Lyft vs Uber | Which One Is Best for Drivers

Lyft and Uber are two major players within today’s rideshare industry. Both have their perks to offer drivers, but which is best for you? Check out this comparison of the two rideshare companies in terms of the car requirement, income, time and service requirement.

Lyft Vs Uber Debate for Drivers | Which Ride Are You?

Lyft vs Uber Car Requirements

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Although the specifics will depend on the area you want to drive, Lyft and Uber have different standards. Lyft requires the driver’s vehicle to be not older than a 2005 model, except for the following cities:

  • 2004  vehicle model: California (all cities), Colorado (all cities), Illinois: Chicago, Massachusetts (all cities), Minnesota: Minneapolis-St. Paul, New Jersey (all cities), Rhode Island: Providence, Tennessee: Nashville, Texas: Austin & Dallas
  • 2006  vehicle model: Washington, D.C., Virginia (all cities)
  • 2007  vehicle model: Kentucky (all cities), Pennsylvania (all cities), Oregon: Portland, Washington: Seattle
  • 2008  vehicle model: Nevada (all cities)
  • 2009  vehicle model: Louisiana: New Orleans
  • Vehicle age requirements governed by the TLC: New York: New York City

While Uber is more considerate, with a 2002 car model for most cities.

Lyft vs Uber Income

Lyft vs Uber Income | Lyft vs Uber | Which One Is Best for Drivers

Lyft drivers get paid a little more than Uber drivers. Lyft also has an in-app tipping feature–one thing the latter does not have. So if you drive for Lyft, not only will you get your income for the day, you also get to have a few more from your rider’s tip.

Lyft drivers receive more incentives like the Power Driver bonus program, as compared to Uber drivers. Drivers can get an extra 10% or 20% if they get to complete the target number of rides per week and during peak hours.

Lyft vs Uber Time

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Most ridesharing drivers are their own boss, so they get to control their own time. Both Lyft and Uber drivers can drive whenever they want to. If they want to earn more, they can always accept more booking requests.

Lyft vs Uber | Service Requirement

Since Uber’s mission is to provide premium services, most riders expect their drivers to be professional. This includes looking like one, being courteous, assisting with the pieces of baggage and whatnot.

Lyft, on the other hand, is loose and is leaning towards a friendly culture. They are not as strict as Uber when it comes to what their drivers wear. Lyft drivers also have the option to assist their riders items of baggage, if any.

Interested to know the comparison of Lyft vs Uber in terms of technology and promotion? Check the comparative review of Rideshare panel below:

Though Uber is the pioneer of the ridesharing industry, Lyft clearly wins the debate on which is the best for drivers in terms of these four areas mentioned above. However, you simply can’t say that Uber has been left behind. There are still drivers who are happy to be its partner and are comfortable of how Uber operates. 

How about you? Which ridesharing services do you choose? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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