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Kyte Car Rental: Benefi ts, Rental Options, Pricing and More

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Kyte is a car rental company that offers door-to-door delivery services.

This unique service is what separates Kite from the rest of the competition.

They will not only deliver the car directly to you, but they’ll retrieve it from your home at the end of the rental period.

The only stipulation is that you be within the range of one of their service areas.

Using Kyte’s services eliminates any hassle that could come from settling on a pickup location or even long lines.

The car comes directly to you.

What Is Kyte Car Rental?

Kyte launched their company in 2019 as a startup based out of San Francisco, co-founded by Nikolaus Volk, Ludwig Schoeneck, and Francesco Wiedemann.

Kyte is a car-sharing company that aspires to eliminate any stress associated with renting a car, such as tons of paperwork and long lines.

The company sources their cars from several suppliers; moreover, they maintain the vehicles and deliver them to your home or the closest location.

How Does Kyte Car Rental Work?

Kyte took convenience to another level in the world of car rental services.

Their goal is to make the process of renting a vehicle as painless and as seamless as possible.

The company had found a way to make booking very convenient via their online platform or phone app.

Choose a Date and Location

Just pick the date and time you need, and the system will let you know if there’s a vehicle available for delivery at that time.

Using the platform or the app, reserve a  vehicle in pristine condition, and a driver will deliver it to you at the scheduled time.

You can choose from Sedans, Economy vehicles, and SUVs as your car or choice.

Car Gets Delivered

The initial transaction only requires that you show your ID to the delivery person, also known as the Kyte Surfer, and then simply sign the tablet to confirm that you received the vehicle.

Once that’s finished, the car is yours to drive.

Use the Car

Interestingly, you get the car free of any mileage restriction.

In other words, you can drive the vehicle without being concerned about how far you’re going or being charged extra fees due to exceeding a mileage limit.

Car Gets Picked Up

Once you’re done, the Kyte surfer will come to retrieve the car from the designated address.

You don’t have to do anything else!

Unless the car was excessively dirty or smelly, you also don’t have to clean the vehicle upon pickup.

Car Gets Fueled Up

You don’t have to refuel the car when you’re finished.

The Kyte surfer will do the task for you, and Kyte charges you local market rates for the refueling.

Where Is Kyte Car Rental Available?

Kyte services are available in many major markets across the U.S. markets.

It should be duly noted that Kyte does not do pickups or returns directly at the airport gates; however, they’ll deliver and even pick up rentals right outside the airport at most locations.

Kyte uses what is referred to as hand-off locations nearby airports as long as the company services the area.

You can decide to take a Lyft, Uber, or a taxi from the hand-off location to travel to the airport.

Alternatively, you select a hotel that’s right outside the airport that runs free shuttle services to the airport, and you get a ride for free.

Current cities where Kyte is available include:

  • Boston
  • Brooklyn
  • Chicago
  • Jersey City
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington, D.C.

Who Can Rent From Kyte?

Kyte has lenient policies which allow drivers to be younger than the typical renting age to use their convenient car delivery services.

Renter Requirements

In most areas where Kyte’s services are available, you have to be at least 25 years old to rent a vehicle.

However, people who live in the Boston area who are 21 years of age and older can rent a car without paying an underage surcharge.

Similarly, drivers in New York City as young as 18 can rent a vehicle.

The prices are a bit steeper; luckily, Kyte has lowered the costs for drivers 18 to 20 and 21 to 25.

Kyte has implemented a program called Kyte for University for drivers who are under the age of 25 in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Washington, Illinois, and Washington, D.C.

This incentive waives the underage fee for college students with a .edu email address to verify their attendance.

Additional Drivers

As it pertains to additional drivers—they are free, which is by far the most generous policy of any other rental company.

Keep in mind that you must add additional drivers before the trip begins, and they have to be in attendance at the time of delivery.

They must show their driver’s license, and they also must meet the age requirements.

Kyte Car Rental Comparisons

Here is how Kyte compares to the competition:

Kyte vs. VroomVroomVroom

With VroomVroomVroom, it is a car rental site similar to Expedia.

They offer you the best deals based on a comparison of multiple rental companies.

You will find some companies that provide car delivery services, but they’ll probably come with a fee.

The platform itself has customer service available if you get in a bind and need help, and they also offer discounted packages on insurance and other features.

Vroom has a broader selection of vehicles than Kyte because you can rent from any company they partner with.

You may be able to find companies that have unlimited mileage, but most do not.

Age restrictions vary from company to company, with fees for underaged drivers.

Kyte vs. Hertz

Hertz will deliver the car to you and pick it up for a fee each way, whereas Kyte does both for free.

Additionally, Hertz will refuel the vehicle for you, but you pay the price for the refueling plus a convenience fee for not having to refuel yourself.

Hertz offers unlimited miles on certain vehicles, but typically you cannot exceed 3500 miles in a calendar month.

Kyte doesn’t charge any convenience fees.

Kyte also has better customer service options and availability based on reviews.

Here’s where Hertz has advantages over Kyte:

  • More well-known than Kyte
  • More discounts are available such as AAA discounts, senior discounts, veteran discounts, student discounts, and government employee discounts
  • They offer an ethical supply chain
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Price matching feature

Kyte vs. Dollar

Dollar car rental does not offer to deliver the car to your home or pick it up afterward unless you live in a particular area, and that service comes with a fee.

Instead, they will allow you to pick it up from one location and drop it off at another Dollar location.

Also, they refuel for you, but you have to pay a convenience fee.

They charge for the mileage per day, or you can opt for the unlimited mileage package, which comes at a flat rate, similar to Kyte.

