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Kill Switch: Cheap Car Security To Help You Sleep Better

Last updated: May 29, 2021
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Updated: July 2020

Although it is clear that the situation is not even close to the one thirty years ago, the U.S. is still facing a huge problem with auto theft, since in 2017 alone 773,139 vehicles were stolen. Although we think that the situation has changed, there are still many high-skilled thieves who will find a way to break into your car and steal it. This article additionally includes an instruction to relieve yourself from this difficulty by installing a killswitch.

How to Install a Kill switch in a Car?

The setting up is pretty easy as it needs only a multimeter, several craft tools, and parts which cost less than $10. The setting up of a switch between the computer of the vehicle and the fuel pump relay will ensure that if power from the ignition is applied (no matter if attempted with a key or by hot-wiring) the car will remain in its position because it cannot use the fuel.

We will also explain to you how to find the fuel pump relay in your vehicle and which wires you will have to conjoin. We would also recommend the underside of the car’s shifter boot as a safe place to hide the car ignition kill switch.

The remaining part of the installation includes using some wire, attaching a few connectors, and covering it with a button which will give it a less suspicious appearance. Basic safety precautions must always be ensured when some work on the car’s electrical system is done. 

Probably your thoughts have gone in the direction of setting up a secret killswitch for your security. We will show you some possible ways of setting up a kill switch in your car.

1. Ignition Wire Kill Switch

This may be one of the first things coming to mind when we are talking about the “kill switch” as a method of prevention of car theft. This type of installation is made with a physical switch or a knob safely positioned in a certain part of your car, as we recommend it to be under the dashboard area or near the driver’s seat so it’s easier to access and control it when you get in and out of your vehicle. This will all work by installing a switch on the wire which is connected to your car’s ignition switch (the place where the key turns the engine on).


  • Easy way of setting up


  • May be easily spotted by thieves 

For these purposes you should previously consult the wiring diagram of your car, by the help of which you will find the ignition cable and to resolve which is the one you need to make the installation. After you apply the cut on the wire, you may choose to attach the two ends of the wire to the switch, or not to fasten them with auxiliary connectors and apply compression. 

In order to make this setup you will need the following parts: Female Spade Quick Splice Crimp, Heat shrink tubing assortment, 12V 25A Toggle Switch and Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter

Here is an Amazon parts list for the ignition wire kill switch:
Crimp connector: Female Spade Quick Splice Crimp
Heat shrink for soldering: Heat shrink tubing assortment
Toggle switch: 12V 25A Toggle Switch
Wire crimping tool: Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter


2. Remote Controlled Car Battery Switch

When we are talking about anti-theft tools, the remote car kill switch is a way of installing a mechanism that may be considered among the best to thwart any such attempt. With this tactic, you won’t have to mess up with mechanical parts under the hood of your car or to take the battery cables with yourself in order to prevent possible ignition of the engine. 

The kit which can always be very quickly installed on your car is the E-KYLIN DC 12V Electromagnetic Solenoid Valve Terminal Master Kill System. It utilizes a blocking relay, and the only occasion when it consumes electric energy is when it is turned off and on, while power is not consumed in any other condition which is good for the battery life. 

3. Fuse Box Kill Switch

Between the systems immobilizing your car is the inline fuse bypass. The fuse box kill switch will prevent any kind of stealing attempt by simply disconnecting the fuse which eliminates the possibility of turning your engine on. It may be the fuel pump fuse or the ignition fuse. 


  • You can place the fuse bypass switch in a reachable area in order to switch it when you want to. 


  • The slight sticking out of the wire that is connected directly to the fuse box will prevent you from properly placing the lid on the fuse box. 

In order to complete this installation you will need the following units: 12V 25A Toggle Switch, Female Spade Quick Splice Crimp, 12 Gauge ATC Fuse Holder, Fuse Socket Connector Kit and Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter

Here is an Amazon parts list of the items used in the above diagram:
Toggle switch: 12V 25A Toggle Switch
Crimp connector: Female Spade Quick Splice Crimp
Inline Fuse Wire: 12 Gauge ATC Fuse Holder
Fuse Socket Connector: Fuse Socket Connector Kit
Wire crimping tool: Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter

4. Car Battery Disconnect Switch

This is one of the ways to install a kill switch for a car. If you want to make this system work, the first thing you need to do is to disconnect the negative cable from the battery. When this is completed, you can place the cutoff switch of the battery to its negative terminal and fasten it. The next step is taking the negative battery wire to conjoin it with the battery disconnect switch and screw it on back. 


  • Packed with a turning knob, lever or a key to turn the switch on and off.
  • Unstoppable by car thieves.


  • The need to open the hood of the car any time you want to switch it on or off.


We recommend our readers to stick to the last solution which is the Car Battery Disconnection Switch which may seem as a difficult procedure to turn on and off but is the most effective way of protecting your vehicle.  

On the other hand, we should emphasize well that safety is number one priority while you are working with the wiring system on your vehicle and that you should always previously read your car’s manual diagrams and specifications in order to have a full grasp regarding the electrical system of your vehicle before you wire anything.

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