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What Is Lyft Business And How Does It Work?

Lyft Business is a ridesharing service that streamlines operations. Arrange rides for clients and employees while earning benefits for your company.

Lyft Business is a transportation option for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you need to shuttle employees to and from work or want to arrange corporate events, Lyft Business has you covered.

Learn more about how it works and the benefits it offers in this post.

What Is Lyft Business?

Lyft Business is a service larger businesses can sign up for.

It provides rides for clients, guests, employees, and more.

Your company can use Lyft Business to pick up important guests from the airport and bring them to the offices.

You can use Lyft Business when employees travel to other cities as well.

Products That Lyft Business Offers

Within the broad scope of Lyft Business, specialized sectors optimize your business practices.

vector graphic showing lyft passenger ratings screen on app phone screen


Travel ensures employees always have transportation at their destination.

They won’t have to waste time at the rental car kiosk or on the airport shuttle.

No matter where they are, employees can use Lyft Business to book a car, and the receipts immediately go to the company for expense reports.


Offering employees a Commute plan ensures they’ll always have a way home from work.

If they’re putting in long hours at the office, they can take Lyft from the office door to their home.

Employees who use public transportation can use Lyft to bridge any gaps that public transport doesn’t cover.


Courtesy is an option to schedule rides for people who don’t have the Lyft app—or for notable clients you want to impress.

Take all the work off of them by sending a car for them whenever it’s needed.


If your company hosts an event or has special days at more significant city events, you can use Lyft Business instead of relying on a standard shuttle.

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Similar to Uber Health, you can use Lyft Business for non-emergency medical transportation.

This feature allows you to book rides for patients to make it to their appointments.

Higher Education

College campuses across the United States are switching to Lyft Business.

It provides safe and reliable transportation for students and staff.

As a bonus, using Lyft cuts down on the need for parking spaces.

How Does Lyft Business Work?

Lyft Business lets employees and clients create a business profile to connect to a larger organization’s network.

This link allows users to bill rides to the company instead of paying out of pocket and having to get reimbursed by their boss later.

Since users have already set up a personal account, they’ll simply need to switch to their business account when they’re booking a work-related ride.

All receipts will get sent to your work email.

The admin on the Lyft Business account can also schedule rides for people.

This feature comes in handy when you want to make a great first impression on job interview candidates by sending a car for them.

If you don’t have all the details necessary to arrange a ride for someone, you can give them a code that lets them charge their ride to the business.

Key of Lyft Business Accounts

The Lyft business model has many built-in features that elevate this service above other rideshare and taxi options, even in larger markets like San Francisco and New York.

The organization can track the Lyft drivers so that they know their client or guest is on the way.

The passenger also has access to Lyft’s safety technology and can share their location with a trusted friend.

The app automatically translates ride information into the user’s default phone language.

This translation is excellent for businesses hosting international guests.

You don’t have to worry about a language barrier throwing off the transportation process.

Business Profiles

When your company signs up for a Lyft Business subscription, you’ll have a business profile.

All employees and clients will bill rides to this profile so that you can track the fares and expenses from one central location.

Lyft Concierge

Lyft Concierge gives businesses the ability to schedule rides for others.

This service goes above and beyond typical corporate business needs.

It allows medical practices to schedule rides for patients.

Many auto dealerships use this service, too.

It saves them the hassle of having shuttles to transport customers waiting for their car repairs.

Expense Tracking

Expense tracking is a feature of Lyft Business that streamlines financial management.

It allows riders to easily get a Lyft receipt from their account after a ride.

Every time you complete a trip, your receipt goes to the company administration for their financial records.

You can set this up in your own Lyft app by going into your settings.

Choose “Business profile” and then select “Expense management.”

You’ll see your company’s financial record management options listed.

After selecting your company’s option, all your ride receipts will get forwarded to the business.

You won’t have to do any paperwork or keep any records yourself.

Earn Points for Personal Use

When you use Lyft Business to book rides, you’re still earning Lyft credits.

For every five business rides you take, you make $5 in ride credits.

These funds are for your personal use, even though you earned them through Lyft Business.

The points add up until you redeem them for a free ride.

Lyft Business vs. Regular Lyft

Regular Lyft allows you to schedule rides, but it’s on your personal account.

Most people use regular Lyft services as on-demand rides, requesting a driver when they need one.

