Every Feature of the Lyft Driver App Explained

For Lyft drivers, their best friend is the Lyft driver app. The backbone behind the entire pickup and dropoff process, Lyft drivers can’t live without this vital tool in their aresenal.

Like Uber, Lyft has a specific driver app that is used for driving. In it, there are exclusive driver features that only unlock when the driver is activated.

The Lyft app is pretty simple and straightforward to use, but here’s a quick guide explaining all the things a driver needs to know. After this, any driver will be ready for his first rider!

Lyft Driver App 101: Navigate Your Way in The App

Lyft Driver App: Home Tab

Lyft Driver App: Home Tab | Lyft Driver App | Every Feature Explained
The Home Tab is the first thing a Lyft driver sees when he opens the app. It contains the map that shows drivers where the Prime Time areas are.

Prime Time areas are highlighted in pink, and the intensity of the colors indicate where the highest Prime Time surge prices are. However, unlike the Uber driver app, there is no way of knowing exactly what the surge rate is.

At times, the Home Tab will feature an Updates notification. These are notices for Lyft drivers about various issues, such as policy changes, tax rate updates, and a background check refresh, to name a few. Lyft drivers should keep a close eye on any updates to avoid being left behind.

Lyft Driver App: Earnings Tab

As the tab says, this is where Lyft drivers can see how much they’ve earned so far. The Earnings Tab displays all receipts for trips. However, pulling up specific information about any single trip isn’t easy in the Lyft driver app.

Also, in the Earnings Tab, one can see the driver’s Weekly Acceptance Rate, which is computed by how many trips are accepted by a driver per week. Lyft drivers should strive to keep this above 90% as this allows them to qualify for various bonuses.

Lyft Driver App: Referrals Tab

Lyft utilizes a referral system that rewards passengers and drivers alike for referring other people either to work with Lyft or use the app. Drivers can use this tab to keep an eye on their referrals. Here, they can see if they have earned money from each referral.

Also in this tab is a Referrals in Progress area. Lyft drivers can monitor the activation progress of drivers they’ve referred to Lyft.

Referral bonuses don’t appear immediately, as Lyft requires referred drivers to complete a certain number of trips before referrers see any money in their accounts.

Drivers can keep an eye on this tab to encourage their referrals to drive more!

Lyft Driver App: Driver Menu

Though both drivers and riders use the same Lyft app, Driver and Rider modes have very different functions.

One such difference is the Driver Menu.This menu contains various options that allow Lyft drivers to manage their accounts.

First is the Dashboard option, which connects drivers to the Lyft dashboard where they can contact Lyft support.

Second is the Vehicle option, where Lyft drivers can check their car registrations, as well as change vehicles if they have another Lyft-activated car.

Third, the Help option gives drivers access to roadside assistance, FAQs, and the Critical Response Line. Finally, the Settings option is where drivers can configure their navigation apps, alerts, and profile info.

Our Take

Drivers might be using both Uber and Lyft simultaneously to maximize their earning potential. Therefore, it is imperative that these drivers learn the ins and outs of the respective rideshare apps.

To avoid confusion and inconvenience, drivers should really tinker with their apps to understand how both of them work. They may be similar, but in many ways, they can also be entirely different!

Got other tips for Lyft drivers on how to use the app easier? Share them in the comments below.