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Lyft Light: Different Types Of Driver Identifiers

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Rideshare services have made ordering up a ride from your phone an easy feat.

Yet, a key concern with many rideshare riders is correctly identifying their driver’s car.

When you order from an app late at night, it can be hard to take note of a vehicle’s color, make, or model from across the street.

Fortunately, Lyft and other rideshare companies have come up with a solution.

Now riders can identify their ride by driver identifier lights on the Lyft vehicle’s dashboard.

In addition, Lyft drivers will be able to pick up their fares more quickly, allowing more time to pick up other passengers.

But how do these lights work?

More importantly, how do you get one?

Keep reading to get a full breakdown of Lyft Light and other driver identifiers.

What is a Lyft Light?

A Lyft Light is a light drivers place on their dash to make it easy for riders to identify them.

Before 2016, Lyft used a glowing pink mustache to identify drivers. Now, drivers use an oblong light called Amp.

It sits right inside your windshield on your dash and acts as a beacon to direct riders to their vehicle.

Are Lyft Lights Legal?

Some drivers have raised concerns in the past over the legality of Lyft lights.

Unfortunately, their concerns seem to be justified. In many states, anything that could be considered an obstruction of view is illegal.

Likewise, lights that could be mistaken for emergency lights aren’t permitted in some states, as well.

Unfortunately, Lyft’s light would likely fall into that category due to its placement and color.

Since there’s no federal statute regarding windshield lights, you’ll need to look into your state’s law to find out what you can use.

Generally, the light is legal as long as it isn’t on while you’re driving.

You can turn it on once you reach your destination to let your rider know you’ve arrived.  

Lyft Vehicle Identification Policy: An Overview

Once the Lyft app pairs a passenger with a driver, they’ll send you several pieces of information to allow you to identify your ride.

Specifically, you’ll receive the driver’s picture, name, and vehicle information.

Lyft Vehicle Identification Policy

Lyft provides riders with enough information to identify their ride correctly.

After receiving ride confirmation, Lyft will send you a photo of your driver and car.

You’ll also get information on their ETA and a live map so you can follow them.

Once your Lyft driver arrives, confirm their name and appearance, and ask them to verify your name and destination.

Once you’re confident you’ve found the right vehicle, you can be on your way.

Why Lyft Vehicle Identification is Necessary

Lyft implemented its identifier system for a few reasons.

Mainly, it makes it easy for passengers to identify their ride from a distance quickly.

Vehicle identification also provides reassurance that the rider and passenger are who they say they are.

Since there have been cases of people posing as drivers and passengers in the past, this is a crucial step in staying safe.

Types of Lyft Lights

There are two types of Lyft lights drivers can use. The Lyft Amp is a Lyft-supplied lamp. Or choose a third-party light.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two.

Lyft Amp

Lyft Amp is a proprietary light Lyft gives to eligible drivers.

Amp provides drivers notifications when they receive a new fare, notifies passengers when their Lyft driver is approaching and helps guide drivers to their destinations.

Drivers must meet specific requirements to get an Amp for their vehicle.

Third-Party Lights

Third-party Lyft lights are lights purchased from a source other than Lyft.

You can buy these lights in various colors and styles online.

Difference Between the Two Types

You’ll find a few key differences between the Lyft Amp and a third-party light.

  • Amp is a Lyft-supplied
  • Third-party lights aren’t Lyft-approved
  • Lyft Amp is free
  • Anyone can buy a third-party light
  • Third-party lights don’t have the same functionality as Amp

Benefits of Using a Lyft Light

As you can see, there are several downsides to purchasing your own Lyft light.

Keep reading to learn about all the benefits you’ll get from using Lyft’s Amp.  


Perhaps the most significant benefit to a Lyft light is that it provides a measure of safety.

Only Lyft can give drivers the light, so when you’re a customer, you can feel confident you’re approaching the right vehicle.

Of course, you should always confirm the driver’s appearance and vehicle make and model before getting it.

But the light adds one more measure of safety.

Riders Find You Easier

When a rider orders a Lyft late at night or in the city, finding a car in a sea of vehicles can be tricky.

The light makes it easy to see a Lyft vehicle from across the street or down the block.

Faster Pick Ups

Since riders will be able to see a driver’s light from a distance, they’ll be able to get in your car more quickly.

This easy identification gives the driver more time to pick up fares and eliminates messages from the rider trying to find the driver.

No Need for a Lyft Sticker

Previously, a Lyft sticker was the best way for a driver to identify their vehicle.

Fortunately, the Lyft light eliminates the need for a sticker.

Official Lyft Light: The Lyft Amp

Lyft’s official light is the Amp.

The company introduced the identifier light in 2016 in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

This color-changing light boasts the Lyft and passenger’s name.

Drivers can display it prominently on their dashboard as a beacon for riders to see.

What is Lyft Amp?

Lyft Amp is Lyft’s proprietary identifier light.

The company provides the light to all eligible drivers.

Although Amp might seem like a simple identifier light, it actually performs several functions to help make your rides smoother.

Features of a Lyft Amp

When Lyft created Amp, its goal was to make a more streamlined experience for drivers and riders.

So, the company incorporated several useful features into one wireless device.

1. Amp shows the names of riders as drivers pick them up and drop them off

2. The light welcomes passengers by name

3. Light color is personalized to each passenger

4. Rider’s phone shows the corresponding color

How Does a Lyft Amp Work?

A Lyft Amp works by connecting wirelessly to your phone.

Once it’s paired, it’ll send you notifications when you get a new fare.

It also changes color for each passenger, so they know which vehicle to look for.

Then, when you arrive at your fare, the passenger’s name will be displayed on the Amp.

How to Get a Lyft Amp

Currently, Lyft has suspended distribution of the Amp.

However, it plans to start sending them to eligible drivers again in the near future.

To check your eligibility, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Lyft driver app and select “Vehicle and Devices.”
  2. Select “Amp” and select “Eligibility.”
  3. If you’re eligible, select the option to order an Amp.

Not eligible yet? Here’s a quick rundown of what requirements you’ll have to meet to get your own Amp.

Be in a City Where Amp is Available

As of 2023, Amp is only available in select cities.

If you live outside one of Lyft’s preferred cities, you won’t be able to use Amp. However, Lyft plans to expand Amp’s availability.

You can keep checking your app to find out when Amp might be available for you.

Be a Gold or Platinum Level Driver

Lyft’s Driver Rewards Program aims to create more dedicated drivers and superior service.

So, once you’ve achieved Gold or Platinum status on Lyft’s Driver Rewards Program, you can request an Amp for your vehicle.

Although the Amp isn’t available for distribution, your eligibility won’t expire unless you deactivate your account.

Have an Updated Address

Lyft takes safety seriously, so before distributing Amps, the company will want to ensure your account information is accurate.

Specifically, your address will need to be updated to ensure you’re only using the Amp in your approved area.

How to Charge a Lyft Amp

When you need to charge your Amp, there are two options.

First, you can plug it into an outlet at home using a USB charger.

Your second option is to leave it plugged in while you’re driving.

The Amp will connect to your phone wirelessly, but you can leave it plugged into a charging point to hold power while in use.


Lyft’s light identifiers have made it easy for drivers and riders to find each other on the street.

Not only that, but Amp has streamlined the process further by integrating with the driver’s phone.

Now, passengers will see their name on the dash and a color-matched light on their phones.

Have you had any experiences using Lyft’s identifier lights or Amp?

Drop us a comment below to tell us your thoughts.

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