What Is the Lyft Ride Pass? How to Save on a Month of Rides

If you’re a frequent Lyft rider, you know that the cost of ridesharing adds up over time. Between peak hour pricing, tips, and other fees, rideshare expenses can take you over your budget if you’re not careful. But, if you take advantage of the money-saving Lyft Ride Pass and Lyft Pink, you can meet your...

If you’re a frequent Lyft rider, you know that the cost of ridesharing adds up over time. Between peak hour pricing, tips, and other fees, rideshare expenses can take you over your budget if you’re not careful. But, if you take advantage of the money-saving Lyft Ride Pass and Lyft Pink, you can meet your transportation needs without pinching pennies each month.

Despite the popularity of Lyft in the United States and Canada, many riders still aren’t aware of the big savings that are available to them daily. In addition to Lyft promo codes, you can turn to the rideshare company’s ongoing programs to score deals that allow you to keep riding comfortably, safely, and within budget.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Lyft Ride Pass and how Lyft Pink can extend your savings year-round.

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What Is a Lyft Ride Pass?

Lyft Ride Pass is a purchasable promotion — similar to a Groupon — that’s designed to give select Lyft users exclusive access to a special discount. For a small fee, you can take a number of discounted rides, usually within a 28-day time frame.

For example, a handful of Lyft users have reported getting a “$5 off per ride on up to 10 rides” offer for $4.99. Taking into account the cost of the offer, this could save you about $45. During the 28-day period, some users reported continuing to get 5% off rides after meeting the 10-ride maximum.

Ride Pass Perks

Lyft Ride Pass: A man waits by the side of the road, watching his phone screen for updates on his Lyft ride

As you can see, one of the biggest perks of the Lyft Ride Pass is the total value of the deal. Your discount can pay for itself in as little as one ride, so you can benefit even if you’re just taking two rides in the promotion time frame.

Though the Lyft Ride Pass typically excludes Lyft Bike and Lyft Scooter rides from the discount, it is usually applicable to the majority of rideshare services. These services include Shared, Lyft Standard, Lyft XL, Lyft Lux, Lyft Lux XL, and Lux Black. Regardless of whether you want to make your economical rides even cheaper or ride in style without the high price tag, getting a ride pass can help you get around your city and beyond at more affordable rates.

How to Get a Ride Pass

Because Lyft Ride Passes are exclusive offers, you must receive an offer directly in your email to purchase your discount for the month. There’s no clear methodology to how the ride-hailing company targets users, other than by location, so we recommend staying subscribed to Lyft’s promotional emails to ensure you never miss out.

Once you get a Ride Pass offer in your email, simply tap “Get the Pass” in the message and log in to your Lyft account. As soon as you finish reviewing the details and accept the terms of the pass, tap “Buy” and follow any additional prompts, including entering your credit card details if you haven’t already.

After your purchase, your Ride Pass discounts will automatically show up in the “Promos” section of your app. These discounts will be applied to all of your next eligible rides, up to the ride maximum.

Lyft Ride Pass vs. Lyft Pink

Lyft Ride Pass: A Lyft webpage explaining the Lyft Pink program

The Lyft Ride Pass isn’t the only way to get a great discount. If you don’t want to wait for an invite, or you don’t want your savings to be limited to a certain time period, you can turn to Lyft Pink instead.

Lyft Pink is a subscription service that users can join at any time. For $19.99 per month, you get 15% off your ride requests. While the total rideshare discount value isn’t as impressive as what you might get with the Lyft Ride Pass, you’ll also get access to other perks. These include priority airport pickups, several free bike and scooter rides each month, exclusive savings, and some waived fees.

The Lyft Pink landing page URL does live under “,” so it’s possible that the company plans to completely replace its original Lyft Ride Pass with the subscription service. However, it’ll be difficult to know for sure, since ride passes are privately offered, while Lyft Pink is the only way for a user to purchase ongoing discounts whenever they want.

How to Join Lyft Pink

Joining Lyft Pink is easy and can be done straight through your Lyft app on iPhone or Android. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap the app menu icon on the upper left corner.
  3. Select the “Lyft Pink” tab.
  4. Tap “Join Now.”
  5. Review the perks and fine print, and edit your payment information as necessary.
  6. Tap “Confirm Purchase.”

Much like Lyft Ride Pass savings, your Lyft Pink promotions should automatically be applied where eligible, so there’s no need to do anything extra to use your perks.

Do Lyft Pink Deals Exist?

Lyft does not offer any promo codes or discounts for its monthly subscription service — or for Ride Passes, for that matter. Because both programs are discounts in themselves, the company hasn’t historically lowered or waived fees.

However, the company does allow users to use Lyft credits on already discounted rides, so if you’ve earned any credits from referral bonuses or gift cards from friends, this is a great way to save even more of your own cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lyft Ride Pass: A woman uses her phone to order a Lyft ride.

In Lyft’s ever-changing world of promotions, it can be hard to keep up with how you can save. To help you learn more about ride passes and subscriptions, here are our answers to four commonly asked questions.

1. How do Lyft Ride Passes differ from Uber Ride Pass?

Despite the similar names, the Uber Ride Pass is actually more closely related to Lyft Pink than the Lyft Ride Pass. The Uber Ride Pass is a subscription service, costing $24.99 per month, that allows you to get up to 20% off every ride and access special deals for all Uber services.

Like Lyft Pink, the Uber Ride Pass is available to all users on an ongoing basis. No invite is needed to join or renew the service. There are also no limits to how many discounted rides you can get.

2. How does Lyft Pink differ from the Lyft All-Access Plan?

Lyft Pink is actually the subscription service that replaced the Lyft All-Access Plan. Whereas the All-Access pass provided up to $15 off for 30 rides for a massive monthly fee of $299, Lyft Pink makes a subscription far more accessible to the average, semi-active user. Lyft Pink also provides discounts for unlimited rides.

3. If I have unused rides after the designated Lyft Ride Pass period, do I get any money back?

Lyft explicitly states that the Ride Pass is non-refundable if you’ve even used one of your rides. This means that regardless of whether you’ve used one or the full number of rides you’re allotted, you will not be able to get any money back.

4. Can my Lyft Ride Pass cover my tips?

No. Unfortunately, the Lyft Ride Pass will only go toward the cost of the actual rides you’re requesting. This means you’ll have to cover your own tips, cancellation fees, and any additional charges (such as tolls fees and lost and found fees) beyond what you’re quoted.

Due to this, the Ride Pass will never get you a completely free ride, but it can drastically lower your spending.

Save on Your Next Lyft Ride

If you want to save on Lyft without hunting for promo codes, we recommend keeping an eye out for a Lyft Ride Pass offer in your email inbox. These provide high-value discounts that can greatly lower your monthly ride costs for a small fee. To get ongoing savings, you can also subscribe to Lyft Pink and receive unlimited rideshare discounts, along with other perks.

While Lyft Ride Pass and Lyft Pink are two of the best deals that the rideshare company can provide, they are far from your only options. Take a look at our guide to the best Lyft promo codes for existing users to learn more about your savings options.

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