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Lyft Free Ride Hack: Ways To Earn Lyft Ride Credit

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Driving can be a headache, especially when you have to deal with traffic and hard-to-find parking slots.

Sometimes, it makes better sense to request a Lyft ride using the Lyft app or website.

The company offers an innovative alternative to using taxis, and you can request and pay for your first ride conveniently through your smartphone.

Moving from one point to another or ordering Lyft delivery services is sometimes an expensive affair.

This is more so if you require services during rush hours.

Fortunately, Lyft promo codes are widely available and can cut your ride cost by a considerable percentage.

Better still, you can use a Lyft free ride hack to enjoy free rides!

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Does a Lyft Free Ride Hack Exist?

So, is it possible to enjoy Lyft rides without spending a penny?

Well, free rides don’t come easy.

However, you can cruise without spending a dime using a few simple strategies.

First, you could use the referral code sent to your phone number when you sign up for Lyft for the first time.

Share the code with your buddies and family to earn free rides or enticing discounts.

Any time someone uses your code to sign up on Lyft and requests a ride, you earn credit you can use during your next ride.

Generally, credits range between $5 and $20.

So, it is possible to earn free Lyft rides using Lyft credits or a Lyft promo code.

However, it’s never a good idea to use unscrupulous means just to enjoy free cruises.

Lyft uses user referral codes as part of the company’s marketing strategy.

While the code can earn you Lyft coupon codes in exchange for new passengers, you have to do some heavy lifting on your end.

Furthermore, new customers receive free credit to use during their first Lyft’s ride.

In short, you cannot find legit websites that offer Lyft referral codes for non-new users!

A simple and legit means to earn coupons as an existing Lyft user is to check out in-app promotions.

Lyft posts deals frequently.

Turn on your notification to ensure you benefit from all available deals.

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Notable Case of Lyft Free Ride Hacks

You’ve heard about Blake Jared’s story, right?

Well, he just earned himself free rides for life.

To be specific, Blake received $50,000 credit by running a referral code campaign.

Essentially, he used devious means to get people signing up from far and wide.

When you sign up as a new user, you receive a referral code.

You can share this code with friends and family to earn between $5 and $20 once they sign up and use Lyft.

Blake decided to milk his code for all its worth and posted it on Reddit.

Thousands of people used the code to sign up for rides and were eager to receive their $45 credit for new sign-ups.

See, Lyft already gives incentives that casn lure the attention of anyone you request to sign up using your referral code.

Unfortunately, the policy specifies that you can only share the referral code with people you know, such as close friends and relatives.

Blake violated this policy by sharing his code with strangers on Reddit.

Ultimately, the ride company got wind about Blake’s fortunes after giving a driver a poor review.

After investigations, it stripped down Blake’s credits because he earned them via dodgy means that go against the set policies.

Moral of the story: If you want to maximize on a Lyft free ride hack, make sure you play by the book.

Reminder: We Do Not Support Shady Free Ride Credit Methods

So, should you go out of your way and use clever means to earn free Lyft credits?

We highly recommend that you don’t.

Lyft has invested heavily in closing out loopholes that allow users to earn credits using illegal or unethical tactics.

It’s a free world, and you may feel a little tempted to do something sketchy and earn Lyft discounts.

Even if you do so successfully, the chances are that you will not enjoy your fortunes for long.

Lyft uses the most advanced tools to highlight fishy credits and pull them down as soon as possible.

How Lyft Combats Unethical Free Ride Hacks

vector graphic showing a lyft vehicle in the foreground and in the background a guy implementing a Lyft free ride hack on a mobile phone running the Lyft app

Lyft app activities on both rider and driver accounts are always under close watch.

The company has suffered its fair share of scam attempts and is always keen to flag new fraud schemes as soon as they pop their ugly heads.

One of the most notable fraudulent activities involves enjoying free rides for days.

Note that this is not a legit Lyft free ride hack, and it involves manipulating the company’s marketing strategy.

Lyft gives its existing users up to $20 for referring new customers.

Unscrupulous individuals use burner apps to create a unique temporary number and create a new account.

Therefore, the new account earns $20 (first ride discount code) while the old account earns $20 for referring a new client.

It is possible to use this shoddy “hack” severally, although it will not be long before you get caught.

Lyft is always keen on monitoring app activities and quickly notices shoddy patterns in rider activities.

For instance, it only takes a few minutes for its security system to flag accounts that share similar devices or payment modes.

Lyft Hack: Bug Bounty Program

People introduce new Lyft hacks from time to time.

If you discover a shoddy hack, report it to the Lyft Bug Bounty Program immediately and collect your reward.

The company prides itself on providing fair services for all, making it crucial for brand fans to report possible scams.

The Bug Bounty Program allows you to keep Lyft rider-sharing fair and safe for everyone.

You can report to the security team via the Lyft HackerOne page.

Alternatively, send the company an email using the address [email protected].

Just ensure that you comply with the Lyft bug bounty program policies.

How to Get Free Lyft Rides

What is the best Lyft free ride hack?

There are several legit methods of earning Lyft credits and discounts and enjoying free or discounted trips.

a vector graphic of a man holding a smartphone saving money on a lyft ride using a lyft promo code as the vehicle picks him up and a woman is riding in the car

These methods are as follows:

  • Sign up for the first time and receive a promo code that offers ride discounts
  • Use your referral code to encourage friends and loved ones to sign up on the Lyft app and request rides
  • Check for promotions available on the Lyft app
  • Sign up and pay using selected credit cards such as Chase Credit Cards

Lyft offers two main types of rider promotions.

They include:

1  Ride Discounts

Ride discounts allow you to enjoy one ride at a reduced rate or for free.

If your discount is enough to settle the cost of the ride, then you don’t need to pay a dime.

You may, however, need to settle the difference if your trip costs more than the available discount amount.

You can use any of the four legit methods mentioned above to earn credits or discounts.

The ride discounts can include flat fares, percentages, or fixed markdowns.

If you don’t maximize the deal, you cannot roll its benefits over to your next ride.

2. Lyft Credit

The Lyft app frequently offers promotions that you can participate in and earn credits.

Essentially, Lyft credits are like cash in your account that you can use to pay for rides.

Unlike ride discounts which you can use for one ride, you can use credits over several trips.

By tapping the ‘reward’ tab on your app, you can view their details, including your ride limits and the value of your credits or discounts, and their expiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lyft drivers get free rides?

No. Contrary to popular belief, Lyft drivers don’t enjoy discounts or free rides.

However, they may use a legit Lyft free ride hack to earn points they can redeem and enjoy massive savings.

Remember that Lyft drivers are independent contractors, meaning they are not entitled to company benefits.

Is Lyft or Uber cheaper for riders?

Both Lyft and Uber have fair pricing models.

The amount of money you pay for your ride may depend on your location and the time of day.

Lyft has a smaller surge charge compared to Uber.

This makes Lyft cheaper than Uber during rush hour

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Does Lyft offer discounts for disabled passengers?

Lyft, together with the National Down Syndrome Society, have teamed up to allow disabled passengers to pay for rides using ABLE accounts.

These savings accounts enable them to pay for particular expenses, including Lyft rides, without footing over taxes.

Wrapping Up

If you are searching for a legit Lyft free ride hack, you have several great options at your disposal.

You can sign up as a new rider and earn credits.

Another option is to refer your friends and family and earn points when they sign up and request rides.

By all means avoid black hat methods of getting free rides because you’ll be caught.

Ridester provides valuable information on the on-demand rideshare app and delivery services.

With over 7 years in the industry, you can trust our word-reputable publications such as Forbes and the New York Times do.

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