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Lyft Rewards Program 2023: A Passenger’s Complete Guide

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Rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber have become a pivotal part of everyday life.

It’s not just a taxi service.

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, ride-sharing offers people flexibility and independence when they travel.

When you ride with Lyft, you get more than just transportation from Point A to Point B.

Each ride is an opportunity for rewards with the Lyft rewards program.

Why You Should Seek to Earn Lyft Rewards

When you join the Lyft rewards program, you gain access to perks like airline travel rewards and a credit card partnership program.

Lyft partners with other companies like Hilton Honors, Delta Skymiles, Chase, and Mastercard to reward their customers for using their services.

Get the best deal on all of these services by taking advantage of all the joint programs they offer.

For every dollar you spend on Lyft rides, you can unlock cashback deals on your credit card, airline travel miles, and hotel loyalty programs like Hilton Honors.

Get perks for doing things you would be doing anyway, like using a credit card and shopping on Amazon.

It’s easy to set up and use.

What do you do with Lyft points?

You travel, use a rideshare app, shop with a credit card, and enjoy a good ordered-in meal.

You are going to spend money on these things anyway.

Why not turn these expenses into perks?

When you enroll in the Lyft rewards program, you can earn cash bonuses from purchases, bonus points applied to your ride-sharing app,

How to Earn Points and Miles with the Lyft Rewards Program

When you’re part of the Lyft rewards program, every ride you take with Lyft is an opportunity for cash or credit rewards.

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1. Pay Using a Chase Credit Card

If you bank with Chase, you can earn rewards points with every Lyft ride.

Just pay for your Lyft ride with an eligible Chase card like Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom, or Chase Ink.

  • Chase Sapphire, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom, or Chase Ink card holders earn 5x points or 5% cashback.
  • There is also a special bonus for Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders. Earn 10x Ultimate Rewards points to apply to your Lyft rides, plus a year-long free Lyft Pink membership.

2. Use Another Travel Card if you Don’t Have a Chase One

If you don’t bank with Chase, not to worry.

You can earn Lyft rewards using other travel cards, too.

A shopping portal called Rakuten offers cashback rewards to members who click through to Lyft on the Rakuten app.

If you are an American Express member, you can also use Rakuten to earn American Express Membership Rewards points instead of cash.

3. Connect Your Mastercard to Lyft

When you pay for your Lyft rides with a World Elite Mastercard, you can earn Lyft credit to be used for future rides with Lyft.

Pay for five rides with your World Elite Mastercard and earn $10 credit to use after your fifth ride.

Did you know?

You can use a Lyft promo code to save money on rides as a new user. It’s a great way to get Lyft rewards before you even start using the app!

4. Link Your Hilton Honors Account

Lyft riders can link their Lyft accounts to their Hilton Honors accounts to access rewards points.

For every $1 you spend on a Lyft ride, you receive 3 Hilton Honors points to be redeemed as Lyft credits.

You can also earn points when you share a ride with another Lyft rider.

Earn 2 points for every $1 you spend on a shared ride.

5. Connect Your Delta SkyMiles Account to Lyft

Another Lyft rewards program is the Delta Skymiles travel rewards program.

Lyft riders who link their Delta Skymiles and Lyft accounts can earn miles for every Lyft ride they take in the U.S.

Simply open the Lyft app and select Delta Skymiles as your travel rewards program of choice.

You will earn 1 mile of travel credit for every $1 you spend on Lyft rides in the U.S.

For airport rides in the U.S., you will earn 2 miles per $1 spent on the ride.

A new Lyft user who links to Skymiles receives $20 in ride credits.

6. Enroll in Lyft Pink

For ultimate rewards, sign up for a Lyft Pink Membership.

For $19.99 per month, unlock tons of extra perks like ride discounts, free memberships with other apps, and access to a variety of rental vehicles and priority airport pickups.

You can also choose to pay an annual fee instead of paying month-by-month.

Lyft Pink gives its members a 15% discount on rides and allows for 3 relaxed cancellations every month.

Your rides are cheaper, and you get some leeway if your schedule changes suddenly.

You also gain a free Grubhub+ membership when you enroll in Lyft Pink.

Get food from your favorite restaurants delivered to your door.

Perks for Lyft Pink also include upgraded car rentals from SIXT, a leading car rental company that operates globally.

You will also have access to priority airport pickups.

No more running late for a flight or waiting at the baggage claim.

Do you love traveling around your local city in style?

Lyft Pink gives its members 3 free bike rides each month.

You can also substitute a discounted e-bike ride for any or all of those 3 rides.

If a scooter is more your style, Lyft Pink members also get 3 free scooter rides every month from Lyft’s scooter service.

