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You’ve probably noticed Lyft’s signature pink logo on the road.

As the rideshare industry has grown over the past few years, Lyft has risen to the top as one of the most notable share services out there.

You may not realize that Lyft offers comprehensive account management for businesses, called Lyft for Business.

This branch of Lyft’s services makes business-related transport a streamlined process.

With a Lyft for Business account, you will be able to schedule rides for team members or guests, accommodate commuters, set up auto-expensing features, and much more.

Read on to learn about the specifics of this service and whether or not it might be right for your business.

Does Lyft Have Business Accounts?

Yes, Lyft has business accounts available.

Lyft has developed a comprehensive branch of our services designed specifically for businesses.

Travel, pick-ups and drop-offs, and commuting are such an essential part of so many businesses’ day-to-day operations.

With a Lyft business account, you will take this otherwise mundane task to the next level.

You will be able to schedule comfortable, clean, reliable rides for anyone on your team and organize your expenses with a simple tap.

Your business profile will provide you with dedicated account managers, comprehensive ride insights to track your team’s rideshare activities, and flexible partnership options.

What Is Lyft for Business?

Lyft Business is designed to make commuting to work or organizing transportation for employees and customers seamless and reduce costs.

The Lyft Business model allows employees to connect their business profiles to their organizations to:

  • Use centralized payment methods
  • Get monthly credits
  • Let businesses track employee or customer transportation habits

How Does Lyft for Business Work?

Whether you’re located in big cities like New York or San Francisco, this service is available in most US locations where there are already Lyft drivers – but not Canada.

Lyft Business works by allowing employees, customers, or guests to create business profiles on the Lyft app to connect to the organizations they’re a part of.

Through their profiles, employees can add company charge accounts to directly charge their rides to their business rather than using a personal account and invoicing later.

When they go to schedule a ride, employees will only need to switch from their personal account to their business one.

Once you’ve scheduled the ride, you can even send ride receipts to your work email or a company email versus your personal one.

The more you use the business profile, the more you can collect Lyft credit, which you can redeem for a free ride.

From the organization’s side, Lyft Business also allows the company to keep track of any activity from the employee’s business account and even schedule rides for them.

This feature makes it even easier when it comes to time to schedule rentals from the airport, commute home, or even arrange transportation for job interview candidates.

For one-time events and meetings, companies can also use Lyft Business to arrange transportation for guests, using custom codes that allow them to get a ride and still charge to the business account.

Key Benefits of Lyft Business

There are numerous benefits to having a Lyft for Business account.

We’ll cover the details of the ones that we think will interest you the most.

Lyft Pass

Lyft Pass has become extremely popular since its launch in summer 2020.

Lyft Pass enables you to create customized programs to cover the cost of travel for your employees, guests, patients, and clients.

It’s straightforward and gives you complete control over expenses.

You will stay in control of your budget and how the app is used while providing top-notch service and courtesy to the people you work with.

Also, with Lyft’s Health Safety Program, you’ll be able to control your employees’ and guests’ exposure and ensure the health and safety of both the drivers and your team.

Read More: Is Lyft safe?


The autopay option is a great feature that streamlines payment for rides and protects your credit card account information.

No more handing out the credit card, last-minute phone calls, or sifting through receipts to reimburse your employees.

With autopay, your employees or guests can simply select your business name in the app to charge the ride to your account.

Whichever payment option you have saved for default will be charged.

You can also save and export a ride receipt for each ride.

Lyft Concierge

Lyft Concierge features enhanced, in-app safety options, where riders can share details of their location with a friend or dial 911 silently.

It also features:

  • Language options that are synced to the language preferences in their phone
  • Support for common issues like lost and found
  • More detailed information shared with the driver to ensure a smooth meet up and reduce the number of no-shows

You, as the host, will be able to easily schedule and pay for rides for your employees or guests, as well.

Types of Vehicles Available to Lyft Business Customers

In addition to stringent requirements for their drivers, Lyft also has specific standards regarding vehicle types.

All Lyft vehicles must have at least four doors and five seat belts.