Here are the other areas where they have an advantage over Kyte:

  • A more well-known company than Kyte
  • A wider vehicle selection
  • More discounts are available such as AAA discounts, email discounts, government employee discounts, and veteran discounts

Kyte vs. Sixt

Sixt will deliver your car and pick it up if you’re at a hotel.

This service is not available for private residences and businesses.

This car rental company also doesn’t offer discount codes and promotions as frequently as Kyte.

Sixt also offers unlimited mileage, the same as a Kyte car rental service.

However, here are the areas where Sixt excels:

More discounts are available such as senior discounts, student discounts, veteran discounts, nurse discounts, teacher discounts, and government employee discounts

They offer loyalty programs

Kyte vs. Avis

Kyte and Avis are similar in that both offer some form of pickup service.

However, Avis does not retrieve the car when you’re finished, nor is the pickup service available in all areas.

Additionally, they don’t have strong customer service the way that Kyte does.

Avis advertises unlimited car mileage, but in the contract’s fine print, you do have to pay for more mileage beyond the vehicle sticker or if you exit state lines.

Here are the areas where they excel in comparison to Kyte.

  • More well-known than Kyte
  • A wider vehicle selection
  • More discounts are available such as student discounts, AARP discounts, veteran discounts for
  • They offer an ethical supply chain
  • They offer several loyalty programs
  • They offer Apple Pay support
  • They commit to sustainability

How Much Does Kyte Car Rental Cost?

Here are the deposit requirements and fees associated with renting a car through Kyte.

Be sure that you’re fully aware of all expenses that you’ll incur before entering your payment information.

The daily and monthly vehicle rates vary based on the car you choose.

They also offer the option of a one-way rental.

If you opt to sign up for the monthly plan, you get delivery of the vehicle and routine maintenance costs added to the initial quoted price.

If you book a rental for weekdays, it’s best for low rates and savings.

Use the Kyte website to get your quote today.


Kyte charges a refundable deposit fee 24 hours before your scheduled delivery.

You have to pay $300 if you book with a credit card and $500 if you use your debit card.

You get your deposit back at the conclusion of your trip.

Please view the contract before you sign.


Kyte provides liability and damage coverage insurance for a small fee.

You can decline both options if you have a vehicle that has a comprehensive insurance policy that extends to rentals.

If you don’t have a car but your credit card that comes with car rental insurance, you should be fine, and the service you have should cover your Kyte rental.

Remember that you must have some form of insurance to rent a car.

Typically, however, most people purchase the basic insurance plan.

That costs about $14 every day.

Kyte allows 300 miles each day, with the mileage being cumulative for the length of your reservation.

You’ll have to pay an additional 0.45 for each mile over the limit.

However, you can always choose to upgrade your booking to unlimited mileage for a flat rate.

Kyte will charge you for tolls that you didn’t pay during your reservation.

They do not have a convenience fee that you have to pay for any of their services, such as refueling or cleaning the car, etc.

This company will also charge you if you do not pay for your parking tickets.

How to Rent a Car From Kyte

Kyte makes the process of renting a car easy from start to finish.

Follow these simple steps to get your vehicle delivered and then picked up by a trusted Kyte representative.

Before you begin the reservation process, log in to Kyte via their online website or through the smartphone app, Drive Kyte, on the App Store or Google Play.

If you log in through the website, click the “Sign up | Login” button in the right-hand corner at the top:

  1. Type in the delivery address and the return address if they are at different locations.
  2. Enter the time and date for the drop-off and pickup.
  3. Click “Search” to see the selection of vehicles available.
  4. Choose the vehicle you want to get more information about the details and features.
  5. Carefully read the description to ensure that it’s the car you want to reserve.
  6. Add insurance if you don’t have your own; they offer Comprehensive and Collision for as low as $11 per day on certain vehicles. You can also choose to add unlimited mileage for $18 per day. (If not, skip this step.)
  7.  Add your promo code if you have one.
  8. Review all of the information you entered, including the final price and taxes, before submitting your request.

Kyte Car Rental FAQs

Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions concerning Kyte car rentals:

1. Can you rent a Kyte car under 25?

Renters that are younger than the age of 25 can rent a car with Kyle for an additional fee.

There will be a small fee added to the rental service each day.

However, there’s no additional fee for renters under the age of 25 if you rent from the Boston area.

2. Do you need insurance?

For an additional fee, Kite offers liability coverage and damage coverage.

However, it’s possible to decline both if you own your own comprehensive policy that covers rentals.

Kyte requires you to have liability coverage at least.

You will likely have to buy their coverage, which is about $14 per day.

3. How can you contact Kyte?

You can reach Kyte customer service via their in-app chat 7 AM – 10 PM 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

For additional support: email [email protected] or call (415) 340-4850.

4. Does Kyte do long-term rentals?

Yes, long-term renting from Kyte is more like leasing a car.

You don’t have an annual contract.

You can choose to have your vehicle for any number of weeks and stop or extend the rental period at will.

Lastly, you do not have to maintain the car whatsoever; the company takes care of it.

The car rental model is a new subscription service that has recently been launched that allows customers to book monthly car rentals.

The rates are reasonable, and the longer you keep the car, the less money you pay.

Final Thoughts

Kyte is an innovative car rental company that offers customers quality rental vehicles at affordable rates.

They don’t have any hidden fees or gimmicks to surprise you with charges at the end of your booking.

Everything is transparent from the moment you submit your request until they deliver the car to you and return to retrieve it.

If you’re interested in learning more about their policies and giving them a try, download the Drive Kyte app today on your smartphone or visit their website for more information.

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