Limitations apply to all of these ultimate rewards.

7. Schedule Lyft Rides

If you plan on riding through a heavy-traffic area during busy hours, you can schedule a Lyft ride ahead of time to avoid price increases.

You can schedule rides up to 7 days ahead of time, and a driver in the area will come and pick you up during your pick-up time window.

Lyft will send you a reminder before your pickup and let you know a driver is on their way.

You can cancel the ride free of charge as long as a driver has not yet been assigned to pick you up.

8. Check out Sixt Car Rentals Through the Lyft App

Lyft now offers car rentals to its members.

You don’t need to hire a Lyft driver anymore if you’d rather drive yourself.

Whether you’re going on a road trip or just running some errands, you can rent a car right from the Lyft app.

Lyft also partners with SIXT in select cities, providing rentals at airports like LAX, Chicago O’Hare, New Jersey Newark, and JFK International.

Booking rentals with Lyft is another way to earn Lyft credit.

Your rental comes with amenities like car seats for your kids, a USB phone charger, and other add-ons to make your ride go more smoothly.

Lyft doesn’t charge mileage fees, and you can drive as many miles as you want.

Drop off your car without stopping for gas.

Lyft fills the tank and charges the local market rate.

9. Set up a Lyft Business Profile

If you ride with Lyft for work, a Business Profile makes it easy to send ride receipts to your work email and keep track of your work expenses.

Before you take a Lyft ride related to business, change your profile from Personal to Business.

Using your business profile will automatically charge the ride to your business payment method and send a receipt to your work email.

If you are a business owner, use Lyft Business to benefit your employees and customers.

The Lyft Business team customizes their services to meet your needs, whether you need transportation to an event, options for employees who commute, or an impressive ride for a company VIP.

Companies that use Lyft Business to transport their employees and customers include Slack, Stevinson Imports, and Tapestry.

With Lyft Business, you can stop worrying about driving to places and get back to running your company.

10. Lyft Rewards for Drivers

Earning extra rewards from Lyft isn’t just for Lyft riders.

If you are a Lyft driver, you may be eligible for the Lyft Rewards program.

Earn points for every eligible dollar you make while driving during busy hours.

The points you earn help you unlock higher tiers with more rewards.

Once you unlock a tier, you must maintain a high driver rating and driver score to remain in that tier.

The score required varies depending on your region.

Keep your driver score up by having a high acceptance rate.

This lets passengers know that you are a reliable driver who will pick them up on time and won’t cancel at the last minute.

The three Lyft Rewards tiers are Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

In the Silver tier, you gain access to discounts on auto maintenance, discounted roadside assistance, and discounts from TurboTax Self Employed.

Gold allows you access to Preferred rides and gives you more information about a ride before you accept it.

A Platinum tier on Lyft Rewards includes all of the perks from Silver and Gold, but roadside assistance is free and you have access to Priority Mode.

You also get an extra daily use of Destination Mode, which assigns you to rides that are on your way to your current destination.

You also get increased discounts on TurboTax Self Employed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lyft Gold?

Lyft Gold is a tier in the Lyft Rewards program for drivers.

When you drive for Lyft you may be eligible for the program and can earn points to qualify for the Silver, Gold, or Platinum tier.

Each tier has its own set of benefits, including discounted roadside assistance, TurboTax Self Employed discounts (an important piece of filing Lyft taxes), and all sorts of perks that will help you make more money as a driver.

How Can I Get Free Lyft Credits?

You can get credits for a free Lyft ride when you refer someone who has never ridden with Lyft before.

Your referral also gets credits for a free ride.

This offer is only available in select cities, so check your app to make sure you’re eligible.

Ready to Hit the Road?

Lyft Rewards Program members get much more than quick and easy transportation.

If you travel frequently, take advantage of Lyft’s airline miles rewards with Delta Skymiles, earn Lyft credits for using your Hilton Honors membership, and earn point rewards when you pay for rides using your credit card.

Sign up, live your life, and watch the rewards roll in.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this blog. The main benefit of using Lyft Line is the fact that passengers can share the cost of transport. Multiple people going in the same direction are matched up and given one driver, creating a carpool. They are charged as a team, and they share the cost. This means that transportation cost is lowered, and passengers get to save.

  2. Delivery drivers are constantly on the road burning through fuel at the same rate as Lyft and Uber drivers. The only time a delivery drivers vehicle is not running is if they have a shop n deliver order and I’m sure that would compare to when a Lyft or Uber driver is waiting on their next passenger. So any deals offered to Lyft or Uber drivers should also be offered to delivery drivers.


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