t need the usage of the GPS component, it can simply be turned off.   

The KDLINKS X1 dashcam also features a micro SD card unit with 8GB of capacity which can be utilized immediately after you unbox the product.

The integrated suction cup mount will help you get rid of the mess caused by multiple cables intertwined on your vehicle dashboard. The very device is characterized by an ultra-slim layout and works without attracting the attention of possible thieves.

It gets loaded in a very short time and begins capturing records at the very moment when you turn your vehicle on. Among the special features regarding this product is the possibility of turning the camera around in any direction, at a scope of 360 degrees.

This may be especially practical in particular situations in which you would like to record an officer or a certain person standing next to your car’s window, as well as some vehicle moving next to you. What makes this device special is clear and crips, high-resolution recording.

Even at a distance of 10 to 20 meters, it is particularly simple to read vehicle plates with this camera. When we compare the footage taken during day-time to the ones taken at night-time, the ones taken on day-light will certainly prove to be of better quality, although the night mode feature will also make it possible to capture footage with satisfying quality in conditions of poor light.

The device is powered by an exquisite lithium-polymer battery able to maintain performance during extreme weather conditions varying from 40 degrees Fahrenheit below zero to plus 170.

It would certainly be better if the battery of the device could work for more than a mere minute but taking into account the extraordinary USB power port packed together with this dashboard camera, you won’t even consider this shortcoming worthy of mentioning…

The producer of the device is widely-known for exceptional customer support. Their service team is very responsive and can be got on the line 24 hours a day without a single exclusion.

We also know about cases in which they responded to requests from customers to replace charging cables and other accessories. 

In case of certain unexpected technical issues, the dashcam features a one year warranty. Here we definitely have a dashcam rich with features and certainly represent a good opportunity for buyers.

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KDLINKS X1 Dashcam Pros and Cons


  • 165 Degrees Wide Angle Lens
  • Possibility of turning the camera in any direction
  • Exceptional video quality during day-time, and fair quality in low-light conditions


  • Its battery lasts very shortly after the engine is turned off

KDLINKS X1 Features

  • Particularly slim in size making it stealthy for possible thieves
  • A capability of capturing videos at (1920 * 1080p) HD resolution on @30 fps with H.264
  • MOV video format
  • Equipped with AR0330 Sensor
  • 2.7″ LCD Screen 
  • Packed with GPS
  • Integrated G-sensor capable of detecting a collision
  • MicroSD with up to 32GB capacity
  • Device powered by a Li-polymer 3.7V, 110mah battery 
  • Capable of working at a maximum temperature of 170°F, as well as 6 hours on -40°F
  • The KDLINKS X1 dashcam package also includes: a suction cup, windshield mounting holder, suction cup mount with a GPS Module, power charger for vehicles, microSD card with 8GB capacity, card adapter for microSD, CD software for GPS functioning plus a user manual

Is it Worth Buying KDLINKS X1 Dashcam?

In case you are searching for a dependable GPS equipment for dashcams capable of recording videos featuring sound while your vehicle is in motion, this is the right device for you.

Although not equipped with a great number of the auxiliary components such as movement detection, monitoring in parking mode, this device still does what is mostly expected, providing videos with full HD resolution and a full scope of the road ahead of the vehicle.

We can count many notable features on this dashcam which is certainly worthy to invest in. 

: There is a new updated version of the great KDLINKS – KDlinks DX 2 – Click here to learn more about it.


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