They also offer several transportation modes to accommodate specific needs for each ride.

Economy Ride Options

Economy ride modes include options such as the following:

  • Lyft Standard: Standard Lyft ride, with regular cars
  • Lyft Shared: Share a car with riders going in the same direction for a discounted rate),
  • Wait and Save: Lock in a lower price during peak hours
  • Priority Pick Up: A faster pick up for a slightly higher price
  • Lyft Preferred: A standard ride for up to three passengers, but you can make specific requests for space, luggage accommodations, or desired vehicle.

Lyft Luxury

Lyft Luxury provides a luxury vehicle for up to three travelers, and Lyft Lux Black offers black car service with leather seats for up to three riders.

Some of the cars you may get a ride from if you use Lyft Lux include:

  • Acuras
  • Bentleys
  • BMWs
  • Cadillacs
  • Jaguars
  • Maseratis
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Porsches
  • Teslas
  • Much more!

For the complete list, you can read more about the Lyft Lux standards and vehicle options on Lyft’s site.

You may also select Lyft XL or Lux Black XL options, where rides accommodate up to five passengers.

Alternative Options

Lyft users may also select options like scooters, bikes, car seat accommodations, wheelchair access, and Lyft Assisted.

This year, Lyft Rentals are also now available to Lyft for Business users, making rental car scheduling and payment a breeze.

You will also earn a $20 Lyft bonus for every rental car you drive.

How Much Does Lyft for Business Cost?

Lyft for Business users can subscribe to an All-Access Plan and pay $299/month for up to 30 rides at $15 per ride.

If the ride exceeds $15, the passenger will pay the difference.

If you have your auto-pay account set up, charging the extra cost to the copy card will be easy for your passenger.

Or, they can subscribe to the Commute Plan and pay $3.99 per month for 45 rides between work and home only.

The price per ride will be set at a customized rate.

Why Is Lyft for Business More Expensive?

Rates for Lyft for Business accounts end up being a little pricier than the Personal Account rates.

This cost helps to cover the cost of the additional services and features such as personal account management, 24/7 customer service, simple expensing features, Concierge services, and more.

For many business owners responsible for transporting clients, employees, and out-of-town guests, the higher price is worth it.

However, that will all depend on your business’s budget and how much you need to use transport services.

Lyft for Business vs. Uber for Business

Lyft may have its own Business option, but so does Uber.

So, how do these two services compare?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key similarities and differences between them:

The similarities that Lyft for Business and Uber for Business share include:

  • Organizations have access to guest or employee travel habits when they use the business account
  • Automated expensing
  • Allows businesses to schedule rides for their employees if they need to
  • There are incentives for using the business account (Lyft gives its users credits, and Uber provides vouchers)

Here’s how Lyft Business and Uber for Business differ: 

  • Lyft only includes rides and rentals, but Uber business accounts also cover meal deliveries.
  • Lyft allows employees to build credits on their business accounts as an incentive for free rides, but Uber only allows for vouchers, which companies must distribute.

Contacting Lyft Business Support

vector graphic showing a confused looking woman on the phone with Lyft customer service

Lyft for Business users has numerous options for contacting support on a 24/7 basis.

When reaching out to Lyft support, you have the option of specifying your role so that your solutions are tailored to what you need.

For example, you can select whether you are an admin, concierge coordinator, or rider on the Support Center page.

From there, they will present you with a comprehensive menu of support options.

At the bottom of the Support Center page, there are links to:

  • Report a safety incident
  • Report a lost item
  • Explore Lyft Business Solutions

If you prefer to fill out a contact form, you may do that on the site.

For specific questions, you can use the chat feature to type in your question, and you’ll either get directed to a relevant help article or one of Lyft’s customer service agents.

Wrapping Up

With centralized payments, flexible scheduling, and a user-friendly dashboard, Lyft for Business creates a seamless way for employees, customers, or guests to get to and from their businesses.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use app for getting your employees and guests to and from the office, events, or meetings, Lyft for Business will have your needs covered for a reasonable rate.

Sign up for your account now and start showing your team members how much you care.

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