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Kenwood Unveils Feature Packed, Competitively Priced Dash Cam

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If you’re in the market for a dash cam (take a look at our thoughts on the best), you know it can get pretty confusing trying to decide what’s best. KENWOOD’s newest dash cam model makes the choice a little easier though, with a high quality, competitively priced model that doesn’t skimp on features.

The DRV-320 is front-only recording camera, and has a 2 inch LCD screen that faces the driver. It records with a 3 megapixel camera (1920×1080 pixels), meaning it will be easy to see license plates or other details in the recording. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) control adds improved depth and color to make images even more clear.

The camera has three different recording modes: a continuous mode that starts every time the ignition turns on and constantly records to an included SD card, a mode that automatically segments and stores recordings from an accident (thanks to a built in gyro sensor), and a mode that starts recording on impact if the ignition is off. Drivers also have the option to manually segment up to a minute of recordings at the push of a button. Every recording is time and date stamped, plus location stamped thanks to a built in GPS receiver.

KENWOOD’s marketing manager Tony Mercado noted that the dash cam market has exploded in recent months, and that it’s quickly become hard to set one cam apart from another. But as some brands race to the bottom to fight for the lowest price, price may not be the most important factor. “Consumers are now starting to see the differences in features and image quality, and are looking for models that will really help them if there is an accident.”

“The DRV-320,” he said, “is our answer to delivering a premium picture surrounded by intuitive functionality, even at a $200 price point.”

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