Lyft Business is a way to streamline work travel across a company.

You can still book standard ride modes, but it will get billed to your company instead of your personal credit card.

There are also bonuses, such as scheduling a ride for a job interview candidate or setting up transportation from the airport to the office.

How Much Does Lyft Business Cost?

Lyft Business uses a subscription plan, so businesses page $299 each month.

This fee provides up to 30 rides that max out at $15 per ride.

If the trip costs more than $15, the passenger pays the difference.

Or, if you’ve activated auto-pay, the company credit card pays the cost.

The price of rides on a Lyft Business account comes out to be a little more expensive than standard Lyft rides.

This extra charge is because you’re not just paying for the transportation but also the account management perks.

Another Lyft Business option is for work and home commutes only.

The Commute Plan is $3.99 each month.

This fee guarantees you 45 rides from your home and workplace.

This service is a great deal for employees who don’t own a car and live in a city with no public transportation.

Notable Companies Using Lyft Business

Many notable companies have embraced Lyft Business.

Among the big names are:

  • Airbnb
  • Ascension Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Delta
  • Slack
  • University of Southern California

How Do I Set Up a Lyft Business Account?

You can create a Lyft Business profile whether you already have a personal Lyft account or not.

If you don’t have a Lyft account, you can set up a Lyft Business profile first.

Use your work email and then enter your payment information.

If you have a company credit card, you can enter the number.

Once you’ve created your business profile, download the Lyft app and make an account.

You can use your business information for this account as well.

Here’s how to do it:

  • For people who already have a Lyft account, you can open the Lyft app and click on the menu.
  • Go to your settings and click on “Business Profile.”
  • When creating that account, you can enter your work email and then add a payment method.
  • You can use a company credit card here as well because this will be the card your business rides get charged to.

How Do I Log Into My Lyft Business Account?

You can easily toggle between your personal Lyft account and your Lyft Business account on the app.

Change options before you book a ride or, if you forgot, then switch before you pay.

Lyft makes it easy to juggle both profiles on one account.

Admin can log in to the business portal using their work email address.

Lyft will send a secure link to that address to prevent fraud.

How Do I Change My Lyft Account From Personal to Business?

For users with both personal and business accounts on Lyft, you can switch back and forth between the two.

This way, you can charge your credit card for your rides and charge the company credit card for business-related travel.

Before booking a business trip, tap “Personal” on the screen with your fare estimate.

That will toggle from your personal account to your business account.

In case you miss this chance, you’ll have another opportunity to change accounts before you pay for the trip.

You can switch to your business account when the ride ends before submitting payment.

Getting Help: Lyft Business Support Options

vector graphic showing a confused looking woman on the phone with Lyft customer service

Part of what you’re paying for with the subscription fee is Lyft Business support, which is available 24/7.

If you don’t need immediate help, you can fill out an online form and have someone contact you via phone or email.

You can also use the site’s online chat feature to respond immediately.

Whenever you contact Lyft, you can specify your role in the business, so they know how to help you.

If you’re a passenger, you don’t need to know the same things a coordinator would.

This helps streamline the support process.

If you have a relatively simple problem, there are options directly on the website.

These issues include:

  • Reporting a safety problem
  • Filing a lost item report
  • Getting more information about the Lyft Business options

Does Uber Offer a Business Solution?

Yes, Uber also has a business solution called Uber for Business.

There are many similarities between the two options.

Both allow businesses to track, schedule, and auto-pay rides.

Just as passengers can earn Lyft credits even using Lyft Business, Uber issues vouchers for passengers.

However, Lyft’s benefit of passengers earning credits pays off more than Uber’s vouchers.

Uber gives the vouchers to the business, and the company can distribute them to employees and clients.

Lyft automatically issues credit to the passenger’s account.

Uber’s business option differs slightly because their business service also covers meal deliveries.

This feature can be a nice benefit for long meetings or late nights at the office.

Wrapping Up

Lyft Business is an excellent way for companies to streamline their transportation needs.

Admin can easily track clients and employees as they travel for work.

The app sends all ride receipts directly to the company’s financial management system for easy expense tracking.

Added features like scheduling rides and commutes for employees or offering special codes for guests make this service even easier to use.

The Lyft Business subscription is a must-have for companies of all sizes.

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